How Often Do You Get a Rose on Hinge?

How Often Do You Get a Rose on Hinge?

As previously depicted, Hinge came out with a new feature in 2020 which is a rose. You can send a Hinge Rose to someone that you fancy a bit more than others once a week (Hinge will renew your Rose every Sunday).

Now, unless you have been living under a rock for your whole life, you are likely familiar with the romantic vibes that a rose represents, as it is widely known as the flower of love.

With the flower’s varying shades of red and other colors, its pleasant-smelling pollen, and of course, the flower’s poetically prickly thorns, it is enough to make any lover swoon.

Unfortunately, the rose you can send to other users on Hinge only comes in one color, which is the ever-popular bright red.

However, this romantic flower is not necessarily always in season on Hinge, as every user on Hinge is given one Rose a week that they can send to another user on Hinge to show just how much they admire that person.

This means that every week each user on Hinge is given one special rose that can only be given away to that special someone only once.

Since the rose on Hinge is essentially an intensified version of sending someone a like, which some people think is weird, it will almost certainly guarantee that you will be at the top of their “Likes You” feed. With this in mind, a rose on Hinge is an excellent way to grab someone’s attention.

How Often Do You Get a Rose on Hinge Premium?

If you are a member of Hinge Premium, you will also only be allowed one Rose a week and will receive a new one every Sunday on Hinge . Compare this to the how many likes you get on Hinge and you might see this as a tiny amount.

You can wait a week to get another Hinge Rose or you can purchase a single rose on Hinge app for $3.99 each (US).

However, if you simply cannot get enough Hinge Roses, you can also purchase them in bundles of six (priced at $19.99) or a dozen roses (12 for $29.99 US).

Similarly to many other Hinge users, you may be hesitant to purchase any extra Roses on Hinge; however, you will likely be relieved to know that when you have purchased a Hinge Rose it will not expire. 

If you’ve noticed you don’t get much roses on Hinge, you’ll know why because it’s 1 rose per week vs 70 likes per week. You’re 70x more likely to receive a like on Hinge than a rose.

If you aren’t on Hinge standouts, then your odds of getting a roses are low which is most people on the app. Hinge standout users, selected by Hinge, are far more likely to receive a rose.

On top of all of this, some users find most of the people they see on Hinge ugly so it wouldn’t be wise of you to think roses are being dished out right left and center.

Do Hinge Roses Carry Over?

Unfortunately, no, Hinge roses do not carry over, which means that they will not build up if you do not use them. Regardless if you have used the free Rose that Hinge provides you with every week or not, Hinge will reset your Roses every Sunday.

However, as previously mentioned, if you purchase one or more Hinge Roses, they will not expire.

With this in mind, you could theoretically accumulate more Roses. Although, the gain will only be momentary since the weekly free Hinge Rose will expire whether it is sent or not. 

For example, if you purchased a dozen Roses (12 Roses for $29.99) on Hinge, then you received the free weekly Rose, and you would have thirteen Roses.

However, since Hinge’s weekly free Rose does expire, you will not be able to accumulate any more Hinge Roses. You will only gain one Rose a week, then lose one Rose, and so on and so forth.

With this in mind, the only way you could possibly continuously accumulate Hinge Roses is if you for some reason kept purchasing Roses on Hinge.

Do Roses Automatically Become Matches Hinge?

Fortunately or unfortunately, no, when you send someone a Rose on Hinge, you will not be automatically matched with that person.

When you send a Rose to someone on Hinge, it means a few things one is that you are genuinely interested in them and you are almost certainly expected to show up at the top of or at the front of their “Likes You” feed.

This means that you will likely have a unique advantage over other Hinge users that might have simply sent them a like rather than a Hinge Rose.

Sure, you will most likely be the first person they see when they go to their “Likes You” page; however, you will not be automatically matched with them.

To match with someone on Hinge, you will have to tap on the “Match” option on their profile and they will have to do the same in order for you two to be matched.

So, while sending someone a Rose on Hinge is certainly a sweet gesture and shows that you are quite interested in them; however, you will not be automatically matched with them.

Hinge is certainly taking a unique approach with how it provides its service to its users, which is made evident by its brave slogan of “Hinge will be the last dating app that you will ever use.”

However, considering the price of a dozen Hinge Roses, you might want to consider contacting a florist and sending that certain someone a dozen of actual red roses.

You could also simply wait a week and then send them a Rose on Hinge. Regardless, the “Rose” feature in Hinge is certainly a creative answer to Tinder’s “Super Like” idea.

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