Why Do Some Snapchat Messages Not Disappear?

Some Messages on Snapchat Not Disappear

Snapchat allows you to send disappearing messages to your friends so that you both have a fun way to communicate. Both text and picture/video snaps will eventually disappear unless you saved them in the chat and this is what makes Snapchat truly unique.

As you may have noticed, some messages that you send to someone on Snapchat may not disappear despite your other messages eventually disappearing.

There are a lot of nuances with Snapchat that dictate when your messages disappear and when they don’t. You may have noticed that sometimes some messages take longer to disappear than others. One may disappear right after the 24 hours whilst other messages may stay there for days.

Do Snapchat Messages Disappear

Yes. Snapchat messages disappear under various circumstances. For example, you might have used Snapchat for some time and realized you are missing messages.

Although Snapchat allows users to send messages in videos, emoticons, and photos, there are times when the messages disappear. The reasons for this can vary greatly. It may seem strange for someone who does not know the reasons and lead to even more questions.

Why Do Some Snapchat Messages Disappear?


There are many reasons that Snapchat messages disappear. However, it is crucial to know that these are reasons that the users do not cause most. So, if you see the messages disappearing on your Snapchat, you are not the cause, most certainly.

When you have been having a smooth and interesting conversation on the platform, disappearing chats or messages can be frustrating, especially to someone new on the platform. Below you will find the reasons why messages are disappearing on your Snapchat.

1. Snapchat Automatically Deletes Messages When Opened

This is the most common and known reason for messages disappearing on Snapchat. Snapchat has a system that automatically deletes messages when all the parties open them.

What this means is that the protocol will detect once all the messages have been viewed and automatically delete them.

So, when you are using the platform, note that the messages you are sending will disappear soon enough. However, if you have some takeaway from the chats, such as someone’s number, take and save it before it is too late.

According to the default settings on Snapchat, all messages that have been opened will automatically.

All snaps that are unopened are also automatically deleted after 30days.

As for group chats and snaps. If left unopened, they are set to disappear or delete after exactly 24 hours.

2. They’re Set To Delete After Viewing

Yes, Snapchat has a system that deletes messages once they are viewed. However, users have the option of changing this setting. As a result, if you get to your Snapchat and realize the messages you had have been deleted, then there are chances you have the settings set to delete after viewing.

You can change this setting and increase how long the messages will stay on the platform before deleting them.

3. They’re Not Save

Remember, by default Snapchat will delete messages after viewing. However, they provide you with an option to save those messages. So, if they are saved, they will not automatically disappear.

What if you have not saved it? Then they will be deleted within a short time.

So, the next time you open your Snapchat and realize that the messages are gone, know that you did not save them. To preserve those crucial messages on your Snapchat, save them while viewing or after viewing, just before exiting the chat screen.

4. There’s a Bug

A bug is an error in the functioning of software or a system. When there is a bug, certain actions are affected. For example, when there is a bug in Snapchat, it is possible for your saved messages to disappear. It is also possible for messages to delete even when you have set the delete period long.

When you notice this, then you know it is due to a bug.

You can report the bug to Snapchat by following these steps.

1. Visit your Snapchat profile on “My Profile.”

2. Click on the gear icon to open the settings.

3. Scroll down to “I Spotted a Bug” and tap here to report the bug.

4. You will get a field to type and explain the bug. You can also attach a file, if any.

5. Then choose a topic from the list. Finally, tap “Submit” to finish your report.

5. Snapchat is Down

When Snapchat is down, it means that the system is having problems. In most cases, when an app is down, several functions do not work, or the entire app may not be working. During such situations, it is possible for the messages to be lost.

This means even saved messages or those whose owners had set a long expiration period can be lost. This is a situation you cannot influence or control in any way.

You cannot control how and when the app goes down. At the same time, you cannot control the outcome of such an event. However, this is not likely to happen.

6. They’ve Deleted It

There are cases where someone will send messages and delete them. In such cases, you will not be able to see these messages.

Why Do Some Messages on Snapchat Not Disappear?

There are several reasons why some Snapchat messages will disappear whilst others won’t longer than the disappearing period.

This is all based on your and that specific person that you’re speaking to so if you’re wondering why messages take longer to disappear for this person, then it’s probably something to do with your settings.

1. Messages Aren’t Set To Delete 24 Hours After Viewing

There’s a setting that can be changed between you and the person you’re speaking to that allows you to change when the messages you’re sending to each other get deleted.

By default, messages are set to delete right after viewing – this means that as soon as they send you a message and you view it, it’ll disappear straight away.

If you’ve noticed that some messages with your friends disappear right away whereas messages with this person stay there, it’s probably because your settings are different.

If you want messages to delete right away after they’ve been viewed, then you need to hold the conversation > more > make sure it’s set to delete after viewing. If you want it to stay there for longer, set it to delete 24 hours after viewing.

2. They Haven’t Opened Your Message

One thing that might trip you up here is you sending them a message and when you opened the chat days after you realize that the message is still there and it’s not disappeared.

If your chats are set to delete 24 hours after viewing, you need to be aware that they will only disappear 24 hours after the person has viewed them. So if you’ve sent them a message and it’s taken them 2 days to open, only once they open it will it take 24 hours to disappear.

3. They’ve Saved The Message

Sometimes the chat may have not disappeared because the other person saved it. When someone saves a chat, it means that the chat will remain there until you or the recipient deletes it. You’ll know when a chat has either been saved by you or the recipient because it’ll be grey.

4. A Bug

You may notice that even after viewing, some chats still remain there although they’ve exceeded the 24 hours that they’re set to delete after.

The only thing to put this down to is a bug on Snapchats end that’s allowing you to see messages that either you or the recipient have sent one day after they were opened. There’s no real explanation for why they’d still be there so the best thing to put it down to is Snapchat faulting.

5. Chat Hasn’t Been Read

Another reason why your messages aren’t deleting 24 hours after they’re viewed is that the chat hasn’t been read. Only when the chat has been read by the recipient can it have a chance to disappear.

To check if a chat has been read, you can simply hold the chat to see if it says seen by the recipient’s name. If it hasn’t been seen, then that’s why the messages haven’t disappeared.

6. The Message Failed To Send

One last reason why you may still see a chat that you sent that hasn’t disappeared yet is that the message failed to send in the first place.

Messages usually fail to send when there isn’t enough internet to send the message – Snapchat will then notify you that the message has failed to send allowing you to resend it or delete it.

If your message didn’t send, then this is why you keep seeing it – if you want it to be seen, you need to resend it, only then will it disappear after it’s been viewed.

How to Stop Snapchat Messages Disappearing?

If your Snapchat messages have been disappearing, do not worry. Do not worry that you have to lose those interesting messages, snaps, and other juicy content from your favorite people, for there is a way to stop that.

Although Snapchat has made its default to make messages disappear, they have also provided room for you to change that. This includes messages that you get through the group chats. Below are some of the methods to stop Snapchat messages from disappearing.

1. Set Messages to Delete After 24 Hours

The first method is to set the messages to disappear after 24 hours. You have to do this because the Snapchat system makes them disappear as soon as they are viewed.

To do this:

1. Start by opening the app and put it on the Camera screen.

2. Swipe to the right to open the chat screen on your Snapchat.

3. Identify a friend’s name and tap to open more options.

4. On the friend’s name menu screen, tap on “More.”

5. Then click on “Delete Chats.”

You will be provided with options to choose from. For example, you will get “After Viewing and “24 Hours after viewing” Click on “24 Hours After Viewing” to set the messages to delete after 24 hours.

With this option, Snapchat gives you room to keep your snaps and messages for a longer time. This includes messages and snaps, even on group chats.

2. Save Them in Chat

If you want those great snaps to last longer than 24 hours on your chats, there is another method. All you have to do is to save the messages in your chat.

Here is how to do it:

1. Open the chats section and scroll to identify a person whose chats you would like to save.

2. You can save them while viewing or after viewing.

3. To save messages while viewing, press on the message and hold it. You can also swipe up. The message will be saved.

If you would like to save it after viewing it, here is what to do.

1. While on the chat screen, press the message and hold it in the chat. If you do this before exiting the chat screen, the message will be saved, and you can access it for a long.

3. Screenshot Them

If you have those amazing Snapchat messages and would like to keep them for long, you can screenshot them.

This is the easiest and quickest way to get the messages without lengthy processes. However, note that the sender will be notified that you have taken a screenshot.

Snapchat Message Disappeared Before Opening?

Yes, unread messages can disappear on Snapchat. This is yet another default setting from Snapchat that deletes messages that have not been read for a long time.

According to the default setting, when an unread snap stays in the system for more than 30 days and on a private chat, then the snap or message is deleted automatically. For group chats, any unread messages are deleted after 24 hours.

1. Glitch

A glitch is yet another cause for unread snaps deleting. This happens when the app has a technical problem that can delete messages even before you read them. If this happens, the unread messages may disappear before 30 days are over. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do in such cases.

2. Snapchat Down

When Snapchat is down, it is possible for your unread messages to disappear. This can be both group and private messages. In such cases, the entire Snapchat system is down, and there is nothing users can do about it.

Although usually, these messages should stay longer in the app, when Snapchat is down, there is so much that can happen. The message disappearing is one of those things and nothing the user will do. Since they are unread messages, you will also not have any idea of what they were about.

3. You Tried to Half Swipe the Message

Half swipe is another reason why your unread messages will disappear on Snapchat. Half swipe is a feature that allows users to view sent messages without fully opening them. Unfortunately, you may have done it knowingly or unknowingly in some cases.

You have to press the Snapchat Bitmoji in the chat window to do this. Then half swipe the message you would like to read while you are still holding the Bitmoji. Once done, release the Bitmoji. By doing this, you will have read the message, and Snapchat will automatically delete the message.

You can avoid this by opening the message. Setting a longer delete period, screenshot it, or save it.

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