How to Tell If Someone Blocked Your Number Without Texting/Calling Them


Do you suspect that someone has blocked you? Usually, the best way to check if someone has blocked your number is by calling them numerous amount of times and checking if the call rings once then goes to voicemail. If you do this for a week straight and it always goes to voicemail, they have blocked you.

Although there is a possibility that their phone may be on DND or it’s turned off, doing this continuously for a month reduces the chances of this and fully maximizes the chance that they’ve blocked you.

When calling from a blocked number, the caller will hear one ring, but the other phone remains silent. The caller is then informed that the recipient isn’t available and is diverted to voicemail. If that service is set up by the person you’re calling, you can leave a message even if someone has blocked you but it won’t be delivered if they have blocked you.

However, the problem arises when you don’t want to call them to check if your number has been blocked. This may be an ex, or someone that it would be weird to call, so rather than calling them and it being embarrassing that you’ve just called them and you’re not blocked, it’s better to find out that they’ve blocked your number through other means.

Knowing if someone has blocked your number is all guesswork and there’s no way to actually truly know if you’ve been blocked. So calling someone is not the only way that you’ll know if someone has blocked you so it’s best if you find out through other means because if you guys were close, they probably still have your number and it’s best if you don’t call them because they’ll know you’re still trying to contact them.

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number Without Calling

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure if someone has blocked your number without you calling them. There’s nothing that you receive when you’re blocked, you’re not notified by notifications, text messages, an error when you call them, it’s purely all guesswork. Even calling them to see how many times it rings before it goes to voicemail doesn’t certify whether you’ve been blocked or not, it just gives you the confidence that you’ve been blocked.

It’s conceivable that you’ve been banned if your text messages and phone calls are not getting through to the intended recipient. Even if you do not ask the person if you have been blocked or not, you might try the following way to check if they appear on your phone as a suggested contact. If they do, this indicates that you have not been blocked, and you need not be concerned. 

1. Message Them On WhatsApp And Ask

Because blocking someone’s number doesn’t actually block it, it just stops the recipient from being notified about your calls. If you want to know if you’ve been blocked for sure without calling someone, you can message them on WhatsApp because your number wouldn’t have been blocked there. You can simply ask them, did you block me? If they also have you on other social media platforms then it makes it less weird that you’re asking them if they’ve blocked your number.

Keep this from becoming more complicated than it already is. Find ways to contact the person and inquire why they blocked you. If you did not engage in a fight, they might offer you a justification for doing so. If anything had happened lately, or if you had done something terrible and assumed they would never find out, you would understand why you were blocked from contacting them. Inquire why you are blocked and do not overthink the situation; reaching out will solve the issue and give you the closure you need. When asking why you were blocked, do not be defensive if you did something that hurt their feelings.

2. Message Them on iMessage

Looking at message information is not as reliable of an indicator as using test calls, however, some information displayed underneath iMessage can be helpful in determining if someone has blocked you on your iPhone.

Here’s how you can check if you’ve been blocked:

1. Open up iMessage

2. Open the conversation with the suspected blocker

3. Check underneath the last message you sent

4. Check for a read receipt below the last message

Many users have read receipts turned on, so if you no longer see ‘Read at’ underneath your sent messages, you might have been blocked or the person may have turned off Read Receipts. If you didn’t see a read receipt under the last message, check for a deliverer receipt under the last message.

If you used to see ‘Delivered’ when messages were sent, and you no longer do, you might have been blocked. The delivered receipt is known to show inconsistently so this method may not always be reliable.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked Your Number Without Texting Them

1. Call Them On No Caller ID

Another way that you can find out if you’ve been blocked is by calling them on no caller id or an unknown number – even calling them with a friend’s number to see if the call goes through will let you know if they blocked your number or not. This will only let you know that you’ve been blocked if you’ve called them in the past and it never went through but if you haven’t, doing this won’t let you know much. You’re better off just asking them straight up if they have blocked you.

Even if you don’t have WhatsApp, you can email them if you’re in a professional setting asking them if they’ve blocked your number.

2. Check If Their Number Is Being Suggested

There an autofill trick that you can use when trying to check if someone has blocked your number on your Android. This may not always be accurate but depending on your Android, it could actually lead you to find out if someone blocked your number.

1. Open the Contacts app on your phone.

2. Tap on the number that you think has blocked you.

3. Click on three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

4. Select Delete to remove the number.

5. Open the Contacts app again.

6. Tap on your phone’s search bar.

7. Type the name of that person.

8. If you can see the name of the person’s number that you deleted being suggested, then there’s a chance that that person hasn’t blocked you. If you can’t see the number being suggested, then there’s a high chance that they’ve blocked your number. To make sure that this is foolproof, then you should test it out with your other contacts.

3. Mask Your Number

If you are skeptical about whether they have blocked you, try calling the blocker while concealing your phone number. If you want to make an anonymous phone call on your iPhone, dial *67 before the ten-digit number and then press the call button. Then, while making phone calls, flip off the button next to “Show My Caller ID” to prevent your number from being displayed. Depending on your carrier, you may or may not be able to use this feature. As a result, you’d have to dial *67 every time you wanted to conceal your phone number.

If the phone rings twice or more, you may be sure that you have been blocked. The blocker may not pick up the call since “No Caller ID” will be shown on the receiving device. After all, most individuals no longer answer anonymous phone calls.

4. Ask A Friend To Call Them

You might ask a buddy to contact or phone the person you believe has blocked you if you think they have. Furthermore, if your friend’s messages or phone call is received, it is clear that you have been banned. If you don’t want to ask anybody, you can do it on your own by dialing a different phone number instead.

How To Get Around The Block

Borrowing a phone from someone else and dialing the number of the person who has banned your number is the quickest and most convenient method of contacting them. Because the new phone number from which you are calling has not been blocked, the person on the other end will be able to hear you and is more likely to answer the phone when you call. If you don’t want to use a friend’s phone, you can try the following:

Ask Them to Unblock You

If you know them in person, you might approach them and gently inquire as to why they choose to block you. If that is the case, you may explain to them that they have the choice of not seeing your postings on their feed without banning you entirely. It is possible, though, that they will refuse to unblock you if they are angry with you or believe you have insulted them.

Some individuals conclude that you are not someone they want to associate with for whatever reason. If that’s the case, show grace and leave them alone. If they are willing to have a conversation with you and looking forward to fixing the relationship, humble yourself and ask for forgiveness. It can take a while for you to warm up to each other and go back to how it used to be.

Calling Them Using Social Media Apps

If you have been blocked and your texts don’t deliver, you can always call the person using social media. You can utilize many social media platforms to contact the person that blocked you. Some social media platforms even have the option to make video calls.

Leaving A Voicemail

Speaking with someone who has blocked you on all social media platforms might be challenging. Especially when you cannot meet with them, and the only thing you can do is attempt to contact them in the most stalkerish manner imaginable. You may have been blocked by someone and wonder whether there’s a method for you to send them a voicemail because your calls aren’t getting through.

It is possible to record input and transmit it as a voicemail to someone on your contact list using a voicemail system (also known as a voicemail recorder). As a result, others can listen to what you have to say without engaging in a dialogue with you, leading to confrontation if you are not allowed to speak. You may still leave a voicemail message for someone who has blocked your phone number since all blocking does is make the person unreachable, and when someone is inaccessible, the call does not terminate.

Call On No Caller ID

By altering the settings on your smartphone, you may prevent your phone number from being called and your caller ID from being shown for every call you make. On both Android and iOS smartphones, you have the option of hiding your caller ID, causing you to appear as No Caller ID, Private, or Blocked to anybody who contacts you.

If you need to unblock your phone number after making these changes temporarily, enter *82 before the number you wish to call before dialing the number. It overrides your current settings and displays your caller ID once more.

Unluckily, some cell phone service providers do not enable you to disable your caller ID from your mobile device. If you cannot locate the options listed below, proceed to the next step to learn how to block your phone number directly with your carrier.

Concluding Thoughts

Being blocked can happen to anyone, but it is something that you can get through. Try the above methods instead of bombarding the person who blocked you with calls and texts. Once you know you have been blocked, you can then decide if you want to reach out and find out why you are blocked or if you’re going to move on with life. Unfortunately, sometimes you may think that you have been blocked when you are not blocked. The person’s phone may be off, or they may not have any network coverage where they will be.

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