Snapchat Bots Adding Me? (5 Reasons Why)

Snapchat Bots Adding Me

Snapchat does what it can to detect and remove bot accounts from the application but it is difficult or even impossible to remove them all. New bots are being created for use on Snapchat every day. Some of the bots are more malicious than others so it is important to understand more about what bots are and what their intentions with your account are.

This guide will break down many common questions that people have regarding bots on Snapchat as well as detailed methods for avoiding them while using the app.

Why Do Bots Keep Adding Me On Snapchat?

There are a few common reasons that a bot would attempt to add your Snapchat account. If you are interested in what exactly the bots on Snapchat are there to do, the next part of this guide will break down the common goals of most spambots on the Snapchat application.

1. They Want to Make Money Off You Using Explicit Pictures

This is one of the more malicious reasons that a bot might be seeking to add you on Snapchat. Some bots might have added you on Snapchat to offer you explicit pictures and messages trying to entice you to send money to the account through some type of various cash transfer system.

This is a type of scam that involves tricking other Snapchat users into thinking they are communicating with a real person, when in fact it is a bot sending explicit pictures and messages. Usually, these types of spambots end off with trying to entice a Snapchat user to send money through the popular cash transfer app, Cashapp.

If you have received explicit messages or pictures from an account that you are not familiar with, it is almost always guaranteed to be a spambot masquerading as a real person. Because of this, you should disregard these types of messages and promptly block and report the account of the sender. This can help keep Snapchat free of spambots.

2. They Want to Promote Fake News

One of the most popular ways for people to spread fake news or agendas is to utilize Snapchat spambots to reach a wide audience of users and expose them to their messages against their will.

Fake news has been proven to be dangerous. The internet is full of impressionable people who can be easily influenced by this type of propaganda. Snapchat spambots capitalize on this notion and use it to spread whatever message they are trying to currently push.

The more people that fake news is exposed to, the better chance that someone will be receptive to it. This is a type of automated advertising that most often attempts to lure users to external fake news websites that are centered around an agenda.

It is not advised that you interact with these types of accounts. You should block and report any fake news spambots that you encounter while using the Snapchat application. This can help make Snapchat a safer place for everyone.

3. They Want to Scam You with Crypto

Another common Snapchat spambot scam involves the growing digital trend of cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrency grows in popularity so have its chances of becoming a more widespread form of currency.

The spambots on Snapchat use the fact that cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing market to entice users to engage with other crypto investors to engage with them on the app. These types of conversations are usually centered around getting a Snapchat user to commit to a purchase of some type of cryptocurrency or to engage in a trade with the spambot.

Most commonly crypto spambots send out messages trying to get users to follow an external link to a crypto trading site where they are enticed to invest, sell, or trade their currency. These sites are rarely legitimate and can lead users to experience massive losses if they fall victim to this scam.

Cryptocurrency transactions, like any currency exchanges, should be done carefully and only on verified platforms to trusted users. Engaging with crypto spambot accounts could lead you to lose money, with no real legal recourse to regain your funds.

If you find that you are receiving messages about cryptocurrency from a user on Snapchat that you do not know, then you can safely assume that the account is a spambot. You should disregard all messages from this account and block and report them to alert Snapchat of a potential bot on the application.

4. They want to Steal Your Credentials

One of the most common reasons that a spambot is used on Snapchat is to steal the credentials of a user. This includes Snapchat account information as well as more sensitive information like your bank account numbers or home address.

The most common way they do this is by sending a message to a user on Snapchat with a link to a website that asks for some time of information to access. For example, a message from a stranger on Snapchat notifying you of an ongoing giveaway that requires your Snapchat account information to enter is almost guaranteed to be a scam.

These external links will often trick users into signing into their social media or bank account while inside the link. This will give the creator of the spambot access to all of your information. This is the most malicious style of spambot as its sole purpose is cyber theft.

If you are encountering messages from strangers on Snapchat asking you to sign in with your credentials somewhere, you should avoid interacting with these messages at all costs. Promptly report the user who sent to message to Snapchat and block the account.

5. They Want To Direct Traffic To Something

Sometimes spambot will contact you trying to direct traffic to a website or profile. This is one common way that spambots on Snapchat are utilized. They are automated with the task of sending mass amounts of messages and request to other users on the app in hopes of increasing web traffic to a site or profile that they manage.

While this is annoying, generally these types of spambots are purely for advertisement and might not be as malicious or potentially dangerous as some of the other spambots mentioned in this guide.

That being said, should you encounter a spambot on Snapchat trying to direct traffic to an external website or profile, you should avoid interacting with the message or the profile and report it to Snapchat for removal.

How To Stop Bots From Adding You On Snapchat

Now that you know a little more about what spambots are and why you should avoid them, you can examine some methods that will help you do just that. Spambots might be impossible to completely avoid but these tips can help you significantly cut down on any potential encounters that you might have with a spambot while using the Snapchat app.

1. Turn Off “Show Me On Quick Add”

The Snapchat “Quick Add” feature allows users to access a curated list of suggested friends that the app has selected with the help of an advanced algorithm. This algorithm finds potential friend suggestions for you by using information like mutual friends, location, and similar interests.

If you have “Show Me On Quick Add” enabled, this will greatly heighten the visibility of your profile on the Snapchat app, which can lead to more frequent spambot messages and interactions. Turning off these features can make your profile hard to find randomly.

To turn off the “Show Me On Quick Add” feature, you must first open the Snapchat application and log in. In the app, tap on your profile picture. When you have been taken to the profile screen tap on the settings icon, which is shaped like a gear.

In the settings menu, you will find a tab called “Who Can…”. There, you can toggle the “Show Me On Quick Add” feature on and off.

2. Turn Off Add By Email and Add By Phone Number

In the same menu where you can turn the toggle on the “Show Me On Quick Add” feature, you can also edit your general privacy settings. This includes limiting and restricting your email and phone number from being used to find you on the Snapchat application.

Some spambots have software that generates random emails and phone numbers and searches for them on Snapchat. When it finds a match, the user will then start receiving spam messages, some of which are potentially dangerous.

If you turn off the features that allow you to be found by your phone number and email, this will restrict spambots from finding your account this way. Keep in mind that this will also keep any of your potential friends from finding you on Snapchat as well.

3. Change Your Snap Code on the Website

If you are constantly being harassed by spambots on the Snapchat application, you should consider changing your Snap Code. This can be especially helpful if you have been posting your snap code publicly to generate views on your Snapchat stories.

Spambots can utilize software that allows them to detect Snap Codes and Snapchat usernames and store the data, allowing them to message your profile. Changing your Snap Code can make any stored information that a spambot has on your profile no longer of any use.

4. Make Sure You Know Who Added You Before Adding Them Back

One of the main draws of any social media platform is the potential to connect with new friends around the world. That being said, you should be careful adding people that you do not know when using Snapchat.

When you add someone back that you do not know, especially if you’ve removed them before due to suspicions, you run the risk of potentially engaging with malicious profiles. It is wise to make sure that you know the person relatively well before adding them to Snapchat.

5. Click On The X When They Add You to Ignore Them

If you receive an ad from an account that you do not know that your suspect is a spambot, then you can simply deny and ignore the ad by clicking “X” on the add notification. This will effectively keep them from contacting you.

It is advised to always do this whenever you feel that you have been added by a spambot. You could also block and report the account to help keep Snapchat free of spambots.

6. Block Them

Although it has been advised several times throughout this guide, it is important to stress the importance of blocking the accounts of any spambots that you encounter on the Snapchat application. Blocking the bot will keep them from contacting you any further and can help keep your account safe and secure.

To block a user on Snapchat, simply swipe right from the camera screen to open your friend’s screen. On this screen, you can tap and hold the name of the spambot account that has sent you a message which will bring up a menu. Select “More” and there you will see the option to block the user. This will make your profile no longer visible to the spam account.

7. Change Your Username

Snapchat has recently rolled out a feature that allows you to change your username on the app. Changing your username, much like changing your Snap Code, can help remove any relevant information regarding your account from a spambots database, making it less likely that you will be contacted by spambots operated by the same user.

8. Report Them

It is extremely important that your report all spambots that your encounter on the Snapchat app so that they may be detected and removed. Snapchat has a strict policy on bots and the use of one is a violation of the Snapchat Terms of Service. Reporting spambots can help keep Snapchat safe for all users by cutting down on their presence significantly.

9. Report The Problem To Snapchat

If a recent interaction with a spambot has caused you to experience issues with your Snapchat account or application, you should report the problem to Snapchat and have them investigate the issue further. They can offer you detailed troubleshooting methods and plans of action to help potentially solve your problem.

How To Fix Problems Cause By Spambots on Snapchat

If your account has been compromised or your Snapchat app has been experiencing errors after a recent interaction with a spambot, then consider some of these troubleshooting methods to help solve your issues. These are some methods that have been proven to solve many issues with the Snapchat application.

1. Restart Your Snapchat App

Most times all you need to do to fix your issues with the Snapchat application is restart the app. Restarting the app gives Snapchat a chance to end any erroneous functions that might have caused your Snap to not send correctly.

If you find that you are having issues after a recent interaction with a spambot, restarting the application can also force the application to end any erroneous functions. Simply log in to Snapchat after restarting and the app will begin to reconcile itself.

2. Contact Snapchat Support

If you are having a serious problem regarding your Snapchat, you can contact Snapchat support to get help with your issues. Your problem will be forwarded to their technical support team who will listen to your problem and suggest a course of action to solve it.

This should be considered as a last resort after exhausting all of the troubleshooting methods previously listed here. It can be frustrating dealing with technical support over the phone but be patient. The technical support team at Snapchat can often help solve any problems that the typical user might encounter.

Does Snapchat Have Spam Bots?

Unfortunately, like most social media applications, spambots are rather prevalent on the Snapchat app. You will commonly encounter spambots in your inbox where you will find that they have sent you some type of seemingly random and irreverent message, often encouraging you to click a link.

It is not advised to interact with the spambots while using the Snapchat app, as they could potentially be dangerous to your account. If you’re not sure what a spam bot looks like, they look like any other fake account, but they try and gain something from so they’ll tend to message you.

What Is A Spam Bot on Snapchat?

A bot is a computer program that is designed for automated tasks that target a specific function. Spambots in particular are known for flooding Snapchat inboxes with unwelcome and irrelevant messages. Most of the time these bots are just a mild inconvenience, as they only serve to advertise or push some sort of website to generate views. In some cases, bots could be used for more malicious intents like scams are malware infection.

No matter what their intention with your profile is, it is best to avoid any potential interaction with bots while using the Snapchat app. This guide can help you cut down on your chances of being targeted by Snapchat bots.

Are There Bots That Add You On Snapchat?

Sometimes you might receive a notification that someone has added or followed you on Snapchat that you do not know. Some of the accounts could be bots trying to gain access to your account so that they can spam your inbox with messages.

Some bots are cleverly disguised as real people, which can lead to some users adding them without thinking about it. The whole point of Snapchat is communication and of the big draws of the application is building up a following. Spambots capitalize on this by adding a mass amount of different Snapchat profiles at once, in hopes of someone adding them to their friends’ list.

Keep this in mind when accepting random friend requests from accounts that you do not know. While this is not always the case, sometimes they could be spambots in disguise.

How Do Spammers Get My Snapchat?

In most cases when you encounter a spambot in your messages or comments on Snapchat, it is not because you have been specifically targeted. Spambots use their automated software to send out random messages and requests in mass amounts. Since the spambot is automated, it can continue this process for as long as it is allowed by the creator of the bot, or until it is discovered and removed by Snapchat.

Spambots have not specifically searched for your account, they have instead found it by using software that searches for usernames in the Snapchat database and sends messages and requests to the ones that it is able.

How Do You Use A Spambot on Snapchat?

Users can write custom code and create their spambot for use on the Snapchat application if they have the proper coding and software knowledge. Most people who have some type of spambot account setup, simply downloaded them off the internet already created. To use a spambot you must utilize some type of third-party software to access your Snapchat application.

Final Thoughts

This guide has broken down in detail the many types of spambots that you are likely to encounter while using the Snapchat application, as well as some ways that you can help avoid them.

It is important that you do not interact with spambots while using Snapchat, else you run the risk of potentially having your sensitive data stolen or malware installed on your device.

As detailed above, some spambots are more malicious than others, but you should still block and report all accounts that send you any type of spam messages on Snapchat. This will help keep Snapchat a safe and bot-free place for everyone.

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