Does TikTok Count Your Own Views?

Does TikTok Count Your Own Views?

Gaining more views can be done in many ways like sending your videos to friends, using trending sounds, and adding a variety of hashtags to your post. You may also think you can cheat the system by watching your videos, again and again, to add on some more views.

Does TikTok Count Your Own Views

Sadly, TikTok does not count your own views on your video. You may notice that as soon as you post something and go watch it a couple of times to ensure everything is perfect, your account will still say that it currently has zero views.

However, you can still interact with your own videos in many ways such as liking them, commenting on them, and responding to other peoples comments as well.

What Counts as a View on TikTok

While many other platforms have more guidelines and requirements from a view to actually happen, TikTok makes it fairly simple. On TikTok, a view is simply your video being watched.

As soon as the video begins to play, a view is counted towards your TikTok. If anyone watches your video through the app and has an account, a view is counted regardless if they watched the full video or not.

While apps such as Instagram and Youtube have minimum time a video has to be watched for a view to count, TikTok does not which means the second it starts playing for someone else’s TikTok account, you are gaining a view.

Tiktok Video Views Count

In order to see the amount of views your TikTok has, all you have to do is open up the app, click on your Profile in the bottom right. You will now be able to see all of the videos you have posted and in the lower left corner of each video you will see a play icon.

The number next to this icon will tell you how many views your TikTok individually has. Keep in mind if you have a private profile, only those who are following you will be able to watch your videos so this can make the views a little lower.

Additionally, if you set a specific video to Friends Only, only the people following you that you are following back can see these videos which, again, will allow less people to see your content.

If You Do Not Have a TikTok Account Does Your View Count

If you are not logged into your account or you do not have an account in general, your view will not be counted. The only way to increase someone’s views is to be logged in and have an account.

You may notice, if you are using the app or the website that after you watch a video, no matter how many times, the views do not increase.

Additionally, if you are watching TikTok’s through other video sites, like Snapchat, Twitter, or Youtube, this also will not increase the views as it has to be a TikTok account watching the video through TikTok.

Does TikTok Count Instagram Views

If you are viewing a TikTok through an Instagram DM someone has sent you, this will count towards the views. In order for a view to be counted, a TikTok account has to be watching the video. Since Instagram opens the TikTok app when you click on the link someone has sent you and the video is watched from your TikTok account, it’ll count as a view.

Instagram instead has its own video feature called Reels. This also keeps track of views so anytime you are watching, the Reel count will be increased instead, on the Instagram app.

How Does Tiktok Count Views

TikTok counts views right as the video begins to play if someone is watching your video through another TikTok account and through the app or website.

Videos are also automatically played as soon as the app or website is open, so you do not have to initiate any sort of start for TikTok to count a view. However, you can search for specific users and videos, which will require your initiation for TikTok to count a view.

Otherwise, videos will appear on your For You Page which is crafted by TikTok based on the people you follow, posts you like, and hashtags you post to.

Using all of this information, TikTok will automatically curate videos the algorithm thinks you will enjoy and as you scroll and watch videos, each video you scroll to is a view for the creator.

Does Tiktok Count Repeat Views

If people just really love your TikTok or it takes a few repeats to try and fully grasp it, your view count will increase. This is because every time your video is replayed, it counts as another view.

If someone were to accidentally leave their device unlocked while they make a quick snack to fuel their TikTok scrolling and your video is being played, every single time your content restarts, another view is counted.

This is why many big creators and individuals who research how to gain more interaction on videos say making quicker TikTok’s will increase your account, because it is easier to replay an eight second video a couple of times than it is a three minute one.

So your total views on a video does not exactly mean that many singular people have seen the video, just that your video has been watched that many times.

Does Rewatching a Video Count as a View on TikTok

Rewatching a video will count as another view every time you decide to rewatch it. If you once followed a great recipe video and have to keep going back every time you start to crave that meal again, each time you go back is a new view.

It does not matter how much time passes in between each view, a whole year or even three minutes, each rewatch will count as another view. Just like repeat views continue to increase views, rewatching does the exact same thing.

Sometimes, this is more noticeable to creators, however, because if you go back and watch a video they posted years ago, they will see that their older post got another view. They can not tell who is watching the post, but they are just made aware their video was viewed again.

Remember, because rewatches do count as another view, your total views tells you how many views your video has gotten, not how many individual people your video has reached.

How Long Do You Have to Watch a TikTok Video for it to Count as a View

With the new ten minute feature being released on TikTok, those of you who utilize this time may be worried your views will decrease due to the length.

However, this will not be the case because TikTok counts a view as soon as the video starts playing. Whether your TikTok pops up on someones For You Page, accounts are looking through your videos, or your post is being seen through the hashtag you added, the second that video starts playing for someone, a view is added.

So this means your video does not have to fully finish in order to gain views. If you post a ten minute video, or just a quick three second clip, a view will be counted as soon as your video begins.


TikTok is an app that has unlimited possibilities for anyone who enjoys making videos and having fun on the internet. The amount of views you receive can help you understand just how wide of any audience you are reaching.

So remember that even if your video has over five hundred views, this does not necessarily mean that over five hundred people have seen your video. It could be one hundred people watching it five times, or maybe even one person has viewed this same post over five hundred times.

However, the more views you do receive, the more likely your post is to appear on even more For You Pages and gain more interaction from other accounts.

If you have any questions about how views work on your TikTok page, or what counts and what does not, remember these points to help you better understand how the app works.

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