This is a popular question asked by many Instagram users and I’m going to give you an in-depth answer as to what Instagram counts as a view.

Most Instagram users have uploaded a video at some point and after a while, you’ll notice a view.

You may be confused as to whether this view was caused by you or by another profile and what this view means.

What Counts as a View on Instagram

Instagram video counts

When an Instagram video is viewed for longer than 3 seconds, Instagram will count this as a view and they’ll issue the video with 1 view count. So, if you’re seeing views on your Instagram video, it really means how many people viewed that video for longer than 3 seconds.

Instagram only gives you a view if the videos have been viewed for longer than 3 seconds because they need to know that the viewer was engaged in the video.

They wouldn’t want to issue you with views when someone sees the video for half a second lets say then scrolls down because they know that they weren’t interested in watching your videos.

Regardless of whether the viewer plays audio or not, the video will still be credited with a view.

This is also the same principle for Instagram stories as well. You are only given a view if the story has been viewed for 3 seconds or more.

Instagram story views

Does Instagram Count Multiple Views?

Instagram doesn’t count multiple views from one account. As soon as a video is viewed for more than 3 seconds by one account, this view will count for that account alone regardless of how many times the account has viewed it for.

I’ve tested this by viewing my own video from a separate account more than once and the view count only went up by one, not by how many times I’ve viewed it. Think about Instagram likes, when you like a post twice, you’ll only see the posts like count rise up by one and not two.

If you want to test this out for yourself, make another Instagram account and upload a video there and view it for longer than 3 seconds. Since Instagram counts your views, close the app and go back to the video and watch it for a second time. Close the app and check what the view count is on the new account you made – it should remain as one because Instagram doesn’t count multiple video views.

Do My Own Views Count on Instagram Videos

If you upload a video onto Instagram and you view it for longer than 3 seconds, Instagram will count this as a video, and therefore, you’ll see 1 view under the video. If you viewed your own video for less than 3 seconds, you won’t see the view count go up. Again, this can be tested by making a new Instagram account and uploading a video there – from here, watch the video and it should have a view.

Why Does Instagram Only Count 3 Seconds As A View?

Instagram only counts 3 seconds as a view because that’s when someone has actually made a decision to take a look at a video. If someone is scrolling and they glance a video for briefly simply because they were scrolling, then it wouldn’t make sense to count that as a view because that view wasn’t intended and the person didn’t watch to watch.