Highest Snapchat Score of 2023

Highest Snapchat Score

Having a high Snap score definitely means that you are doing a lot of sharing on Snapchat. While a high Snapchat score does not really mean anything and does not affect your experience on the app, some users find a high score to be a thing of pride, while others see it as an indicator of unhealthy use of Snapchat and social media in general.

Whatever your perception, there has been a bit of confusion around what Snapchat score or Snap score is, how it works, and how to get it up. Read on to have all your questions around Snapchat scores answered in detail.

What is a Good Snapchat Score

The truth is that there is no such thing as a good Snapchat score. Snapchat score does not measure your performance, ability, talent, social skills, acceptance, or anything significant for that matter.

It just shows how much you are sending and receiving Snaps, how much you are sharing stories on the app, how much of a Snapchat Streak you have, how much people watch your stories, and some other metrics that Snapchat have blatantly refused to divulge.

Contrary to common perceptions, it does not measure things like how many messages you exchange, how many friends you have, or how many stories from other users that you engage with.

So, a good Snapchat score pretty much depends on how you perceive it. If you are keen on having as much engagement on Snapchat as possible, then by all means, aim as high as possible. If you want to maintain a healthy usage of social media, then you may want to keep the Snap score as low as possible.

The truth is, it just does not matter. Some people’s scores run into tens of millions. Some are just a few hundred. Snapchat score accumulates over time and is affected by how long you have been on the app, as well as your activity levels on the app, as explained above.

There is no yardstick or reference point for measuring a good Snapchat score. It is just a question of how much engagement you want to have on the app.

When Did Snapchat Scores Come Out?

Snapchat score or Snap score is an accumulative metric. This means that at any point in time, your Snapchat score is the total of all the points you have received since you started using Snapchat on a particular account.

So, in order to appreciate the highest Snapchat scores, it would help to know when Snapchat score was introduced.

This would give you a very good idea of the level of consistency it takes over the years to achieve the high scores that users have on Snapchat today.

Snapchat scores was introduced in July 2011, not quite long after Snapchat itself was introduced. According to Snapchat, it is meant to be a fun way to get users to spend more time performing social actions on the app. So, at the time of writing this article, Snap score is over 11 years old.

However, unlike apps like Duolingo that use the compulsory metric of completing a course each day, Snap score is extremely subjective to how active a user decides to be on the app. It is not about meeting targets or measuring performance.

So, a user may have a Snapchat account that is as old as Snapchat but has a Snap score of just a few thousand because they simply use the app to exchange messages and view other people’s stories and hardly anything else.

How Do Snapchat Scores Work?

Before going into the known ways in which Snapchat scores work, we need to first state that there is not a lot of transparency from Snapchat as to how the scores work. However, we have done extensive research on the subject, and we can tell you these for certain:

Snapchat scores are points that you earn from things like sending Snaps, receiving Snaps, posting stories, and maintaining Streaks. There are other criteria for awarding Snapchat score points, but these are not known to the public.

1. When you send a Snap, you receive a point. Same for when you receive a snap.

When you send a Snap in a group, you receive a point for each person in the group, and an extra point for sending the Snap in the first place.

However, if you send the same snap to different individuals and not in a group, you do not earn extra points for those

2. When you post a story, you earn a point. If you view a story, you do not earn any points. It also appears that the more people view your story, the more points you earn.

3. If you have not been active on Snapchat for an extended period, the first Snap you send or Story you post when you return will earn you an extra 5 points to make a total of 6.

4. Users have learned a hack of adding celebrities to their Snapchat and sending Snaps to them.

They know that these Snaps are unlikely to be opened, but at least it earns them points. So, be wary of people with absurdly high points

5. You cannot buy a point. Therefore, you cannot buy Snapchat scores on Snapchat. However, and rather, unfortunately, there are third-party services that seem to offer Snap score boosting.

Many Snapchatters use them to have their Snap scores increased by up to 1 million…another reason why you should not take Snapchat scores too seriously.

6. High Snapchat Scores do not earn you any rewards from Snapchat. You do not get any badges. You cannot cash out on the score, no matter how high it is.

You cannot convert it to any digital currency. Your Snapchat score is purely decorative and earns you recognition as an ardent Snapchatter. Nothing more.

7. You do not lose a Snapchat score. If you are away from Snapchat for any length of time, your score remains the same.

8. You cannot transfer your score from one Snapchat account to another. You cannot gift another user some of your Snapchat score. A score is strictly tied to one account and only measures activities on the account. No more, no less.

Bottom line?

Send more Snaps, receive more Snaps, maintain a healthy Streak, post more stories and hope that as many people as possible view them, watch videos on Discover, and spend an incredible amount of time on Snapchat to gain high Snapchat scores.

Who Has The Highest Score on Snapchat 2022?

By all accounts from our research, the highest Snapchat score belongs to a user name Dion-19, who has a snap score of over 237 million. There is no way to tell how long someone has been on Snapchat, so we cannot state whether this score is organic or whether it was spammed.

Also, there is no way to calculate the possible number of scores a user can get in a day. This also makes it impossible to determine the authenticity of these high Snapchat scores. This is yet another reason why you should not bother too much about high scores on Snapchat.

Another thing you need to bear in mind is that you do not lose scores. So, do not put too much pressure on yourself to use Snapchat all the time.

Highest Snapchat Score 2022

For the list of the highest Snapchat scores in 2022, we have collected data from different sources and have confirmed every entry on the list to be true.

However, we need to state that this list is not definitive because there is no Snapchat database for highest Snapchat scores. For all we know, there may be users with higher scores than the ones available in the public space. But we can only work with what we have access to, so here goes.

1. Dion-19, 237+ million

This figure is almost certain to be higher by the time you read this article

2. Jaideep Gurjar, 51+ million

3. Cris_thisguy, 50+ million

4. Ciqlo, 27+ million

5. Daydrunks, 20+ million

6. Jade_rush1, 10+ million

We have stopped at 6 because these are the ones that we could verify. Also, these figures change exponentially, so a user with 10 million today can jump to 20 in a week. Again, it is not clear how these users accumulate the scores, but there you go.

Tip: If you’re wondering what the longest Snapchat steak is, we comprised a list of this. You can also submit your Snapchat streaks if you think you have the highest.

Highest Snapchat Score Guinness World Record

If you read the criteria for entry into Guinness World Record, you will find that the very first criteria are that the record must be plainly and universally measurable, standardizable, and stable.

This means that it has to be clear how it is measured, every participant has a level playing ground, and it cannot be broken by uncontrollable circumstances. Snapchat score does not meet any of these criteria, so it has no chance of being in the Guinness World Records.

So, at the time of writing this article, there is no such thing as the highest Snapchat score on Guinness World Record. And if Snapchat’s score remains in its current model, there will never be any such record.

Is It Possible To Know The Highest Snapchat Score

The genuine answer to this question is No. Here’s why. Snapchat is the only entity that can definitively reveal who has the highest Snapchat score. There is no public database that records Snapchat scores. Snapchat is more than a bit hush-hush about Snapchat scores, too.

So, unless Snapchat publicly reveals who has the highest Snapchat score, we can only surmise from posts by Snapchat users. The only thing that you can make sure of is the genuineness of the Snapchat scores that are posted in public spaces.

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  1. Hi, my name is Noah R. I think my snapchat score should be #6 because mine is above 13 million. If you need proof, I can provide that.

  2. Hey, my name is Karl. My snapscore is 13.6 million, I think I should be on the list too! Let me know if you want proof.

  3. Hey, my name is Minex. My snapscore is 17.7 million, I think my snapscore should be on the list. I can provide proof if you need it.

  4. Hey my name is Minex. My snapscore is 17.7 million, I think my snapscore should be on the list. I can provide proof if you need it.


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