What Does 5k Subscribers Mean on Snapchat

5k Subscribers on Snapchat

Snapchat users can add friends and followers who can see their stories, much like other social media applications like Facebook and Instagram. Some users will have some extra information about their profile displayed that reads <5k Subscribers. This has left some Snapchat users confused as to what it means and how they can get the <5k subscribers label on Snapchat.

This guide will break down what <5k subscribers means on Snapchat and also some ways that you can earn this label for your own Snapchat profile.

What Does <5k Subscribers on Snapchat Mean?

When you see <5k subscribers on someone’s profile on Snapchat, it means that they have a public Snapchat profile and they have less than 5k subscribers.

Only people who have turned their normal accounts into public profiles have a profile that’ll show a subscriber count and most people will have less than <5k subscribers. If they have more, then it’ll say how many.

Why Do Some Accounts Have A Subscriber Count on Snapchat?

You may notice some accounts that display a subscriber count while your profile seems to be missing the label. There are a few criteria that a Snapchat profile must meet before its subscriber count will be displayed.

The first condition that the profile you are viewing with a subscriber count will have to meet is that some number of users have subscribed to their profile. This is different from the standard adding as a friend on Snapchat feature, as you do not have to be currently befriended by a user to subscribe to their profile.

Users must have their profile set to public to be able to have subscribers. When the subscriber number reaches a certain threshold, like over five thousand, for example, a new label will de be displayed on the user’s profile. This new label, <5k Subscribers, acts to let people viewing the profile know how many subscribers the user currently has.

This feature’s main function is bragging rights, as it can be satisfying to see your subscriber count grow, indicating the popularity of your profile with other users. It can also be a great way to check your engagement with your audience if you use Snapchat for content creation and not just for fun.

The reason that your profile doesn’t have the <5k subscribers label is that you have not met some or all of the criteria required for it to appear. Ways to solve these issues and also encourage subscriber growth will be discussed in detail later in this guide.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Be A Subscription On Snapchat

You do not have to meet any type of subscription limit to have a profile that other users can subscribe to. As long as your profile is public, you will be able to have subscribers. You only need to meet a certain limit of subscribers if you are trying to unlock the Subscriber Count tag on your profile for other users to see.

If you currently have your Snapchat profile set to private, you will not be able to have any subscribers until you set it to public.

How To Get The Subscriber Count on Snapchat

To get the subscriber count on Snapchat you must meet certain conditions that will allow it to appear on your profile. The first condition that you must meet is having your profile set to public.

Private profiles cannot be subscribed to, causing you to be blocked off from accessing the subscriber count. A public profile can encourage more subscribers as it is not dependent on friend status to subscribe on Snapchat.

After you have ensured that your profile is public, the next step is to accrue at least five thousand subscribers. This can be difficult but is required to meet the threshold for the subscriber count label to appear for you.

If you meet these criteria, the option to make your subscriber count visible will be available in your profile settings. If you are having trouble getting the five thousand subscribers, this guide will discuss in detail some proven ways to increase your Snapchat subscriber count legitimately.

How To See How Many Subscribers You Have On Snapchat

If you are trying to reach five thousand followers to unlock the subscriber count for your profile, it’s important to be able to keep up with the number of subscribers that you currently have. You have several different options to do this. The ways that you can access your Snapchat subscriber count are listed below:

1. View Your Public Profile And Check Your Subscriber Count

The easiest what to view your subscriber information is to view your profile and check your subscriber count there. To do this, you simply tap your Bitmoji or the Story icon at the top of the Snapchat homepage. This will take you to your profile settings where you can edit and manage different elements of your profile.

In the profile settings menu, you will find the option to “Show Subscriber Count” if you have met the criteria mentioned above. If you have not, this option will not be available. Under this option, it will display your current subscribers to you.

If you do not currently have five thousand or more subscribers, then one of the methods below will likely be a better option for you.

2. Count How Many People Have Added You

If you have just recently started building up a subscriber following, then counting your subscriptions one might one is a viable option for a while. Simply keep track manually of how many subscribers you have and you will always have an accurate count.

This could get tedious as you get closer to five thousand and get access to the subscriber count but it could be a good option until then to get a good estimate of how close you are to hitting that number.

You can always go back and check the last number of subscribers that you have recorded and update it when you are notified of any new subscribers.

3. Post A Story And Check The Viewers in the Other Snapchatters Section

The “Other Snapchatters” label refers to users of the application that have viewed your story and possibly subscribed but do not currently follow you. Following someone on Snapchat is more akin to adding a friend on Facebook. Simply subscribing to someone’s Snapchat profile doesn’t require a follow.

Snapchat provides users with information regarding people who view their stories but are not currently following them. You can use this information to help determine your overall subscriber count. Simply count up the “Other Snapchatters” that have appeared to have viewed your story.

While this will not account for all your subscribers, it can help give you a good idea of how many people could be subscribed to you that do not currently follow you. Subscribers will be automatically notified of any story that you post and it will appear in their story feed.

How To Get More Subscribers On Snapchat

If you have made a public profile and are having trouble reaching five thousand subscribers, the tips below can help you reach the threshold for having your subscriber count visible on your profile.

Five thousand can seem like a lot, especially if you are just starting on the app. Luckily, there are some proven methods that you can follow to significantly increase your subscriber count in a short amount of time.

The most popular ways to increase your subscriber count on Snapchat are listed below:

1. Post A Story Asking People to Share Your Username on Their Story

One of the best ways to get your profile out there and seen by more users is to do some networking with other people on the app. Posting a story requesting other users to share your profile and username can help drive visibility and overall subscription count.

Using this method, you can utilize a network of already established Snapchat users, some of whom might have several thousand followers, and guarantee yourself some valuable exposure.

While you cannot guarantee that anyone will respond to your request, generally you can expect at least a few people to agree to help advertise your profile.

Consider reaching out to profiles that you know have a large following to ensure that you are getting the most potential publicity for your profile as possible.

2. Create Engaging Content Consistently

Once you have acquired some buzz around your profile, you will need to ensure that you are creating content that is engaging and relevant to the users that you wish to attract to your profile.

Oftentimes, getting views on your profile is the easy part. It can be a far more difficult task to create content that earns a subscription from another user.

Since the internet is such a rich place for content creation and discovery, if you do not make content that stands out among the crowd you risk being overlooked or dismissed. Because of this, it is imperative that you consistently release quality content for your subscribers that make their subscription to your profile worth it.

3. Post Your Snapchat Username On Your Instagram Story

One of the best ways that you can get your Snapchat profile name out there and generate views is to advertise your Snapchat name on your Instagram story, or other social media account. You will often see people’s Snapchat usernames in their Instagram or Facebook bios.

Using another application that you might currently be more established on can help you generate views on your profile faster. Some of your Instagram followers might be unaware of your presence on Snapchat.

Posting a story with your username will alert all your friends on Instagram that you are currently active on Snapchat and looking for subscribers.

4. Always Be Consistent

No one likes to subscribe to a profile for content only to be met with long periods of inactivity. If you have decided to dedicate your time to building up a large Snapchat following, then you must remain as consistent as possible.

This consistency can lead to an overall larger subscription count as well as more long-term subscribers.

The same also applies to the type of content that you are providing for your subscribers. If your content is not of consistent quality, this can lead to a loss of subscribers or be dismissed by potential subscribers who have come across your Snapchat profile.

That being said, Snapchat is not a job, but some special care must be taken to foster a large Snapchat following in the beginning and maintain them after you have gained their subscription.

5. Post More Frequently

You should post as frequently as you can when building up a large Snapchat subscriber base. The more content that you provide for other users, the more likely they are to subscribe to you.

This ties in with the consistency tip above, which will help keep your subscribers engaged and draw in new subscribers who are impressed by the amount of content your profile has to offer.

That being said, the posts that you make should still be high-quality and aimed to impress your potential subscribers and entice your current subscribers to remain actively subscribed to your profile.

6. Post At The Right Time

Posting at the right time can maximize the number of potential views that your profile gets. Deciding the right time for you will involve studying your Snapchat activity and the activity of the userbase that you wish to have subscribed to your profile.

Pay attention to what times your friend’s list is most active. Also, consider the time zone of the area where the subscribers you wish to reach reside. Using this information you can determine when the best time to make your Snapchat post.

Ideally, the best time is when your post has the potential to reach the largest amount of people possible. This is typically around 7 pm, depending on the time zone that you wish to reach with your profile.

7. Use Snapchat Ads to Reach More Audiences

Snapchat has paid ad features that will advertise your profile to other users. Using Snapchat Ads, you can have Snapchat automatically suggest your profile to other users of the application, which will heavily drive visibility towards your profile, increasing potential subscribers.

The price of your ad will be determined by the duration and amount of people you would like to reach.

8. Run Giveaways

Running public giveaways is one of the most popular ways to drive up profile visibility and subscriber count. Users will be enticed to view and subscribe to your profile to be able to participate in the giveaways that your run.

Running periodic giveaways is a great way to keep current subscribers as well as generate new ones. You do not have to give away anything expensive, sometimes just the fun of a giveaway is enough to generate more subscribers.

9. Make Viral And Shareable Content

You should aim to create content that will go viral and be shared with many other users of the Snapchat application.

While you do not have to aim for the heights of some of the most popular viral videos on the web, it is not uncommon for a good Snapchat story to be viewed by several thousand people and shared by several thousand more.

You should take the time to plan out content that is relatable and relevant to your audience in the hopes that they share your video with their friends.

10. Make Sure Your Content Is Funny

Comedy-type videos are the most popular content that is consumed on social media applications. This is especially prevalent in applications like TikTok, which seems to have a strong focus on funny videos for the user to enjoy.

That being said, users are much more likely to subscribe and share content from a profile that is consistently creating content that makes them laugh. If you can craft funny videos, there is a high likelihood that your videos could go viral and wind up being shared with thousands of people around the world.

This would ensure that your subscriber count goes way up, very rapidly. That is not to say that other types of content cannot go viral and bring your profile views, but generally, it is easier to produce funny videos.

Final Thoughts

This guide has broken down all of the information that you need to unlock the subscriber count for your Snapchat profile. Your Snapchat subscriber count will only be visible once you have passed a certain threshold of total subscribers.

If you are stuck trying to reach five thousand subscribers so you can unlock the subscriber count feature, this guide has provided detailed methods that have been proven to increase subscriber numbers on Snapchat quickly and easily.

There is no limit on the amount of Snapchat subscribers you can have, so use the tips to build up as many as you can by providing engaging content to entice people to your profile.

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