Instagram stories was added recently to the Instagram app and it was a feature that was copied from Snapchat and Facebook put it on Instagram and the Facebook app.

All Instagram users are familiar with this feature and it’s the second-best feature on Instagram after Instagram posts.

How long Does Instagram Stories Show Up For?

As mentioned earlier, the story features was copied from Snapchat and if you’re an avid Snapchat user, you’ll know that the stories on Snapchat last for 24 hours. So, Instagram stories last for 24 hours and once the time is up, the story is deleting.

Users can choose how long the story stays on there for and they can delete the story immediately after they’ve posted it, but this doesn’t mean anyone has seen it. They can also choose to delete the story before the story is up.

The new story highlight feature allows you to add previous stories you posted to a storyboard on your profile.

What Does it Mean When it says Story no Longer Available on Instagram

What does this story is no longer available mean

This story is no Longer available shows up when the story you’re viewing has been deleted before you decide to click on it. This can come up when the users deletes the story after it’s been displayed on your stories and once you open the story, you’re told that it’s not available. Or, you may be viewing the story once 24h is up.

The message can only be displayed if you opened the Instagram app before the user deleted the story. So, the owner of the actual story needs to delete the story while you’re using the Instagram app for you to see the error message.

If you opened the app after the user deleted the story, you’re not going to see this message because you won’t see the story.

In laymen terms, you need to be on Instagram while the story is still live, then the story needs to be deleted while you’re on the app, then once you click the deleted story, you’ll be told it’s no longer available.

How to View the Story that Isn’t Available

Unfortunately, you can’t view the story that the user had on their story because it’s been deleted from the Instagram server.

Instagram stores everything on their server and live stories are stored here too. Once the live story is gone, you can’t view the story anymore because it’s not live on the server.

The only way to see the story again is to either ask the user to see it again, which is unlikely that you’ll do, or you can check their profile to see if they saved the story to their story highlights.

Apart from this, there’s no other way you can view their story.

Story is Live and Hasn’t Been Deleted but I Still Can’t See it

There have been complaints that users still can’t see their friends story on Instagram even though they know that the story hasn’t been deleted and it hasn’t been 24 hours since the story was even live.

Update Instagram

This means that there’s some sort of bug that’s not allowing certain users to view their stories even though they’re still there. The cause of the issue could be down to a software bug on the instagram app you’re using. In this case, you should update the instagram app if you know that you’re using an old version of Instagram.

The second thing that you should do is that you tell Instagram the issue you’re having. There are some problems that occur on instagram that only you are experiencing. This means that you can’t use a simple trick or solution to try and fix the issue, you’re just going to have to report to them.

How to Report to Instagram

In the settings part of Instagram, there’s a section where they allow you to report things such as a bad experience or a glitch that you’re facing.

Report a problem to Instagram

To report a problem:

1. Go to your profile
2. Tap Settings icon
3. Scroll down and tap Report a Problem
4. Click on ‘Something isn’t working’ and explain the exact issue you’re having.

Make sure to include as much detail about the problem as possible in your report. Information like the kind of phone or tablet you were using and what you were doing when the problem occurred may help them to address the issue.

Once you’ve done this, you should wait at least 72 hours for Instagram to give you a reply. They will give you a solution to the problem since it’s being caused on their end.