Snapchat allows you to chat with people view the conversations page on the left. All conversations are housed here and it allows you to easily select a contact that you’ve recently been speaking to so you can message them straight away without having to search for their name manually.

The conversations list shows up the most recent chats you’ve been having with people, and when you’ve had a conversion in the past with someone, an arrow will either show up which means that they opened your message and didn’t send one back or a box will show, this indicates that you opened the message last and didn’t say anything to them. When you want to send a snap, there’s also a recent section that shows you all of the most recent people you’ve been messaging.

Sometimes when you look at your recent conversations list on Snapchat, there’s someone in there who you haven’t spoken to in a while but their name shows up in the recent conversations that you’ve had in the last few days.

Why Is Someone Showing Up In Your Snapchat Recents When You Haven’t Spoken To Them?

They’ve Removed You As A Friend

If someone is showing up in your recents and you haven’t spoke to them in several months/weeks or you haven’t spoke to them at all, it’s because they have removed you as a friend. When someone removes you as a friend, their name will come up in your recents to let you know that something recent has happened with that contact.

To check that this is the case, you need to come off the recents section and find their name manually. Once you’ve found their name, hold down on it to check if you can still see their Snapchat score. If you can’t see their Snapchat score, then it means that they’ve removed you as a friend which is why they’re showing up in your recents.

You’ve Just Added Them

Another reason why someone will show up in your recent list is that you’ve just added them. If you’ve spoken to this person because but not recently enough for them to show up in your recent list, then it could be a case of you removing them then adding them back or them removing you and adding you back. If you can remember that you’ve just done this, then this will be the reason why they’re showing up in your recents list.

You Don’t Speak To That Many People

Another reason why you’re going to see someone in your recents list even though you haven’t spoken to them in a long time is that you don’t speak to many people. If you go to the conversations list, you can see how recent the chats are. If you don’t speak to many people, you’ll see that people you haven’t conversed with in weeks or months will be in your recents simply because you don’t speak to that many people.

They Replied to Your Story

If they recently replied to one of your stories, then this could be a reason why they’re on your recent conversations. Snapchat shows people in the recents that have recently spoken to you so if they recently replied to your story, then this is another why you’ll see them there.

Snapchat is Bugging Out

Another common reason why you’re going to see someone in your recent conversations is that Snapchat is bugging out. Snapchat is known to commonly glitch and bug to show things that are not meant to be there. If someone is in your recent and it’s not for one of the reasons above, then it’s because there’s an issue with Snapchat.