Why Does It Say Accept Friend on Snapchat When I Removed Them?

What Does Accept Friend Mean on Snapchat

Accept Friend on Snapchat means that someone has added you and remained subscribed to you but you haven’t added them back. They continue to follow you even when you have unfriended them.

You have just not made it impossible for them to issue you chat messages. You simply wouldn’t be able to see them unless you accept them, so you’ll have to add them again. They may have tried to forward you a message that you have yet to acknowledge.

If any Snapchat user gives you a friend request, you must accept it before you can interact. Accepting a friend request is simple. Enter Snapchat and click the top left of the display’s Profile icon. Select Added Me. Accept your buddy’s friend request by tapping the Plus symbol just beside their username.

Why Does It Say Accept Friend Next to Someone I Deleted on Snapchat

Because you’ve deleted them, the Accept button is there to allow you to add them back again. Accept means that they still have you added and accepting would add them back. If they removed you, instead of it saying Accept, it would just say Add.

Why Does It Say Accept Friend on Snapchat

When it says Accept friend, it means you have removed and unfriended them, but they keep following you. This means that they are subscribed to you and can see things that you post and can message you depending on your privacy settings.

If you click the accept friend button, it means that you’ve added them back and you’re now friends. From here, you’ll be able to see their Snapchat score as well as message them and view their stories.

You won’t see their stories until you accept them, which means you’ll have to re-add them. They may have tried to send you a message, which will remain pending until you accept it.

What Does Add Friend Mean on Snapchat

Add friend on Snapchat means that you haven’t added them as a friend and they haven’t added you or subscribed to you. When it says add friend, it means that you’re yet to add them. If you’ve had someone on Snapchat before and you’ve removed them, if it now says add friend when you search for their name, it means that they removed you back.

When it comes to adding someone on Snapchat, there are a few ways that it can be done.

1. Snapcode to add. Enter Snapchat, aim the Snapchat camera towards the other person’s Snapcode, and press Add Friend.

2. Name Search. Users can browse for and add friends on Snapchat using their actual names or usernames. Enter in who you’re searching for using the magnifying glass on the top left of the Chatting Screen. You now can add them as a friend if they use Snapchat and also have a public profile).

3. Quick Add. The Quick Add option on Snapchat is comparable to the recommended connections tool on all other social networking sites. Depending on your common contacts and your contact details, the tool shows that many people you might like to engage with.

To be using the Quick Add option, go to the Chat Screen and look in the underside for a list of users. Beside the individual you wish to add as a friend, click the +Add button. You may not have seen names recommended in Quick Add unless you’ve begun growing your Snapchat connection.

When you click the add friend button after searching for someone on Snapchat, you are subscribing to them. If you add them back, you’ll be friends. They will show on your friends list.

You can be added as a friend as well. When they’re subscribed to you which is the same as adding you as a friend if you have a profile set up, you’ll have an option to add them as a friend. If you accept the request, you will be able to communicate with this person using texts and share pictures and videos using the camera.

If I Accept Someone on Snapchat, Will They Know

Yes they will know you have accepted them on Snapchat. On the other hand, if you remove somebody on Snapchat, they will not be notified. The hitch is that they will receive an alert when you re-add them, just as they do when someone else adds them on the app.

Difference Between Add Friend and Accept Friend on Snapchat

When you see add friend, it means that you’re not friends and neither of you has added the other. On the other hand, when you see accept friend, it means that they’ve added you or they’re subscribed to you but you haven’t added them back.

If you see add friend, it means that they’re unable to see your story or message you if your privacy settings are private vice versa. If you see accept friend, if your settings are public, they’ll be able to message you and see your story.

Why Does it Say Accept Friend but it Didn’t Say They Added You

If it says accept friend but it didn’t say they added you, this means that you removed them after adding them or you didn’t see the notification when they added you. If you have someone as a friend on Snapchat and when you view their username it says accept friend, this means that you probably removed them and you’ve forgotten about it.

When you have someone as a friend, it won’t say accept friend but if you remove them as a friend it will. This is because they still have you added and are subscribed to you so the only option you have is to accept them. If you accept them, then you’ll be friends again.

Another reason why it says accept friend if it didn’t say that they added you is that you didn’t see the notification. Sometimes Snapchat glitches and doesn’t notify you when someone has added you. If you had no internet connection at the time, then you wouldn’t have been able to receive notifications.

If you want to accept the individual, tap and hold their username then tap Accept. If you don’t want the individual to appear in your friend’s list, you can remove them as a friend.

Why Does It Say Add Friend on Snapchat After I Deleted Them

If you remove someone on Snapchat and it now says add friend, it means that they removed you as a friend first. Since you’ve both removed each other, you’ll see add friend but if it was only you that removed them, you’ll see accept friend. Since they removed you first, and you’ve removed them, you’re no longer friends and neither of you are subscribed to the other.

It’s essentially the same as adding somebody as a Snapchat friend again, even though they can nonetheless chat with you or view your stories if it’s visible to everybody who follows you. In this scenario, you can update or restrict them in the settings.

Why Does It Say Accept Friend Next to Someone I Deleted on Snapchat

When it says Accept Friend after deleting someone, it means that they still have you added and they haven’t removed you. Even when you unfriended people, they can continue to have you added but it doesn’t mean that they’ll always be able to contact you or view your stories as that depends on your privacy settings. When someone hasn’t removed you after you’ve removed them, they’ll be subscribed to you until you choose to add them back.

In most cases, it hasn’t come to their attention that you’ve removed them which is why they haven’t removed you back. Although Snapchat doesn’t notify someone when they’ve been removed, the person’s name who removed them will be in their Recents list so they may be able to tell.  If they did decide to remove you, then it’ll say add friend if you decided to search for their name.

You may not be able to contact or view their story unless you add them back. This might be annoying, especially if you don’t fully know them well but want to maintain contact.

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