If you Like and Quickly Unlike on Instagram Then Block Them


If you’re stalking someone on Instagram, this may be an ex that you can leave alone or someone you admire, chances are that you’re going to be on their Instagram profile a lot. Or since you visit their profile so often, you always see their content on your feed.

When you’re on someone’s profile stalking them luckily, they don’t know when you view their videos/photos which means your stalking activities go undetected. However, it becomes a problem when you accidentally like one of their posts. This can be embarrassing especially if you’re far down on their profile and you accidentally like something from weeks ago.

The best thing for you to do is to turn off double tap like to like feature if you want to be able to stalk someone without your finger slipping then you accidentally like their post. This also commonly happens when you’re stalking their tagged photos and like it accidentally.

This has happened to me numerous times and it’s pretty much the only certified way to get around it. Along side doing thigs like putting your phone on airplane mode or being careful with the way you swipe.

To save yourself from the embarrassment, you unlike the post in the hopes that they don’t find out. If you’re worried whether they’ll be able to tell you liked their posts, then it depends.

Will Someone Know If I Like Then Unlike Their Post?

If you accidentally like and unlike someone’s post on Instagram, chances are they won’t know you’ve done so. Depending on how quickly you unliked, they may not receive a notification on their phone. However, if they’re active on their phone and you took too long to unlike, then they are likely to receive a notification and see it.

If they’re not using their device during the time you liked and unliked their posts, then the notification from their device as soon as you unlike it. Even if they use common methods to check old instagram notification, they won’t be able to see that you’ve liked their posts because the notification gets deleted as soon as you unlike it.

What Happens If You Accidentally Like a Photo on Instagram and Then Unlike It and Block Them?

When you like a post on Instagram, whether it be a photo, video or reel, if you unlike it quickly enough, the notification that says you liked their photo will disappear.

This means there is no need to block them – as long as you unlike the post immediately after the mistake. If you take more than a few seconds to unlike the photo, the notification will disappear on their Instagram app, but it might still be visible on their phone, since notifications from Instagram usually don’t disappear until they close or tap them.

However, if you unliked the post immediately, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything.

If You Accidentally Like a Photo on Instagram and Then Unlike It and Block Them, Will They See?

If you accidentally like someone’s post, blocking them usually won’t help the situation. This is because if you simply unlike the post, it’ll disappear from their Instagram notifications.

If the notification appears in their phone notifications, then you’re out of luck; blocking the user or unliking their post will not cause the notification to disappear, and you just have to hope they won’t notice. In short, blocking will not help the situation and is usually counterproductive.

1. If They Were On Their Phone While You Did It, They May Have Seen the Notification

If they were on the app when you liked their post, it’s likely they probably saw the notification pop up. This is because Instagram notifications are almost instant on the app. However, if they were just on their phone when you liked it, if you unliked it quick enough, it’s possible the notification won’t show up at all.

This is because it takes a few seconds for Instagram to send notifications to your actual device. So, if you unliked the post quick enough, it’s possible they’ll never see the notification or notice you liked any posts.

2. If You Do It Fast Enough, They Won’t See

If you unlike the post quickly enough, it’s possible they won’t get a notification at all. Even though Instagram gives notifications very quickly after something happens, it still takes about a half of a second to go through to the app. So, if you unlike the post immediately after liking it, you can count on them not seeing it.

Is There a Point in Blocking Someone on Instagram to Hide the Like Notification?

Usually, no; it will not help. If you unlike the post it will disappear from their Instagram notifications, but if it’s on their phone notifications already, then there’s nothing you can do – it won’t disappear and they’ll only notice you blocked them to try and cover up your mistake, making the situation even worse.

If you accidentally liked a post on Instagram and didn’t unlike it right after, it’s best to just own it. Chances are, they won’t even care enough to confront you about it, and that’s if they care at all. 

What to Do After Accidentally Liking an Old Instagram Post

Knowing what to do after accidentally liking someone’s old picture on Instagram is crucial because this can make or break whether they get that notification or if they know that you liked then unliked their picture.

Tip: If you are on someone’s profile, looking through their posts or their pictures, then you can put your phone or airplane mode to cover your tracks. Before you do this, make sure to load up all of your content using Wi-Fi or data. Once it’s loaded, put your phone in airplane mode.

If you accidentally like something, it won’t be registered before your phone wasn’t connected to the internet. If you do accidentally like someone, take your phone off airplane mode and refresh their profile – you’ll see that the like wasn’t registered.

Block Them?

If you’re wondering if you should block someone after you like then unlike their post, this is pretty unnecessary and it can make you look even worse in most cases. Let me explain a scenario, let’s say that you like then unlike someone post and they’re on their phone.

They going to get a notification if you didn’t unlike to fast enough. Let’s say that they see that notification come up on their phone so they open Instagram to see what picture it is but there’s no notification because you unliked it – this will already look weird and they can probably tell it was an accident.

Now let’s say that they saw the notification, went to your Instagram, and saw that you blocked them – this is going to make you look even worse. The best thing to do after liking a picture accidentally is to unlike it.

Disable Your Account?

Again, disabling your account after accidentally liking a post is unnecessary. Once you like and unlike fast enough, they’re not going to see a notification. Whether they saw that you liked their post or they didn’t, disabling your account is just an extra step that doesn’t need to be taken.

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