How To Follow Everyone On Threads At Once

How To Follow Everyone On Threads At Once

When you first make your Threads account via Instagram, you’ll be prompted to follow everyone you already follow on instagram.

If you skipped the follow everyone button that you were shown when you first initially made your Threads account, you can still follow everyone.

You’ll also probably notice that everyone who’s new to threads automatically follows you so you know that there’s an option to follow everyone that you currently follow on Instagram which is why you’re on this article.

Can You Follow Everyone on Threads?

Yes, it’s possible to follow everyone on threads that you follow on Instagram. This means that you don’t have to manually search for people and there will already be content from people that you know.

Because the follow all button is so hard to find again, if you first saw it when you made your threads account but chose to ignore it, don’t think that you can’t follow everyone again.

How to Follow Everyone on Threads

To follow everyone you follow on threads, you can do this in the following section when you go to your profile.

To follow everyone on threads:

  1. Open the threads app
  2. Click on the profile icon in the bottom right corner
  3. Click on your followers next to your bio
  4. In the tabs at the top, select following. You’ll see a message at the top that says, ‘See others that you’re following on Instagram that you’re not following on threads yet. See All’.
  5. Click the follow all button at the bottom.

Now you’ll be following everyone that you follow on Instagram who has a threads account. Even if they don’t have a threads account yet, when they do make one, you’ll automatically be following them and they’ll see their in their notifications once they join. 

This will then lead to them following you back if they haven’t clicked the follow all prompt. They may have ignored it just like you and then went on later to click it which means you’ll get a follow back.

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