Not Getting Roses Hinge? 4 Reasons Why


You might be wondering why you have not received a substantial amount of any Hinge Roses. There are a few reasons why this happens and I’ll explain them below.

Why Am I Not Getting Roses on Hinge

1. You’re Not Being Featured In The Standout Section

If you are not receiving very many Roses on the Hinge application or no Hinge Roses at all, there is a good chance that you are not being featured in the Standout section on Hinge.

It is important to understand that whether or not someone is shown in the Standout section on Hinge is largely based on the popularity of the Hinge profile. With that said, it also depends on your location.

This is because Hinge will only feature a profile in the Standout section if that profile is receiving a lot of attention such as likes, matches, and of course, Hinge Roses. It is essentially a popularity contest.

It is also important to note that when someone is featured in the Standout section on the Hinge application, other users will not be able to swipe right or left on the Standout Hinge profile.

This is because when someone is featured in the Standout section, other Hinge users can only send them Roses. Keep in mind that each user on the regular Hinge app can only send one free Rose a week and members of Hinge+ or HingeX have the option to buy more Hinge Roses.

I’ve also had a few people tell me that they liked me from Hinge Standouts. Regardless of this fact, it still doesn’t seem like I get many roses at all so you shouldn’t feel as if there are people out there that get plenty of roses. If you want to find out if you’re on Hinge Standouts, getting roses often is one of them but there are also other ways to tell.

With this in mind, you might assume that getting on the Standout section is a surefire way to receive more Roses on Hinge.

However, it is not a simple task to get into the Standout section on the Hinge application. As previously mentioned, this is primarily due to the Standout section being reserved for Hinge profiles that receive the most attention, and most of the time, these Hinge profiles will consist of those who are considered “good-looking.”

For example, a Hinge profile for someone that is subjectively “good looking” will likely receive more likes, matches, and Roses rather than a Hinge profile for someone who is not considered conventionally “good looking.”

Therefore, the “good looking” Hinge profile will be featured in the Standout section and will also receive more Roses.

Fix – Upload More High Def, Touched Up, Attractive Pictures, But This Will Only Increase Your Chances Slightly

Now, if you believe the reason why you are not being featured in the Standout section on Hinge is that you are not “good-looking,” the problem could be the quality of your photos.

We are sure you have heard the age-old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” it is possible that the quality of your pictures on Hinge are not quite saying all that you are.

By this, we mean that you might be considered “good looking” but the quality of your photos on Hinge are not showing it. With this in mind, you should try touching up your pictures to showcase your attractive attributes.

You would likely also benefit from making sure that you take your Hinge photos with good lighting rather than settling for a dark, grainy, and low-quality picture.

All smartphones have an “Edit” option in the phone’s respective Photos app. After you have captured a picture for Hinge that you are happy with, try editing the photo to draw out your attractive attributes such as adjusting the brightness and/or the contrast.

With that said, there are many photo-editing apps available for download in your devices’ respective app stores that could help you make your photos look fantastic with minimal effort.

So, if you are not too great at editing pictures of yourself, take heart, as you could be one filter away from appearing in the Standout section on the Hinge application and receiving countless Hinge Roses.

2. No One Thinks You’re Good Looking Enough

While it might seem ridiculous, it is possible that the reason why you are not getting Roses on the Hinge app is because no one thinks you are “good looking” enough to send you a Hinge Rose.

Now, this does not necessarily mean that you are not “good-looking,” but rather as previously depicted, you may not be showing what makes you “good-looking.”

For example, if you believe that your most attractive physical quality is your eyes, then you will want to take pictures that draw out your eyes such as using backgrounds that compliment your eye color. 

Fix – Upload More

A valid solution to receive more Roses on the Hinge app is to simply upload more pictures. With that said, if you know what your attractive physical attributes are, then you will want to showcase these attributes.

As previously mentioned, if your most attractive attribute is your eyes, then you will want to take photos that show these attributes.

So, if you have brilliant green eyes, you would benefit from taking bright pictures with a background that draws out the green color of your eyes.

Green eyes are more drawn out if you take photos with bright natural light along with nature in the background.

This way the natural green shades of nature will draw out the green color of your eyes, which makes for a more attractive photo on Hinge.

Once you have figured out a picture formula that showcases your best and most attractive attributes, then simply make sure to upload these photos to your Hinge account on a regular basis.

This means that your photos are not only the best quality you can achieve but they are also being uploaded regularly. One good photo on Hinge could not only get you in the Standout section but also get you many Hinge Roses.  

3. People Think Sending A Rose is Too Forward

Some people think sending a rose on Hinge is weird. If people didn’t have this reluctancy, then you’ll probably see a bit more roses than you are now. Liking someone is enough for most people and they don’t think anyone is special enough to receive a rose. So some people may have found you really attractive, but they think a like is enough.

4. People Don’t Get Roses Often

It is important to keep in mind that many users on Hinge do not receive Roses very often, which means that you should not expect to get many Hinge Roses. You are more likely to get likes rather than Roses on the Hinge application.

People only get one rose per week, whereas they get 10 likes per day on a standard account. So it’s normal to receive more likes from other than you do roses. It’s 70 vs 1.

Fix – Accept That You’ll Only Ever Get Likes and Rarely Ever A Rose

Considering that many users on Hinge do not get Roses very often, you would be better off accepting that you are more likely to receive likes rather than Roses on Hinge. Sure, Hinge Roses are great but since they are limited for most users, you should expect more like than Roses.

Hinge has certainly found its own way to “raise the bar” when it comes to likes since users can send Roses to those they are genuinely interested in. However, Roses on the Hinge app should not be used as a way to measure how well you are doing in the dating game.

As depicted in today’s feature, you might be one good picture away from getting more than enough Hinge Roses.

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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