How to Tell If A Snap is Fake (8 Ways)

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1. How High is Their Snapchat Score?

If you suspect someone that you have on Snapchat to be using a fake account, one thing that can potentially cue you in is their snap score.

To find a user’s snap score: all you have to do is

1. Hold down on their Bitmoji on your Chat screen.

2. Once this is down, click on View Friendship right below their name.

3. Now, underneath their name again, you will see a couple of different things.

4. Look for the ghost icon. Attached to this icon will be a number. This number is the account’s snap score.

While there is no set number of what someone’s snap score should be, the lower the number, the more likely they are to be a fake account. Luckily, there’s no way to hide your snap score so this is a good way to tell if a Snapchat account is fake.

A snap score is made by sending Snapchat’s and receiving them. If an account has a really low number, this means they are not snap chatting people.

Again, this could just be a personal thing where they do not use Snapchat a lot which is totally normal, but if you are worried the person you are snap chatting is fake, this number can still help you try to decide if they are actually fake or not.

2. Do They Have A Bitmoji?

Another little clue that might exist to help you learn whether or not someone you have on Snapchat is fake or not is by looking to see if they have a Bitmoji or not.

To do this:

1. Go to the Chat screen on the Snapchat app. You will see that most people have linked their Bitmoji to their accounts. By each person you Snapchat, their Bitmoji will be the face attached to their profile.

If someone has not linked their Bitmoji, on the Chat screen, you will just see a vague outline of a person’s head, but no actual features and it will all be one color.

This is a good indication that the person you think is using a fake account is actually fake because linking your Bitmoji is free and easy, as well as offers you some fun features to add to your account.

Bitmojis are also supposed to resemble yourself, (you can even make your bitmoji look pregnant), so if they had already created a Bitmoji that looks like their real selves, they may not attach it because the snapchats they send look nothing like the Bitmoji attached to their account.

3. They Never Send Your Snaps of Their Face

If you are snap chatting someone and think they are a fake account, if they are not sending pictures of their face, this is another good sign that you are right. Keep in mind, this is not a for sure guarantee as we all have reasons we do not like to send pictures of our face.

Maybe you are having a terrible hair day so are just sending pictures of your dog, or even are breaking out really bad. There is also a chance you could just be insecure about how you look. Essentially, there are various other valid and explainable reasons that someone does not want to send their face.

However, if you have asked them to send a Snapchat of their face or have been snap chatting them for quite some time and they still have yet to send a picture of their face, this is when it starts to get questionable.

If a user is doing this to you, it is likely they are not sending you snapchats of their face because they are not who they really claim to be.

4. When They Send You Pictures, It Looks Blurry and Like It Was Uploaded From Their Camera Roll

There are also some hints as to whether or not an account is fake in the pictures that they Snapchat you as well. If you are consistently receiving very blurry pictures or pictures that look like they were just uploaded from the accounts camera roll, this can also point towards that user being a fake account.

If the photos are also blurry, maybe they broke their camera, but also, maybe they are trying to hide something from you. If everything they send you looks like it comes from a camera roll, this means they are taking the photos not on Snapchat and it could have been taken at any time in the day and anywhere they could have been.

Receiving these types of Snapchat on a constant basis is another good clue that you are correct in your suspicions that the account you are snap chatting is indeed fake.

5. Every Time They Send You a Picture, It’s From Their Camera Roll, Not a Red or Purple Snap

When you scroll over to your Chat page on Snapchat, you will notice that your unopened Snapchats are signified with different colors right under their names. A red Snapchat means it is a photo or video without audio taken directly on Snapchat.

A purple Snapchat means it is a video with audio taken directly on Snapchat. Finally, a blue Snapchat means they are sending you just a message with no snap added with it or they have sent you a photo or video from their camera roll or memories on Snapchat.

If you suspect someone is using a fake account to Snapchat you and all you ever receive are these blue Snapchats, that is yet another good sign they are in fact fake.

By only sending these blue chats, they are not sending you anything taken right at that moment, so you have no clue when they could have taken that photo or video they are sending to you.

6. They Don’t Post on Their Story

If someone does not post on their story, this could be another good indicator that they are pretending to be someone else. While this, again, is not a complete guarantee of that, there is still a good chance not posting on your story makes you look like a fake account.

Just keep in mind that plenty of real users are fairly private on Snapchat, so might not post on their story very much, or they post onto a story that you are not included on.

However, we still all love to show off a pretty sunset or a fun drink every now and then, so if someone literally has never posted a single thing to their story, this is somewhat of a hint that they are a fake account.

Especially if they are very active on Snapchat as you then know they like to use the app, but for some reason, do not use it to show all of their friends what is going on in their lives.

7. They Don’t Tell You Where They Got Your Snapchat From Before You Add Them

If someone completely added you out of the blue and it does not say that they added you through location, Quick Add, or contacts, make sure you ask them where they got your username from.

They might have a good answer to this question, such as they asked around to find you, or maybe you have your Snapchat user name in the bio of another social media app. If they respond with a reasonable answer, there is probably nothing to worry about.

However, if they refuse to tell you where they got your username from, this is a huge red fag and a very solid sign that they are actually a fake account.

Your username is something that is very specific to you, so anyone who adds you on Snapchat should be very willing to share with you where they get your username. If they are not willing, this is very concerning and should be taken as a sign they are a fake account.

8. You Ask to Meet Up, But When It Gets to the Date, They Get Airy

A very common way to get to know someone before you meet in person is through Snapchat. Maybe you met them on Tinder or Instagram and wanted to test the waters before you committed to actually meeting up in person.

Snapchat is a great way to test these waters and figure out if someone is actually worth meeting up with. If you are getting ready to head out to meet up with this person from Snapchat, and they pull out the worst excuse ever the day off, this could easily point toward them being a fake account.

This should especially be taken as a bad sign if they have ditched you, day of, multiple times. If they are very unwilling to meet you in person and have no choice but to show their true identity, this can mean they are snap chatting you with a fake account.

Questions to Ask to Tell If They’re A Fake Accounts

1. Ask Them to Send A Picture Of Themselves

One of the easiest ways to get someone to show their faces so you can determine if they are who they say they are or not is just to ask them to send a photo of their face.

Make sure they send a photo that appears on your Snapchat feed as a red Snapchat and not a blue one as blue means it is coming from their camera roll. Additionally, make sure the photo is fairly decent quality and not very blurry.

Also check to see if they just send you a picture from their camera roll through the red Snapchat as it will say From Camera Roll if they just chose to upload it to Snapchat instead of just simply taking a photo of themselves.

Any refusal to do this over multiple days should be taken as a very good indicator that the account is in fact fake.

2. Ask Them How They Got Your Snapchat

Another thing you should be asking an account that you think might be fake is where they got your Snapchat username from. If they got it from places such as Quick Add, location, from someone else’s story, or maybe if you have put it into your bio on another social media app, this is a good thing.

This means they got your Snapchat username from other people you know or from information you have shared publicly. They may also say they got in from one of your friends and you can then confirm with said friend.

However, if they are unwilling to tell you where they got your Snapchat username from or are very vague in answering the question and refuse to tell you exactly who gave them your information, this is a bad sign.

This means that they most likely randomly found you or your Snapchat username and decided to add you under their fake account.

3. Ask Them to FaceTime or Video Call

If you suspect that someone is using a fake Snapchat account to Snapchat you, a question you should be asking them is to Facetime you or Video Call you in any way. If you both have iPhones, you can easily Facetime each other by simply just sharing your phone numbers with each other.

If you both do not have iPhones, another option is to video call through Snapchat. This is a very easy thing to do on the app. All you have to do is click on their Bitmoji. Now, from the page you are brought to, press the icon that looks like a camera.

This will video call them on Snapchat and then they can answer. This will be just like Facetime as it is a live call but with video included. If the person you think is fake is refusing to video call you, they are most likely a fake account.

4. Ask Them For Other Socials Like Instagram

You can also ask the person who you think is behind a fake Snapchat account for their other social media account such as Instagram.

If they are willing to give it to you and they look the same across all of these platforms as well as in any pictures they have been sending you, this means they are probably who they say they are, especially if they have a private account on any other platform and approve your follow or friend request as soon as you ask them to.

On the other hand, if they are unwilling to share any other social media with you, look completely different, or have no information on their other platforms, this can easily mean they are a fake account and are not who they say they are.

If they have a private account and never accept your friend or follow requests, or take forever to do it when you ask them to, this is another sign they are lying about who they are on Snapchat.

5. Ask Them to Share Their Location

Asking a Snapchat account that you think could be potentially fake to share their location is a good question to ask to help better figure out if this account is actually fake or not.

If you have been snapchatting them for a while and built up enough of a relationship that you would be comfortable sharing your location with them, then they should feel comfortable sharing it back with you.

If they refuse to and have really no good excuse to not be sharing their location, this can indicate that they are a fake account because they do not want you to know where they are actually located.

6. Ask For Their Number, then Check Their WhatsApp Profile Picture

You can also ask this potentially fake account for their phone number, and then type this number into your WhatsApp account. If there is no user under this app, this should not be cause for concern as not everyone will have a WhatsApp profile.

However, if they do have an account, take a look at their profile picture. If this picture looks the same as the person who you have been snap chatting, that is a good thing as they are probably actually who they say they are.

However, if the profile picture is different and they look nothing like what you have been seeing in the snapchats that they send to you, this points toward them being a fake account and not who they are claiming to be.

7. Ask Your Friends If They Know Who They Are

Another way that you can start to figure out if a Snapchat account is real or fake is to ask your friends if they know who the person snap chatting you is, especially if this person added you through the Quick Add feature or even by location.

If they added you through one of these ways, it is because you guys have mutual friends and that is how they found your account. However, if all of your friends claim to not know this user, there is a good chance that they are a fake account because they added you through friends that do not exist.

If on the other hand, you added this potentially fake user or gave someone your username to add, your friends might not know who they are because they did not add you in a way that required being near you or having mutual friends with you.

How to Avoid Getting Catfished

1. Make Sure Your Video Call and See Their Fake While They Talk

One way to avoid getting catfished is to ask for a video call and then you can have a better chance at telling if they are a fake person or not based on this video call.

If they are refusing to video call you or look weird when you do a video call or will not show their face on the video call, you should assume you are getting catfished.

2. Make Sure They Give You Other Social Platforms

Another way to try to avoid getting catfished is to use their other social media platforms. If they are unwilling to give you any, have little to no information on any other social media app, or will not accept your follow or friend requests on these apps if they are private, you are most likely being catfished.

3. Reverse Image Search Any Picture They Give You

You can also reverse search any image that this potential catfisher sends to you to see if you are being catfished.

To reverse search an image, all you have to do is copy the photo and then paste it into Google or any other search engine.

Once you have done this if the picture appears under another person’s name or is clearly a generic photo that anyone can use, you might just be getting catfished.

4. Reverse Look Up Any Number They Give You

Just like with a photo, you can also reverse look up any number that this catfish gives to you. Again, all you have to do is search the number that they gave you into any search engine. This will then tell you if the number belongs to anyone else, is fake, or if it belongs to a scammer or company of any kind.

5. Meet Them in Real Life

The best way to avoid being catfished or figure out if you are being catfished is to meet up with the person in real life. This way, you can see them in person and know exactly who they are.

Why Are Fake Snapchat Accounts Adding Me

There are a lot of different reasons as to why fake accounts may be adding you on Snapchat. While some are harmless reasons, there is also potential for some dangerous encounters to occur.

Some of the more harmless reasons are this individual just wanted someone to talk to, they are just messing around, or maybe just enjoying chatting to random people. However, there is also a chance that you are being scammed or even the potential that they are trying to get your personal information to harm you in any sort of way.

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