Snapchat Maps is a map on Snapchat that you can use to share your location with your friends and view the location of other people. If you and your friends have set up your Bitmoji, then you will be able to view their Bitmoji on the maps above their location.

When your friends have fallen asleep, meaning that they haven’t been on Snap for a while during the night, then you will see little Z’s appear on the top of their head. If someone is listening to music, then you will see music notes near the top of their head. If you don’t like how invasive this feature is, then you can turn off Snap Maps so that your location isn’t visible to your friends – you can also choose certain people that you want to know your locations.

Snap Maps Disappearing

Snapchat maps display people’s last known location. Snapchat only shows someone’s new location when they visit Snapchat. If someone doesn’t visit Snapchat for a while, Snapchat will still only be able to show their last location bearing in mind that they could be in a completely different location now.

You can see someone’s location in two ways. One is by holding down on their name or conversation and viewing their profile. Below, you’ll be able to see their location on the Snap Map if it’s turned on. The other way you can see it is by visiting the Snap Maps and searching for your friend’s name to look for their location.

If you’re viewing a friend’s profile to check their location on Snap Maps, and their location disappears, you can no longer see their location. Or you may be on the Snap Maps and their location is no longer there. If someone’s location has disappeared, it’s either because they haven’t visited Snapchat for over 8 hours, or they’ve turned on Ghost mode to hide their location.

If someone hasn’t replied to you in a long time, then it’s probably because they haven’t visited Snapchat for over 8 hours so their location will be hidden automatically. This is because Snapchat doesn’t want to show people the wrong location – Snapchat only shows people your last location so if you haven’t been on the app in over 8 hours, chances are that you’re busy and in a different location.

If someone is replying to you and their location on the maps has disappeared, then chances are that they’ve turned on Ghost mode to hide their location or they haven’t chosen you to view their location (they may have made a custom list).