Snapchat maps is a relatively new Snapchat feature that allows you to share your location and view the location of your friends. If you or your friends have set up their Bitmoji, you will find their little Bitmoji on the map over their location. Depending on when they were last active on Snap, you will see the last location they were recorded in.

If your friends are sleeping, or they haven’t opened Snapchat for hours and it’s night time, then you will see small Z’s appear near their Bitmoji. If someone is listening to music, then you will see music notes near their Bitmojis head. If you feel like this feature is invasive, or you don’t want certain people knowing where you are, then you can turn off your location. Or, you can choose who you want to view your location.

Snapchat knows your location by using your device’s GPS. GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that apps can use to know the location of your device. For Snapchat maps to know your location, you have to give it access to Location Services. Location Services is a tracking tool that provides Apple and other apps to gather and use information about the location of your Apple device.

What Happens to Snapchat Maps when your Phone is Off

If you’ve been out and about and your phone has turned off, chances are that you are curious as to how this looks on Snap Maps. Snap Maps only displays your last known location before your phone turns off. If your location has changed since you haven’t been on the Snapchat app, this won’t be shown on Snap Maps – only the last location you were in will be shown to your friends.

However, Snapchat knows that this can happen, and it knows that some people don’t visit the app for hours, therefore, there’s a chance that the location they’re currently showing to your friends is incorrect. To stop this, Snapchat stops showing your location to others on the map 8 hours of your phone dying or you not visiting the app. If you’ve been asleep for over eight hours, then your last location will no longer display.

Note: Your phone turning Off is the same as you not visiting Snapchat for hours. Snap Maps won’t be able to know and display your location until you’re on the Snapchat app. Your last known location will be shown to your friends.