On Snapchat, there are two sections when you go to the Stories view on Snapchat. The first section is the friend’s list that lets you see all of the stories that your friends have posted. The second view is the subscriptions view that allows you to watch all of the stories of people you’ve subscribed to. If you haven’t subscribed to anyone, then there won’t be anyone in the subscription section on Snapchat. You have to be subscribed to people for anyone to show up here.

A common occasion that people find themselves in is seeing one of their friends that used to be in the friend’s section when it’s time to watch stories is now in the subscriptions section. This can be quite confusing because the subscriptions section is usually related to famous figures and publications so to see a friend there might throw you off.

Why Do Some Of My Friends Stories Appear Under Subscriptions

Your friend’s stories appear under subscriptions because they removed you as a friend and you’re now subscribed to them. Unfortunately, when someone removes you as a friend, you’re automatically subscribed to them which is why you’re now showing up in the subscriptions section rather than the friend’s section.

Sometimes people remove you and their stories don’t end up on your subscriptions because they haven’t changed their settings for who’s allowed to view their stories to the public. Making this change to your settings allows people you’re not friends with to watch your stories – this is why you can still see them in the Subscriptions section when they’ve removed you. If their who can view my stories section was set to private, when they removed you, you wouldn’t have been able to see their stories until they added you back.

How to Remove Them From The Subscriptions Section

To remove them from the subscriptions section, you need to remove them as a friend. Once you remove them as a friend, you’ll no longer be subscribed to them so you won’t see them under the subscriptions section again. If you still want to have them as a friend, then the only way to remove them from the Subscriptions section is to get them to add you back as a friend.

One way to combat this is to simply ask them to add you back. Another way is to remove them as a friend them add them back – this will prompt them to get a notification saying that you’ve added them, from there if they see that you want to be friends with them, they’ll add you back.