How To View Instagram Without An Account

Instagram is a great source to interact with people across the world. Some people are using it purely for interactions, making new friends, and dating while others are exploring it for their business purposes. If you haven’t got an Instagram account or you’re not ready to make an account, you can still view Instagram profiles and their pictures.

People Without an Instagram Account

1 billion out of 7 billion people are on Instagram. What it means is that there are still many people who haven’t joined Instagram yet. Some believe that they are too old for it, while others consider it as complete-time waste. Whatever the reasons, there is a big population that isn’t interested in Instagram.

However, people who don’t have an Instagram account still might need to access Instagram for viewing pictures. For example, some event’ photos of which you are part of are only uploaded on Instagram and there is no other way to see them.

Can I Browse Instagram Without An Account?

Although there’s no way to view and browse through Instagram without login into an account, you can use third-party web apps and search to view public profiles on Instagram. You can only view public profiles, as well as tagged photos on Instagram without an account but you can view private profiles. If you don’t have a profile and you want to look at someone’s Instagram photos or view their stories, then you can use search as well as different third-party apps available to view profiles without signing up or logging in.

If you want to browse through Instagram and view things such as photos, likes, or comments, you can, but you wouldn’t be able to engage with any posts since you don’t have an account yourself.

Can You Search Instagram Without an Account

If you haven’t got an Instagram account, it’s possible to search for people’s profiles and hashtags either by using a link directly to their profile or using third-party web apps that allow you to browse through Instagram without logging into an account.

How to View Instagram Without An Account

It is necessary to understand that viewing pictures without an Instagram account is only doable through web browsers. iOS app or Android app doesn’t provide you with this luxury.  You can see a step by step guide on how you can do that.

Use Instagram Search Bar Without an Account

1. Go to Instagram on your PC or phone browser.

2. Type in the name of the person in the search field.

view the public picture without an account

3. you’ll be taken to the person/page profile so you can access their pictures.

Beware, only public profiles (the ones that don’t have privacy) will let you access the pictures. You can’t view pictures of a private account/page.

Additionally, you can jump from one profile to another by searching it the name in Instagram’s own search bar as shown in the picture.

People who try to directly access Instagram through Google usually land on the signup/sign-in page and hence fail to search the profile, let alone the pictures.

Use Searchusers To View Instagram Without an Account

If you aren’t familiar then Searchusers is a Web-based interface for the socially-driven image-sharing service Instagram. It lets you search Instagram accounts through usernames and tags. Furthermore, it also allows you to search for pictures through the hashtags. It is user friendly and doesn’t need you to have an account to access photos.

1. Go to

2. Search for any profile/page through username or tags as shown in the picture below.

3. At the top right corner, you can see another search bar. This is for exploring/finding pictures through hashtags.

These are the two most common procedures to get the job done. There are few other third-party apps that let you view Instagram pics without having an account. However, most of them are paid and charge you for every search you make.

Furthermore, one must understand that both these methods are only applicable if the profile is public. Most of the users keep their profiles private, and there is no way you can view their pictures through any legal method.

Instagram’s mobile app simply works when you have an account. It doesn’t provide an option to access profile or pictures if you aren’t logged in. In the future, it might let people search for photos without having an account, but for now, you have to stick with the web browsers.

Use Ingramer

Another web app that you can use is an Instagram search tool called Ingramer that allows you to view profiles. In the search tool, you have to enter the username of the account you want to view, from here, you’ll be able to see their account without having to have an Instagram account yourself.

Paste Username’s In a Browser To View Profiles Without An Account

Another way to view Instagram and look at people’s profiles without an account is by using your web browser to paste a link directly to their profile. Every Instagram account has a unique link which means you can visit people’s profiles directly through this link.

The unique link you can use to visit people’s Instagram accounts is composed of followed by their username. For example, if their username was Cristiano, then you will go into a browser and enter This will give you direct access to the person’s Instagram profile.

One thing to mention is that if you are already logged into Instagram, then you’ll need to log out. Logging out will still mean that you can access the account, however, you can only look at the profile, and not individual images, or view stories, or highlights. In order to look at peoples pictures individually, or view their story, you’ll need to use a third-party web app.

Search People to Browse Their Profile Without Logging In

If you’re an avid search user, you can simply search for the person’s name in Google along with the word Instagram and their profile should show up first. If you wanted to look at Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram profile without an account, then you’d need to search his name along with Instagram and his profile should be the first one that you see.

The reason why this method could be better than the others is that you don’t need to know the person’s username to browse their profile. If you don’t have access to an Instagram profile, while not knowing someone’s name, you can visit an Instagram profile, and from there, search someone’s name to see if Instagram’s search function will bring up their profile for you.

If you don’t know the person’s username, visit a random Instagram profile and from there, use the search bar to search for the person’s name you don’t know the username for. Or, you can just search for their name along with the word Instagram on Google and if they have a profile, it should come up. If there’s any other thing you think they would have in their bio or anything they’re known for, you can also put this after Instagram when you’re searching so Google can bring up the correct profile.

Why Can’t I Look At Instagram Without An Account?

You can look at Instagram profiles without an account. The reason you might be unable to be is either you’re using the app, or you’re visiting and try to view accounts from there. When you visit, you’ll be asked to sign up or to log in.

If you want to view profiles without having to log in, then you need to go to’thepersonsusername’. From here, you’ll be able to see their profile anonymously, without an account, and you’ll be able to search using the search bar at the top.