Snapchat is the most fun way to communicate with your friends, and it’s always had this reputation since its release. The original fire emoji on Snapchat allows you to indicate who you have a Snapchat streak with – you can also change the streak emoji to another emoji.

Snap streaks have always been a competition between friends and the more you have; it sorts of indicates how long you’ve had a good social relationship with that person. Having a long streak with a lot of people can also make your Snapchat score high – the more streaks you have, the higher your Snapchat score increases every day.

People may also look at you like a Snapchat nerd if you have a long streak with someone, so it can also be a bad thing.

When Did Snapchat Streaks Start?

Before I show you the longest Snapchat streaks, you’ll need to know when Snapchat streaks came out, so you know how high a streak can be.

Knowing the release date will help you indicate when someone is lying about how long their Snapchat streak is because you know the possibilities.

The Snapchat streaks feature came out on the 6th of April 2015 alongside with the other emoji features such as Snapchat best friends. However, it’s reported that people had up to a 12-day streak on the day the feature was released, meaning that the feature was actually released 12 days before the announce date on the 6th.

This date means that the longest a Snapchat streak could be as at the time this article was updated, is 1,699 days.

Longest Snapchat Streak 2019

I’m going to show you a list of the longest Snapchat streaks after scouring the Internet, and people sending me screenshots of the streaks.

Gathering data from Twitter and screenshots via emails means that this list is going to be accurate because I’ll be posting evidence of the Snapchat streaks.

Since the release of the Snapchat Streak feature in April 2015, it’s been 1,699 days. As of now in 2019, the longest Snapchat streak recorded is 1501+ days.

longest snapchat streak

1. Patrick & Ryan, 1501+ days

longest snapchat streak2. Francesca & Rachel, 1401+ days

second longest streak

3. Josie & Em, 1350+ days

4. Jayden & Ashley, 1344+ days

second longest streak

5. Miriam & Alyssa, 1342+ days

6. Sarah & Patrick, 1341+ days

7. Daniel & Mayra, 1329+ days

8. Andrew & Amber, 1326+ days

9. Sean & Mike, 1314+ days

10. Kiele & Nicole, 1312+ days

If you have a streak that’s longer than the ones on this list, email me at [email protected] with a screenshot, and I’ll update the list with your Snapchat streak.

Proving a screenshot will keep the longest Snapchat streak list accurate and make sure that this list contains people who recorded the evidence of their Snapchat streak.

Rewards for Reaching 1000 Days Snapchat Streak

If you’ve ever reached a 100 days streak, you’ll know that you get a trophy unlocked in your cabinet and the 100-day fire emoji.

When you reach a streak of 1000 days, you’ll also get the 1000 days Snapchat streak trophy unlocked, and you’ll get the 1000-day fire emoji.

You’ll also get the Satisfaction of knowing that you’ve communicated with someone every day for just under 3 years.

Snapchat Streak Limit

There’s no cap to how high your Snapchat streak can go – the longer you send a snap every day back and forth to someone else, the longer your Snapchat streak is going to be.

As of now, the streak limit is 1,426 days because that’s how long the features been released for – as the days go on, this number is going to increase by one every day.

Bottom Line

The longest Snapchat streak as of today is 1407+ days.

There are higher streaks than the ones on this list, but there needs to be a record of them for them to be able to go on the rank.

If you have a streak that’s higher than 1307, comment down below and I’ll ask you for proof.

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