If You Block Someone on Instagram Can They See You Viewed Their Story


If you don’t post many stories but tend to watch them, you may come across a public profile that you don’t follow but watch their stories.

If you’ve been stalking someone and you watch their story by accident, the chances are that you don’t want them to see that you watched it, so you block them.

If I Block Someone On Instagram, Can They See I Viewed Their Story?

If you block someone after viewing their Instagram story, they won’t be able to see that you viewed it. On the list of people that have viewed their story, your profile will disappear from this list once you block them. If you decide to unblock someone before their story is deleted, then your profile will be visible on the list again.

If you watch their story and they saw that you did before you blocked them, although your profile will no longer show in the list of people that viewed it, they will still remember that you viewed the story.

Note: If you delete or deactivate your account, your account will be removed from the list until you activate it again.

When you block someone after watching their story, make sure that you leave them blocked for at least 24 hours or until the story has gone before. If you unblock them or reactivate your account right away, they will be able to see your profile in their views if they were to check again.

If You Take To Long To Block Them

If you take too long to block someone after you view their story by accident, there’s a higher chance that they’ve seen that you viewed their story. As soon as you block them after viewing their story, your name will disappear from the list of people that watched it, but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t see it before you blocked them.

The sooner you’ve clicked on their story, the sooner you block them, the lower the chance they’ve seen your name. If you’ve been contemplating whether to block them, then asses how long ago they posted the story. If the story is near the expiry time, then you shouldn’t have to block them because they’re not going to check the list. This only counts for about the last few or so. A lot longer before that, the chances are that they’ve seen your name.

If You Block Them And You Don’t Follow Them

If you block them and don’t follow them, they might suspect that you’ve seen their story. If it’s someone that you’re close to and they actively check your account, maybe it’s an ex; if they decide to check your account the same day that they uploaded the story and they’ve noticed that you’ve blocked them, they might put it down to the fact that you’ve watched their story.

This is especially if the story is about something they know will upset you. Along with this, they’ll probably think that a mutual friend that follows them sent the story to you, and that’s why you blocked them. In cases like this, they might suspect you’ve blocked them from watching their story.

You Block Them As Soon As They Post It

If you block them as soon as they post it, chances are they will put this down to you seeing their story, even though they can’t see your name there. If this is an ex or someone that could potentially post something that could affect you, then they’ll know that this is why you blocked them.

It’s even worse if they constantly see your profile, maybe in the Instagram DMs or in their notifications, but now all they see is Instagram User and User not found when they visit your profile. If they checked your profile right after posting something that could potentially upset you, and now they can see that they’re blocked, they’ll know that you saw their story.

If You Unblock Them

If you unblock them before their story has expired, they’ll be able to see you in the list of people who viewed their story, and they could know this is why you potentially blocked them. If you’ve blocked someone after watching their story, you need to ensure that the story has expired after 24 hours and unblock them.

I’d leave this a few more days or weeks to make it look like this wasn’t why you blocked them. If they saw your account the day or day before they posted the story, but then a day after they post their story, they’re unblocked, and you take that further and let them know that they were blocked by following them, they’ll know that you saw their story.

If You’re Worried, You Can Deactivate Your Account

If you’re worried that your username is on the list of people who viewed their story, then you can deactivate your account to ensure it’s not there. This means that you won’t have to block them and won’t face the embarrassment of following them back if you want to.

Deactivating your account is the best thing to do because it doesn’t give the person the idea that you saw their story. Whereas blocking, you must do the whole dead of following them back again, etc.

If you don’t want this to be the case, then you’ll have to go through the deactivation process, which might not be appealing to you, with one of the downsides being the extended time away from Instagram.

If It’s Nearly Expired, You Don’t Need to Block Them.

If their story is nearly expired and you just viewed it, blocking them is a waste of time. Since they’re less likely to check who viewed their story towards its expiry time, blocking them will only cause you more problems, socially, that is.

If you viewed it a long time before it expires, then chances are they’re going to look at the list of who viewed their story and see your name there – if this is the case, then it’s best to block them.

How To Make Sure They Can’t See That You’ve Watched Their Story.

Since you viewed their story as a mistake and blocked them, so they didn’t know, rather than blocking everyone’s story that you accidentally watched, you can put some measures in place to make sure that they never watch your story again.

1. Don’t Click Their Profile Picture To Visit Their Story

To make sure that you don’t watch someone’s story by mistake again, make sure that when you search their name, you don’t click on their profile picture because this will automatically show you their story. Instead, you need to click on their name, and from there, you can view their profile.

2. Check Out Their Story On A Burner Account

Rather than checking out their story using your main account, it would help if you did this using an anonymous account that isn’t tied to you. From there, you can watch anyone’s stories that you want without them knowing it was you.

3. Mute Their Stories

If you mute their story on Instagram, you won’t see them appear at the from of the stories feed. When you mute someone’s story, then it gets pushed to the end of the stories feed and Instagram never shows it to you. You’d have to go digging for it to watch that person’s story accidentally. If you can’t help yourself, then you should watch their story without them knowing.

4. Airplane Mode

Another way to ensure they don’t know you’ve watched their story, so you don’t have to block them is to put your phone on Airplane mode. When your phone is on airplane mode, your device won’t be connected to the internet, so Instagram won’t be able to register that you’ve viewed someone’s story.

Once your phone is on airplane mode, then you need to refresh your Instagram feed. Once refreshed, tap on the story and watch it. You can now turn your phone off airplane mode, and the person won’t be able to tell that you watched their story.

5. Half Swiping

On the story before the person’s story, you want to view without them knowing, you can half swipe. This is when you swipe right from the previous story onto the next story without letting go.

This means that you’re still one story while viewing the next one. But because you haven’t let go of your fingers, Instagram can’t register a view on that person’s story since you haven’t fully committed to watching it. This means you can watch their story without your name appearing on the list of people who have watched it.

6. Storysaver.net

There are many tools out there that allow you to watch people’s stories anonymously, and they’ll never know. Using Storysaver.net, you can enter anyone’s username, and it’ll show you the stories they’ve uploaded in the last 24 hours. You can download and save them or watch them from here, and your profile will never appear in their viewer’s list.

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