Does Tinder Notify Screenshots?


Tinder, the giant that it is in the world of online dating, is a great place to hook up for a night or two or, if you’re lucky and find the right person, for a lifelong relationship. When two people accept one another–swiping right to match and having the option to chat–conversation can get pretty heated, the good kind of “heat” that is. These exchanges are, best case scenario, intended to be private.

But what if someone snaps a screenshot of your conversation? What are the repercussions, if any? The answer may surprise you, considering what individuals can do with a few exchanges of words in a conversation that went nowhere.

Does Tinder Notify Screenshots?

The answer to that question? The opposite of “Yes.” Tinder, in no way, lets the other user know that you took pictures of the conversation. You can have a screenshot spree and not a single time will Tinder pull them aside and give them the scoop on what you’ve been doing.

Perhaps in the future this will change, after all, just take a look at Snapchat; it’s a great feature, considering the kind of NSFW pictures that have been known to get traded between consenting adults, and it’s sorely needed in that content.

While Tinder may not have the same picture-to-Tinder sharing that Snapchat or Facebook has, that doesn’t mean your conversation can’t be used against you. Your profile picture can still be seen in the conversation, easily linking you to an embarrassing conversation you may have had.

Anyone on Tinder can take a screenshot of any profile, chat, or photo posted by you, and you will not be notified of it. It isn’t difficult to find someone on Tinder, view their profile, and then use your phone’s screenshot shortcut to take a photo. There are plenty of ways to take screenshots and if you want to know how to, read on. If you just came here to find out if Tinder notifies you of screenshots, then you should have your answer by now.

How About Screenshots of Profiles?

Nope, not even one. The same answer applies to this question as well. If someone sees you pop up as a possible match, and they feel like snapping screenshots of your profile, they are welcome to do so and Tinder won’t send a single notification to you, nor will they get a notification if you’re taking the screenshots.

Again, something Tinder should probably consider implementing and may add to their platform in the future. With that being said, as humiliating as it can be for someone to leak a steamy conversation you had with someone, it could be worse if Tinder actually allowed pictures on their platform (you can send links, but uploading pictures isn’t native to Tinder).

Tinder Screenshot Notification

If you screenshot someone’s profile on tinder they won’t be notified of the screenshot. Taking a screenshot of someone’s message or bio or picture doesn’t show them a notification. Unlike apps like Snapchat and Instagram, they can be notified when yous screenshot a story, chat, or picture sent.

If someone screenshots your profile or messages, then there’s no notification to show you that they’ve done so. You’ll be completely oblivious when someone takes a screenshot of your profile.

Can You Screenshot Tinder?

Tinder allows you to screenshot people’s profiles and chats without others knowing so there’s no risk associated with doing it. There is no Tinder screenshot notification that people can check whenever someone took a screenshot of their profile. If you want to screenshot a Tinder profile so you have access to it forever, Tinder allows you to do this. Once you’ve screenshotted, the persons you captured won’t know you have access to it forever.

How to Screenshot Tinder

If you want to screen Tinder, then there a few ways that you can go about it. You can use the shortcut keys to take screenshots on your phone. On most Android smartphones, a screenshot can be taken by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons together. Some phones also have the option to take screenshots via a certain gesture. On your iPhone, if you have a device before iPhone 8, you can press the home + power button together. Once you’ve screenshotted tinder, you’ll have a permanent screenshot saved in your gallery or camera roll for you to view.

Take a Picture Using Another Phone

Let’s say you really like a specific Tinder profile or a picture that someone has uploaded on there and you want to save it forever. Why not take a picture of the profile instead of taking a screenshot. If you’re worried if the person will be notified of the screenshot, although this isn’t possible, you wouldn’t have to deal with the anxiety of ‘what if Tinder shows screenshot notifications?’ While the profile does have the potential of disappearing, depending on if the user unmatches you or not, you still get to revisit a picture you wanted to keep.

Should You Take Screenshots?

Generally speaking, no. Just because Tinder doesn’t send screenshot notifications, there isn’t a reason to snap screenshots of a conversation or of someone’s profile. One day Tinder could change their Terms of Use or their Privacy Policy and then, all of a sudden, you’re banned or worse, the matches you get walk out because of your screenshots.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with asking permission. If you consider the scenario where two consenting adults are sending pictures to one another (you can’t upload pictures natively, but you can send links), and you ask to take a screenshot and they’re cool with it, go for it.

Imagine it like being at a stoplight. By default, it’ll always be red when you’re in a conversation with someone. In other words, don’t take a picture. If you get permission and they give you the go ahead, the stoplight turns green. Of course, you don’t want to abuse that power, so always get permission first. People are fickle and one day they tell it’s alright and another day they’ll tell you not to.

Bottom Line

As of right now, Tinder doesn’t hand out notifications when screenshots have been taken of a conversation or of someone’s profile pictures. Whether or not that’s because uploading pictures isn’t a native feature or they just don’t see it as a necessity, is up for debate.

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