How to Turn Off Double Tap Like on Instagram

How to Turn Off Double Tap Like on Instagram

Many users don’t like the double-tap to like feature and would love to remove it from their app. So if that’s you and you are looking for an easy method for removing double-tap to like on your IG, you can go through the methods listed in this guide.

I’ve used the Instagram double tap to like feature for years now and I’ve never thought to turn it off only when I’m stalking someone. This is because I may be so deep into their page that I accidentally like their photo then unlike it or I accidentally like one of their tagged photos. This is embarrassing and I don’t want this embarrassment to come from the slip of a finger. Aside from this, the feature is actually very handy.

Can You Turn Off Double Tap Like on Instagram

If you wonder whether you can turn off the double-tap feature on the app, you should know that you can. IG considers the choice of different users, and even though most seem to like the feature, others frown at the idea.

So, of course, you can decide to end double taps if you don’t like it. And even though there is a method to do this, users often run into various issues while trying to do this.

But rest assured, as long as your account doesn’t have any glitches and you have a secure internet connection, you should be able to do it in one go.

However, if you face issues while trying to use the settings, try closing your app and reopening it before trying again. You can check your internet connection to ensure it’s working correctly. You can also update the app or reinstall it if the issue persists.

How to Turn Off Double Tap Like on Instagram

There is a simple approach to removing the double-tap feature from your account if you want it gone. And the settings are not limited to different users; everyone can access them. If you’re doing this for the first time, then follow the step-by-step guide below to turn off the feature ok your IG account.

1. Go to your Profile by clicking the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen

2. Click the three horizontal lines at the top-right screen corner, then tap on Settings

3. Under Account Settings, find the option that says Double-tap-to-like

4. Click the double-tap-to-like options and switch it off with the toggling bar

5. Save changes to affect the changes made

Note: When you turn off this feature, you will still be able to like videos when you click the Like button. And you can still mistakenly like videos when you’re scrolling, so to avoid this altogether; you can check the instructions below.

How to Stop Accidentally Liking Instagram Posts

Since you’re not a fan of the double-tap likes, it probably means you don’t like the idea of mistakenly liking videos on the platform either. If that’s the case, here are suggestions to revolve the issue.

1. Turn Off the Like Feature

Not many users are aware of this, but Instagram respects your Privacy so much that it allows you to change how you interact on the platform.

For example, you can turn off the feature of liking videos on the app, and anytime you mistakenly do this or double-tap, you won’t like the video. So, this method also helps you stop the issue of mistakenly double tapping and liking videos on IG.

When you turn it off, you won’t be able to like any video on your account, though, so there isn’t an option to selectively like some videos without liking others.

When you click like or double-tap, the settings turn off the ability to like so that the video will not get an additional like regardless of the post.

It’s the most effective method on this list, so this is the best option for you if you don’t use the like button often and don’t mind keeping your IG account private by stopping the likes. You can turn off the feature in the settings section of your IG accounts. So follow the steps below to do this.

How to Turn Off Like On Instagram

1. Go to your Profile by clicking the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen

2. Click the three horizontal lines at the top-right screen corner, then tap on Settings

3. Under Account Settings, find the option that says Privacy

4. Under the “Privacy” section, you can toggle the “Likes” setting off.

5. Ensure you Save changes

2. Disable the Double Tap Feature or Avoid Tapping After the First Tap

If the issue you face isn’t with the like button but with mistakenly double-tapping the post, you don’t have to disable the like feature.

Instead, you are better off following the steps to turn off double-tap likes, and you are good to go. But if you don’t want to do either of the two, you can simply take the precaution of avoiding the urge to double tap on a post you don’t want to like.

It’s not your intention to double tap and like the video, but you still have a part to play if it’s always by mistake. For example, many users complain that they double-tap when they tap the first time, and the video doesn’t pop up for expanded view.

But this is a recurrent issue on IG, primarily due to internet connection or your app’s speed. So when you click on any post, wait for a few seconds before clicking again to avoid liking it with the double-tap feature.

3. Don’t Scroll Near The Like Button

There is always the urge to place your fingers directly around the like button when scrolling on IG. Possibly due to other platforms not having this feature in the same position, you might ignore it.

But when on IG, your finger’s position will determine how many pictures or videos you like compared to how many you’ll like, then remove your likes because it was never your intention to like them.

To save yourself the trouble of liking and unliking, keep your fingers slightly above or below the like buttons when scrolling through your feeds or reel videos.

If this seems complicated because you’re using your other fingers to support your phone, you can drop your phone, then scroll through with your finger right in the middle of the screen. That way, you have less chance of mistakenly the like button for any video you don’t like.

3. Use Airplane Mode When Browsing the App

Instagram takes up lots of data because it already loads a lot of the posts you’ll see in your feed before you start scrolling.

So whether you check them or not, IG has already sued your data to load them. So if you don’t like, comment, or actively use the app, you can just put your device in airplane mode.

Airplane mode means no connection between your app and the internet, so anything you do when it is on is temporary till you turn it off. Instead of changing your scrolling position or turning off the ability to like, you can use airplane mode.

Once you are done scrolling through the feeds, you can switch it off and allow new posts to load or like those few posts that appealed to you while you were offline.

4. Use Another Account That No One Will Recognise If You Do Accidentally Like Something

Not everyone likes limiting their activities on a social app. So if you would still prefer to make these mistakes and take no precaution or make any changes to your settings, you can choose this option.

It’s ideal for anyone who likes the experience they have ok the apo and would love to keep it that way without jeopardizing their identity. You can open another account without your name or being linked to your main account.

The main goal of this account will be to access IG posts and videos, like anyone you want, and make any mistake possible without worrying about what other people would think.

For instance, this is a viable option if your friends are against a particular account or celebrity on Instagram and you seem to share a different opinion. You’ll get to keep your opinion valid and like their videos or even comment without your friends scowling when next they see you.

5. Use Instagram On Your Laptop

If you don’t already use a laptop, you might want to opt for one. Accessing Instagram with a computer has several benefits. Aside from the more straightforward navigation and the bigger screen size, you also avoid unnecessarily liking videos.

This also works for avoiding double-tap likes because you will need to be intentional about double-tapping on a laptop before doing it. Although you can still double-tap, and like a video, if you want to, you just won’t be falling for the single tap like with your fingers.

Because your scrolling finger will linger around the mouse or trackpad instead of lying next to the like button every time you scroll.

Why Can’t I Double Tap on Instagram?

If you can’t double tap on Instagram, it’s likely due to Instagram being down. If that’s not the case, then it’s probably down to a glitch. To fix this, you’ll need to wait for the server issue with the app to blow over which can take a few hours. If that’s not the case, try updating the app or clearing the cache.

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