How to Find Out Who Your Partner is Messaging on Snapchat

How to Find Out Who Your Partner is Messaging on Snapchat

Do you worry about who your partner is chatting with on Snapchat? Do they hide their phone when you walk into the room, or even close out the app whenever you are around? There could be a chance they are messaging another and hiding it from you. 

If you suspect that your partner is talking to someone other than you, I’ll break down multiple ways you could try and find out if they are messaging another.

1. Look At Your Suggested Friends 

Since Snapchat does not show others who your friends are, unlike other social media, it is hard to see who your partner might be chatting with. One way you could try to see is on your suggested friends list.

Most likely your partner is your best friend on Snapchat which means you also have mutual friends. If someone you do not know, or if it is the person you suspect, is suddenly on your suggested friends list it could possibly be the person your partner is chatting to.

This could give you the opportunity to go to your partner and ask if either they know this person or if they have this said person on Snapchat.

2. Ask to Go on Their Phone, Then Check Their Recent Chats

If you suspect your partner is chatting with another on Snapchat you can always ask to see their chats.

Snapchat does make this hard though because the chats get deleted after some time after opening the Snap, even if you do not view the message it gets deleted after 31 days. It would make it easier if you have recently seen your partner on Snapchat chatting with the person you suspect.

If your partner is sending pictures that makes seeing them even harder, since unless you save them they will not be able to be seen again.  

When you suspect your partner is chatting with this suspected person on Snapchat you can also notice if they are taking pictures you are not seeing in their stories. This can give you a chance to ask who they are sending those pictures to.

If they say their friends you can ask them to see the picture. If your partner sent this picture to just their friends, then why would they mind you seeing this picture? If they let you, then you can see who exactly they sent that to.

3. Ask Them and Have an Honest Conversation With Them

With any relationship communication is the key, if you suspect your partner is chatting with someone other than you, sit them down and have a heart-to-heart. Express your worries, every relationship should have that trust.

Honestly tell them how you feel, if you feel like they are sneaking around tell them exactly how you see that. Explain to your partner the ways they have changed that make you suspect that they could be messaging someone else.

Even if the relationship is new, you have to have a conversation about it even if it leads to a fight. Hopefully, if you sit them down and calmly talk to your partner about how you have been feeling, it will now lead to a fight. 

When you have this conversation map it out in your mind, do not go into it in a blind rage. Your partner may feel attacked if you walk into this conversation with anger.

You are the one suspecting them, remember that, you do not know for sure if they are chatting with one another. It is crazy how much a simple conversation can change things.

4. Ask Them to Send You A Screenshot of Their Best Friends List

If talking to them fails and you still feel like they are messaging the suspected person, you can always ask them to send them a screenshot of their best friends list.

If this person is on that list it will show you not only whether they are messaging this person but also when was the last time they messaged them.

One downfall about this is if your partner really wanted to hide the fact they have been messaging this person. They can delete the person, take the screenshot and add them again.

Another way you get some form of proof is when they post a story and ask her to send a screenshot of who views the story. If the person you suspect your partner is messaging is viewing her stories that could give you a reason to bring this up with your partner.

This can also work with Instagram stories, this person can also be on your partner’s other apps communicating in more ways than just on Snapchat.

5. Check if Who You’re Suspecting is Always Liking or Commenting on Their Other Social Media Such as Instagram

Another way you can see if your partner is chatting with the suspected person is to check their other social media. Is this suspected person commenting on your partner’s photos? Do they like every single photo?

This could be a sign that your partner is in contact with this person in some form. Check out the suspected person’s social media. Has your partner commented on their post? Liked any of their photos? 

This is a good way to see if there is anything between your partner and this person. Looking at the likes and comments is also an opportunity to see if there is anything going on between the two that you do not know.

Are they commenting on how good they look? If your partner is always commenting on this person’s post, ask them about it, and see if they get defensive over the fact you brought the subject up.

This will give you the chance to see if your partner will let you look into their phone, if your partner has nothing to hide they will say yes. 

6. Check If Who They’re Chatting With on Other Apps Like Messenger and Instagram 

Do you have access to your partner’s phone? If you do not find what you are looking for on Snapchat, check Messenger to find the person they’re messaging. If they’re on Instagram, this might also reveal who they’re messaging

Go to the source of your concern and look at the messages they might have with the suspected person. If your partner has this person on Snapchat, most likely your partner has them on other apps.

If your partner is constantly on social media there is a huge chance they are on multiple forms of social media. 

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram and Messenger do not automatically delete messages. The only way they can be deleted is if your partner deleted themselves. If you suspect they have deleted the messages between the person you can check the archived messages as well.

Sometimes deleting the chat in the archives is a step people tend to forget. However, on Instagram, if your partner does not have their archive turned on, the messages they delete will be permanently deleted from the app.

7. Make A Fake Account and Pose As Someone Else to See If He’s Loyal 

If your partner has been lying to you constantly about chatting with other people, try making a fake account. Sometimes when talking does not work. When asking them over and over again if anything is going on between the suspected person and they keep denying it.

The only way to be one hundred percent sure they are loyal is to make a fake account. Create a new identity, pose as someone you know your partner would be into. 

Start by adding your partner on one social media such as Snapchat or Instagram, using this fake account. Talk the way you know your partner would go for. See if your partner instantly follows this fake account back.

Message him to see if they reply, if your partner is not loyal there are many red flags to look for when using a fake account. 

Get enough proof for yourself using this fake account, whether they are loyal or not. If they are, now you have your reassurance. If your partner is not loyal and tries to cheat on you with this fake person you have created, now you know how easy it is for them to go behind your back.

Think about it, if you wind up catching your partner using a fake account imagine how many others they were probably messaging before. If you do use a fake account, be aware of they methods they can use to find out if you’re using a fake Snapchat account.

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