How to Know If You’re on Hinge Standouts

Am I on Hinge Standouts?

1. You Receive An Influx of Roses

Suppose you are familiar with dating apps or social media apps in general. In that case, you will notice that it is typical to use some sort of Like feature to demonstrate your interest in someone else’s profile or content.

When you use Hinge or the Hinge Standouts feature, you will notice a different way of showing interest in the app. The only way to get attention on Hinge or Hinge Standouts is to give the user your interest in a rose.

Roses are essentially an upgraded version of the Likes feature on other dating apps. Users get one free rose every week to give to interested users. But not to worry. Hinge allows users who want to use more than one rose to purchase more roses to give out.

This means that the more roses you can have your hands on, the more roses you can give out to users that you are interested in. Some people think sending roses is weird but it’s just highlighting that you’re slightly more interested in someone.

Therefore, if you send out lots of roses, the number of potential matches is likely higher with more roses. So how does the amount of roses you receive have to do with being able to tell if you are on the Hinge Standouts list?

Many believe that beauty depends on the users, and being attractive depends on who you ask. What would it be if there was a way to put a number to beauty or attractiveness? According to Hinge Standouts, the number of roses you receive is this number.

If you notice that you suddenly receive a higher number of roses than you usually would, this could be a good indicator that you have been added to the Hinge Standout list.

Being on the list means that you are exposed to many more users, meaning that you are more likely to receive a lot more roses or likes than you usually would. So if you notice this, take this as a sign that you have been entered into the Hinge Standouts list.

2. You’re A Very Good Looking Person

In general, it is common knowledge that the more conventionally attractive you are, then the more matches you are likely to get on any dating app, and this does not only pertain to Hinge but any dating app out there.

This is brought up because you will notice that the large majority of the Hinge users that are added to the Hinge Standouts list are very good-looking people.

If this is the case for you and you and others around you consider you to be a very good looking person, there is a high chance that you will be added to the Hinge Standout list. Why is this, you might ask yourself?

As mentioned before, Hinge adds users to the Hinge Standout list that bring quality to the table and only add users that they believe have high quality profiles.

These high quality profiles might also have to do with how generally attractive you are and how much it comes across on your profile, and the public content you post on the dating app.

So next time you receive an extra amount of likes or roses in this case AND you happen to be a male over six feet, the chances of being added to the Hinge Standout list are very prominent.

3. People Always Send You A Rose Instead of A Like

It was mentioned before that lots of dating apps and social media platforms use a feature such as a like and even, in the case of Hinge, features such as being able to send a “rose” to any user you are interested in.

In the case of the Hinge Standout list, receiving a rose is a high honor since these are limited to one per week per user and to more depending on how much that user is willing to spend on said roses.

These roses, however, are exclusively used for Hinge Standout list members. So what does this have to do with figuring out if you have made the very exclusive Hinge Standout list?

This simply means that if you have started receiving roses instead of the typical likes you usually would get when you started using the Hinge app, then there is a high chance that you have been entered into the exclusive Hinge Standout list.

Move over likes. From now on, count those roses and consider yourself entered into the very high profile Hinge Standout list.

4. You’ve Matched with Someone, and They’ve Told You They Found You in Standouts

One of the more straightforward ways of knowing that you have been entered into the Hinge Standout list is to simply be told by another user that this is either where they found you or where they saw your profile.

Since there is no direct way for you to find out by yourself if you have made the Hinge Standout list, if somebody else finds you there, then there is a chance they will be able to be your direct contact letting you know that you have made it into the list.

This is how the scenario would work out. You find yourself scrolling through the Hinge app and you happen to match with someone meaning that they found you just as attractive and interesting as you found them.

Both of you start talking and they bring up how they found you. If they say they have found you in the Hinge Standouts, there you have it! There is your confirmation to making it in the Hinge Standout list.

How Do You Get on Hinge Standouts

Now that we have laid out some of the ways to figure out that you have already been added to the prestigious Hinge Standout list on the dating app, you must be curious as to how you can get on the list if you do not currently find yourself on it but are dying to know what kind of benefits being on this list bring.

After all, being on the list means high chances of matching with someone who is very interesting and attractive as it selects high quality people and shares your profile with many more members.

The benefits are definitely there so read on to find out how you can increase your chances of getting your profile to be shown on the Hinge Standout list.

1. Make Sure You’re Conventionally Attractive

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that someone should be added or already is on the Hinge Standouts list is that they are highly conventionally attractive people.

If you want to have an even remotely good chance at being added to the Hinge Standout list, make sure you are conventionally attractive. But not to worry.

If you do not believe you are as conventionally attractive as others, there are ways to better your chances of still being chosen to be part of the Hinge Standout list.

Make sure your pictures of high quality and have good lighting where users can see your best smiles and angles.

This makes a big difference when it comes to being seeing as a conventionally attractive person since a bad angle or a bad picture can cause a bad impression on lots of users.

After all, these pictures that you choose will determine the first impression that other users on Hinge have of you so make sure to choose wisely and attractively.

2. Intriguing Questions and Answers

Do not be discouraged by the previous suggestion when it comes to having conventionally attractive good looks or just being an attractive person.

This is not the only thing that Hinge looks into when choosing those users who can make it to the prominent Hinge Standout list.

As much as it may seem like attractiveness is the only thing that matters when making these kinds of lists, there are other qualities that other users find attractive outside of good looks.

These qualities can be reflected not only through your pictures but also through the way that you answer the questions that Hinge has set for the users in order for others to get to know their personality and get to know who they really are past all of those pictures.

So take some time to put your personal touch to how you answer your profile questions. If you know that you are giving intriguing answers to the profile questions, then you will increase your chances of being added to the prestigious Hinge Standout lists.

3. Clear Pictures with Good Lighting

Circling back to making sure that you are a conventionally attractive person comes the tool that will make sure that other users see your best sides and angles.

Be very wary of the pictures that you are using within your profile as these could be the reason whether you get added or not to the Hinge Standouts list.

So how can you make sure that your pictures are high quality and show your best side?

It is very important to, first of all, make sure that your pictures are clear and that you can clearly see your best features and maybe even hide those things that you do not want to standing out.

Have one of your friends or relatives take these pictures to ensure they are not blurry. Include full body pictures and even some close ups to make sure that other users can see all of you and not just a small portion.

After all, these pictures set the first impression that others have of your and will make the difference as to whether you get matched or not.

In addition to making sure that your pictures are not blurry and are clear to see is, making sure that the lighting is also good in your pictures.

Good lighting can make a huge difference to what is seen in pictures and how different it can look from the real life picture. Stand somewhere where the lighting hits all the right shadows and angles.

With time, you will get to know your best angles and sides and the best lighting around your house to ensure that your pictures are high quality, just enough to get added to the Hinge Standouts list.

Are Hinge Standouts Mutual?

You might be asking yourself if you see someone on your Hinge Standouts list, will they be able to see you on their list as well?

Unfortunately, that is not exactly how the Hinge Standout list works, so there might be some chances that they have never even seen your profile on their feed, but there’s also a chance that they have.

Something that is very important to consider is that Hinge Standouts is a list that refreshes daily.

In fact, the Hinge Standouts list refreshes every 24 hours, so you get a new batch of standouts every day, and you might see a profile more than once or just one time, and they’ll never to be found again.

Because this list does refresh so frequently, it is highly unlikely that you have any mutuals on the list, but there is still a chance regardless.

You must also have into consideration that if there are users who are receiving more traffic than you on the Hinge app, such as receiving more views, messages, or roses, those users are much more likely to be at the top of the list and have more users that are interested in them.

Remember that this is a curated list and very much dependent on factors such as your interests and answers to questions on your profile, so just because someone has interests that you like, they won’t necessarily feel the same way.

Are Hinge Standouts Active?

A very common question that arises when it comes to these Hinge Standouts lists is whether the profiles you are seeing on your list are even active at all.

Many believe that the Hinge app uses these profiles in order to bait other users to continue using the app since they randomly found someone who seems to be the perfect match.

Or as mentioned before, they use these perfect profiles to bait somebody into spending lots of extra money on roses since users are limited to only one free rose each week.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way of being able to tell if a user’s profile that you see in the Hinge Standout list is actually active or has not been on the app for weeks now.

The chances go both ways. You cannot assume that just because you see someone’s user profile on your Standouts list, that they were recently active on the app and vice versa. Do not assume that these are fake bots that are trying to lure you into spending more money.

Anything is possible in the app so beware of how you use it and navigate through it as well. Remember also to not get disappointed when you do end up messaging someone on your Hinge Standouts list, and you never receive a reply from them.

This does not necessarily mean that they are inactive or that they are bots that are not real people. Take into consideration that if you did end up finding them on a Hinge Standouts list, then there are high chances that that user is on someone else’s Hinge Standouts list.

In fact, the user could be in multiple Standouts lists to the point that they are receiving so many messages from being on here that they simply have not seen your message, or they might be ignoring it because they have already found someone they are interested in.

Whatever the case is, do not assume until you can confirm through your own experiences with the Hinge Standouts list.

Hinge Standouts Disappeared?

What if all of a sudden you realize that as you are scrolling through the Hinge app, you cannot seem to find your Hinge Standouts list and it has in fact disappeared out of sight.

Many times, this is not the user’s fault, and there is something happening behind the scenes that is keeping the user from being able to have access to the Hinge Standouts list on the app.

Follow the nest troubleshooting methods if you find yourself in the situation where your Hinge Standouts list is nowhere to be found.

1. Wait For the Feature to Come Back

The first thing you will want to do is try and wait to see if the list will come back after a few minutes.

Glitches on software and apps are very common and this could very much be one within the Hinge Standouts lists. Try the following in order to refresh the app and with this, refresh the features within the app.

1. Close the Hinge app and exit out of any chats you were in.

2. Using your thumb, swipe up from the bottom of your phone until you see a list of previously used screens.

3. When you have located the screen in which you were using Hinge, swipe up completely until the screen disappears.

4. Go to the Hinge app again on your main menu and open up the app.

5. Go to the Hinge Standouts list and see if the feature is working properly again.

2. Hinge is Down

Another common reason as to why you might not be able to find the Hinge Standouts list features on the app is that the application could be down at the moment.

This is easy to figure out by simply googling “Hinge app down”. Usually when an application is down, there will be updates posted online that will let users know when a page is down and when it is up and running again.

3. Update the App

Perhaps it is time to update the app and start running the latest version of Hinge on your phone. This is, as always, an easy fix and updating an app is an easy and simple process. Follow the next steps in order to update your Hinge app.

1. Close the Hinge app.

2. Head over to your App Store on your phone.

3. Search for “Hinge” in your app’s store’s search engine.

4. The Hinge app should come up. If an update is needed, there will be an option to update. If not, there should only be an option to open the app.

4. Use A VPN

The last thing you will want to try in order to get the Hinge Standouts feature running again is using a VPN if you have one.

A VPN or a virtual private network, will allow for you to secure your data and even change locations in case Hinge is not available in the current location you find yourself in. Follow the next steps to activate a VPN on your phone.

1. Close the Hinge app on your phone.

2. Swipe up on the app in order to close it fully.

3. Open up your phone’s settings.

4. In Settings, go to General and choose the option VPN.

5. This will show you all the open and available VPN networks.

6. Choose one VPN that you recognize and connect.

7. Open up Hinge again and verify if the feature is available.

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