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So, you’ve just clicked on someone’s Instagram profile and it says ‘user not found’ at the top.

People automatically think that they’ve been blocked when they see this message, but this isn’t the case.

There are actually a few meanings behind the user not found error – down below are 3 things that the user not found means.

Let’s get started…

1. They Have Changed Their Username

The first reason why you’ll see the User not Found message on someone’s profile picture is when they have changed their username.

The only occasion you could see this message if they did change their username, is when you click their old username on a tagged picture and land on their account.

If their username isn’t the same anymore, you’ll see the user not found message at the top of their Instagram profile.

You can try and find their new username by searching for their real name – their new username should appear in the search results if they added their name to their account.

2. They have Temporarily Disabled their Account

Another reason why the User not found error will appear is when the owner of the account has temporarily disabled their account.

When an account has been disabled, it’s taken off Instagram’s database temporarily, so others won’t be able to view the account and unfollow it.

Since the account is no longer in their database, you won’t be able to find the user which is why you’ll see the User not Found notification.

3. Their Account Has been Banned/Suspended

The third meaning behind the user not find notification is that their account has been deleted or banned by Instagram.

On very rare occasions, Instagram bans peoples accounts when they haven’t been following their guidelines – they’ve been posting content that’s explicit for example.

If you do come across an account that has been banned, then you’ll see the User not Found message at the top of their account because Instagram has removed it.

If they do manage to get their account back, then you’ll be able to see their account normally again without the message at the top.

Does User not Found Mean that they Blocked me?

User not found instagram

When you see ‘user not found’, it doesn’t mean that the owner of the account blocked you.

When someone blocks you, it’s pretty hard to find their account again – the only way you can do this is by looking under a post they commented on and you should be able to see their name.

When you click on their name and visit their profile, you won’t see the term user not found, you’ll see the term ‘No Posts Yet’ because Instagram won’t allow you to see their pictures and videos.

Bottom Line

There are only 3 things that the User Not Found error can mean on Instagram and that’s if they’ve been banned, they’ve disabled their account, or if they’ve changed their username.

If you have any questions, comment down below.

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  1. What if the account says “no user found” but it still says the number of posts above and it still has their profile pic. It still says the mutual friends there too. Also, it still said I was following them. I think they had a private account. I was still able to find them. But when I checked to see if they were following mutual friends, their name didn’t show up.

    What does all of this mean?

  2. I’ve TEMPORARILY DISABLED my Instagram account, and 100% certain that I haven’t deleted it.
    After two weeks, i’ve been trying to login but it says ‘NO USERS FOUND’.
    I’ve tried with username, email id, phone number.
    I’ve tried installing and uninstalling the app
    I’ve tried it through a laptop and desktop.
    I’ve tweeted to Instagram.

    If you have any solution, would be helpful, thank you!

    • I am also having this same issue. I deactivated my account for a while came back and it says user not found. My email and mobile says user not found. I have also tweeted, Face booked them and even used a link to log a report. No reply. If anyone has a solution on how to get my account back pleas help. It is a business page and i did not break any rules. All text, pic are mine! No music was ever used on my posts either.

  3. Exactly same with me, disabled 2 weeks before and cant activate it , it says “user not found”and never broke any community rule but it looks like it has disapeared,please share if you got any solution!

    • I am experiencing this exact same thing . I have contacted Instagram through the app on another account that I created and clicked on the report something option. . I had to pick the option where I am think being impersonated and explained my situation on there. I uploaded my ID too.

  4. My friend’s account keeps saying “user not found” when I look up their account almost every day when they’re not on Instagram. But when they log in, it’s back to normal. They’re not blocking me or disabling their account, but they’ve had someone in another state that they didn’t know log into their account recently. We don’t know what the issue is so any help would be great.

  5. Has anyone had any lucky? I can’t access my account, same issues “user not found’ but 100% have temporarily disabled!

  6. For me it says “user not found” and no posts yet, but I can search their name and find them easily. I also see mutual friends, and that I am following them. And I can see the number of posts. Does this mean they blocked me or is it something else? Like in of the reason mentioned in the article.


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