If You Swipe Left on Bumble Are They Gone Forever?

Will Bumble Show You Someone Who Already Swiped Left?

What kind of Bumble user are you? The kind that contemplates their every match or do you perform a rapid-fire swiping, left and right? Either kind of user is going to ask the question at some point, does Bumble show you someone who you already swiped left on? And the answer is: yes, absolutely. But why?

Not only will you learn the ‘why,’ you’ll also learn how to look back on someone you’ve swiped left on, perhaps accidentally. Let’s dive right into the meat of it.

Will Bumble Show You Someone You Already Swiped Left On?

Yes, Bumble will sometimes still show you someone you’ve already swiped left on, just in case you’ve changed your mind or made a mistake by accidentally swiping left. This means that you, yourself, may see users that have already swiped left on you as well.

Bumble support states this feature is included in the app just in case they changed their mind or made a mistake.

If A Guy Swipes Left on Bumble, Will the Woman Not See His Profile?

If a guy swipes left on a woman Bumble, the woman will in fact still be able to see his profile, however they will not match.

If You Swipe Left on Bumble, Can They Still See Your Profile

Yes, of course! If you swipe left on somebody on Bumble, they can (and probably will) see your profile again. If they swipe right on you every time and never match; they’ll probably get the hint that you aren’t interested.

By now you probably get the gist; profiles will probably show up more than once after swiping left. However, there is a way to prevent others from seeing your profile after swiping left, using Incognito mode.

What is Incognito Mode on Bumble?

On Bumble, Incognito Mode is a feature that allows you to have more control over who can see your profile while swiping. If you activate Incognito mode, you’ll be able to swipe privately by initially hiding your profile from other users and then only appearing for those whom you have swiped right on!

This is, however, a bumble premium only feature, so if you don’t have a paid subscription already, you will need to do this.

Incognito mode is also unavailable on Bumble Web, and if Bumble Premium is not available in your region, the Incognito Mode feature cannot be used on the Bumble app either.

How to Know If Someone Swiped Left on Bumble

The Bumble app itself will not tell you who swiped left on you, so if you want to know, you’ll need to find out yourself.

1. When You Match, Ask Them If They First Swiped Left

If you end up matching with someone, you could ask if they first swiped left before swiping right the second time they saw you.

2. You Never Match

If you see matches located near you, they, most likely, will see your profile too. If you swipe right on somebody but never get a match from them, that means they probably swiped left on your profile.

However, it’s also possible they just haven’t been on the app, and it’s still possible they’ll change their mind the second time they see your profile. Just don’t get discouraged, there’s plenty of fish in the sea!

3. You Keep Seeing the Same Profile You Already Swiped Left On

Chances are, if you keep seeing the same profile that you’ve already swiped left on multiple times, chances are the other person is doing the same to you. It was never meant to be!

They’ve Told You They’ve Seen You on Bumble Before, But You Swiped Right

If somebody told you they’ve seen you on Bumble before, and you swiped right on this person when you saw them, this means they probably swiped left on you. Again; don’t let this upset you. It’s best to move on and cut your losses while you’re ahead.

Bumble Accidentally Swiped Left

We’ve all been here before; you get tired of looking through the entire Bumble profile, so you just start swiping left or right based off of the first picture you see.

You swipe left once and it does nothing, so you swipe again, and skip another profile before you were even able to see it!

Accidentally swiping left on Bumble profiles is a common mistake, but don’t worry. There’s a high chance you will see this person’s profile again, giving you another chance to decide.

1. Use the Backtrack Feature

Bumble has a feature called Backtrack. This feature allows you to go back to a profile you’ve previously swiped left on. Be careful, as you only have 3 backtracks available, meaning you can only go back 3 profiles!

Backtrack is only available for Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium. If you do not have a current paid subscription, you will be presented with options to subscribe after pressing the Backtrack button.

If you are ready to subscribe or already are, here is how to use the Backtrack feature on both iOS and Android!

How to use Backtrack on Bumble:

1. On the Bumble app for either iOS or Android, press the ‘Swipe’ tab in the middle of the bottom menu.

2. Use Bumble how you normally would, swiping left on profiles to pass.

3. When you swipe left and want to go back, immediately start shaking your device back and forth.

It’s crucial to do this quickly; If you don’t shake your device fast enough after swiping left on a profile, Bumble will force you to move on by automatically showing you the next profile.

If your device’s motion sensor is working properly, and you did this action fast enough, a Backtrack screen on Bumble will appear.

4. Tap and hold the yellow button on ‘Swipe’ to Backtrack then swipe right across the screen to confirm that you want to swipe to Backtrack.

The profile you just swiped left on will appear again, so you’ll have the option to swipe right to like it and possibly match (or swipe left to pass again).

If you didn’t shake your device fast enough, or you accidentally swiped left again (it happens to the best of us), don’t worry! This profile is likely to show up once again later on while using the app.

2. They’ll Come Back, Just Keep Swiping

As stated in the beginning of this article, profiles will show up more than once, even if you swipe left. So, if all else fails, just wait for their profile to show up in your stack again.

Bumble Has Limited Resources

Look, Bumble isn’t a miracle worker, but it is good at what it does. However, when it has limited resources, it’s influence can only go so far. If you keep seeing people you’ve swiped left on, then it’s likely they swiped left on you as well.

You Started Your Bumble Account Again

First, you need to ask yourself: did you recreate your Bumble profile recently? If you did, then it’s a no-brainer. When you made the move to completely delete your account, you erased Bumble’s profile on you.

Everyone you swiped right on, your likes and dislikes—all gone when you deleted it. As far as Bumble is concerned, your new account is basically a new person.

However, what you want out of a person may be influencing the matches Bumble throws at you. The person you swiped left on might be someone Bumble feels you have similar interests with. Perhaps reconsider?

If you match with them, and it goes south, then Bumble will flag their account and you two will never see each other again—unless you delete your Bumble account and create another one. And hey, it could be a blessing in disguise. Maybe you didn’t mean to swipe left the first time.

But believe it or not, the other person may have done the same. If they deleted their account, and recreated it, they are, according to Bumble, a whole new person.

And since they are within your radius, Bumble will show their profile again, even though technically speaking it’s the same person. Bumble doesn’t see it that way.

Make Changes to Your Preferences

One of the most likely reasons that a person you swiped left on reappears is due to your preferences. Details such as your radius and usage can determine the people that appear in your queue. By changing your preferences, and perhaps your habits, you might never see that person again.

Take the radius, for example. To provide possible matches, Bumble searches for a specific zone. That zone is based on the radius you’ve set—which can be altered at any time. Now imagine yourself on a map.

By drawing a, say, 30km radius around your location, that is essentially the area in which Bumble searches in all directions. If Bumble finds other users within that radius, they will appear in your stack of cards.

But how does that affect you? Well, let’s say a user is 10km away from you. Your radius is set to 20km. You then swipe left on that person. Due to how close they are in proximity, Bumble can and has thrown that same person into your possible matches.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Bumble only has so much to work with. With how matches are conducted, there’s only a limited number of users that Bumble can match with you—and a large part of that is due to location and distance.

In other words, increase (or decrease) your radius and change your location, and you’ll end up with more results. Those few profiles you swiped left on may even disappear entirely.

With that being said, your best chances of seeing new people is to simply change your preferences. It may even be time for a new Bumble profile.

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