So, you’re on Instagram and you have a suspicion that someone has blocked you from seeing their story.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t tell you that someone has hidden you from their story.

You could be frustrated because you want to know if this person has a problem with you.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you a few ways to check if someone has hidden you from viewing their Instagram story.

1. Ask A Friend to Send you Their Story

The first thing you need to do is to ask a friend to send you the suspects Instagram story.

If you think that you might have been one of the few people that were blocked, you could just ask a friend that you think wasn’t blocked. This friend would have to be following the person if their account is on private.

If their account is open, you can just ask anyone to send you their story. When you receive their story via DM, you need to check whether you can see the story or not.

If you’ve been blocked, you’re going to see a message saying that the story is unavailable. This means that this person has hidden their story from you.

2. Make a Quick Fake Account

Make a fake instagram account

The next thing you can do is to create a fake account.

When you make a fake account, you can use this to act like a different person and not as yourself. When you’re done with making the fake account, you can simply click on the persons story and view their story if their account is open.

If you couldn’t see the story on your original Instagram account, this means that they’ve blocked you from seeing their story.

If their account is on private, here’re some tips to make your account look real so you have more of a chance of getting accepted.

  • Add up to 5 pictures
  • Gain a few followers or buy 100 followers
  • Make your account private
  • Make your profile picture attractive

Once you’ve done this, you can send them a follow request and you can keep your fingers crossed to see if they accept your follow request. Once they’re accepted, you need to look at their story and check if you’re able to see it.

If you can, this means that you’ve been blocked.

3. Ask a Friend you’re With to Show you

If you’re with a friend that follows this person, then you can easily ask them for their phone to look at their account.

When you check their account, and you see a story that you couldn’t see on your main account, this means that you’ve been blocked.