Phone Rings Once and Goes to Voicemail? Try This


There are times when you’re trying to reach someone and each time you call them, the call rings once then it goes straight to voicemail. Obviously, when someone isn’t answering their calls or their calls aren’t connecting, it can be concerning and it can lead you to conclude that there might be a problem. When your call rings once then goes to voicemail, there are so many things it could be put down to.

Why Your Call Is Ringing Once Then Going To Voicemail

The most common reason why your call rings once then goes to voicemail is that their phone is dead or turned off. Usually when a phone is turned off, and it’s hard for the phone to be reached, your call isn’t going to be able to go through which is why you’ll hear one ring then you’ll be put straight to voicemail.

Depending on their carrier, you may also hear something along the lines of ‘The mobile phone you are trying to calling has been switched off, Please Try again Later.’ Or ‘The person you are trying to reach is out of coverage, Please try again later.’ Or ‘The person you are trying to reach is Unavailable, Please try again later.’ All of these messages can indicate to you that the person you’re trying to reach phone is dead which is why your calls to them are going straight to voicemail.

They Have No Service

When your call rings once then goes to voicemail, this could also mean that they have no service. If a phone has no service, it can’t connect to its carrier therefore you’re not going to be able to reach them.

You’ve been Blocked

Another thing that it could mean when you call someone and it rings once then does to voicemail is that they’ve blocked your number. When someone has blocked your number, you wouldn’t be able to connect calls with them as the call always goes to the answering machine after ringing once.

Do Not Disturb

Another situation where you’ll hear your call ring once then go to voicemail is if they’ve put their phone on Do Not Disturb. But the only difference is that when you try to call them a second time, the call will go through. But the first time you try and call them, it won’t go through.

They Didn’t Pay Their Bill

If someone is using pay as you go and they’ve run out, any calls that go out to that number won’t go through so you might hear your calls to them ring once then go straight to voicemail. You need to make sure that you’re calling people who have minutes and credit. Usually carriers disconnect numbers for people who no longer have credit then once they do have credit, you can connect with them again.

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  1. My son and I call one another every day several times as he has mental health issues. It just happened 2 days ago that when I call his Android from my flip phone that I’ve had for a couple years, his phone rings once and goes to voicemail. My texts won’t go through but I can leave a message on his voicemail. Also, if I call him from my landline, the call goes through. The flip phone I have works because I call other people on it. I don’t understand what’s going on – it is weird!! Could he have by accident put his phone on Do No Disturb? But then if he did, why would the call from my landline go through???? He is baffled as well but isn’t very “techy” when it comes to phones. Are there any other possibilities? Maybe I should get a new phone?


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