Can You See Old Reactions on BeReal?

Why Can't I See Reactions BeReal

Many people who use the BeReal application faithfully desperately want to know why they can’t see their followers’ reactions when they post a video. Well, you will have all of your questions answered and more as you continue to learn about the issue as well as ways to resolve it.

Why Can’t I See Reactions BeReal

1. You’re Receiving RealMojis From People You’re Not Friends With

For the ones who don’t know what RealMojis are, RealMojis are simple reactions the user can add to other people’s posts.

But the interesting thing about this type of reaction is that you can react to the post with a selfie giving a facial expression that describes what you are saying in your reaction. Pretty cool, right?!

Fix – There’s Not Much You Can Do

Well, when people aren’t getting reactions from users they are not friends with, it goes to show that your post was seen. However, you’re not seeing the reactions from people who actually follow you.

Imagine posting a video on BeReal and an Ex significant other, who you’re not friends with on the app, reacted to your profile. This can make you feel as if you are in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Since this is something that causes a random effect, there is very little you can do to fix this “problem”. It’s great to see the likes and reactions from other people, but what about the people who are actually on your friends list? That’s what many people want to know.

To put this part of the issue to rest, you just have to take it for what it is and thank the other strangers in silence.

2. You’re Trying to View Reactions For An Old Post

When you post a video on BeReal, there should be a time stamp on the video that was posted, which means that the video should show the date and time you posted.

In the top-right corner of your post, you will see a stamp showing when the video was posted.

And as time proceeds forward, the time stamp with change numbers to keep the users and followers up to date on when the post was created. Most likely, for some apps, if you have posted a video a few weeks or months ago, the reactions may not show.

Fix – You Can Only See Todays Reactions

If you want to see the reactions to your videos, you will only be able to see the most recent reactions for that post or video. Reactions don’t have an internal mechanism that updates the reactions or likes in a standard time frame.

Once a reaction is posted, that’s pretty much it from there. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t see current reactions. If there is a new reaction posted, the new reaction will show on the post.

3. There’s A Bug

Bugs are sneaky little critters. Yes, we are talking about technical bugs. Having a tech bug is just as worse. Whenever there is a bug with the app you are using, this can slow down the flow of the app and its features.

Usually, when this happens, you can get rid of the issue with simple troubleshooting steps that you can perform on your own.

Some of those steps include clearing the cache storage, updating the app to the latest version, reinstalling the application on your device, contacting support for further inquiry, or waiting for the developers to release a resolution to fix the problem. The very first method you are about to explore is clearing your cache storage on your device.

Fix – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of BeReal Bugs

To clear out your cache, you must do the following:

If you are using an Android device, go into your device settings and to apps; once your app’s window is open, locate the BeReal application. Open the BeReal settings; you will see options to force close, clear data, and clear cache.

You will select the option to clear the cache. To be safe, once your cache is cleared, it would be best to force close the app if the application was previously opened.

After the cache is cleared and the app is forced closed, reopen the BeReal app, navigate to the most recent video you’ve posted, and check your reactions to see if they will appear on your screen.

Caches buildup can sneak up on you when you least expect it. Many people pay this no mind because they only focus on using the rather than how much storage is being used from the app.

Better yet, people don’t focus on how the storage is being used either. So, if you want this app to operate correctly, you might have to clean house on your cache storage. If that didn’t resolve this aggravating problem, attempt the next alternative to see what can be done.

Fix 2 – Update BeReal to Get Rid Of Bugs

Updating your app continuously improves the speed of the app, as well as maneuvering within the app to check messages, comments and reactions. An update will defeat the problem without a doubt.

To update your BeReal app on your iOS device, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Open your app store on your iPhone.

2. Tap these search icon and search for the BeReal app.

3. Once you have located the BeReal app, it will show the application is installed. Once the application is installed, you will also be able to see if an update is available.

4. If you see a button that says update next to the title BeReal, tap the update button, and the app will immediately update.

5. Once the BeReal app has officially updated, you can attempt to sign back into your account to see if the reaction will show.

Performing an update is a simple system reboot of the app. This will remove any bugs or internal issues with the application so you can continue enjoying all this app has to offer.

For Android consumers, you can update the BeReal app by doing the following:

1. Open the Google Play Store

2. In the search bar, type in the search bar “BeReal” to locate the BeReal app in your stored apps.

3. Once you have located the BeReal app, underneath the application, you will see an option to uninstall or update.

4. Tap the Update option.

5. The app will automatically start to update.

6. Once the app has updated, navigate back to the app on your home screen or your apps drawer and open the app.

If you have updated the app and can’t see the reactions from your followers on your posts, you might want to attempt the following method listed in this information.

Fix 3 – Uninstall and Reinstall the App

If you are using an Android, you will most likely have the Google Play Store in your apps. To uninstall the BeReal app, log out of the account, open the Google Play Store, and locate the BeReal app under your installed applications.

Next to the BeReal app, you will see the option to uninstall it. Tap the Uninstall button and allow the application to clear successfully from your device. Once the BeReal app has been uninstalled, reinstall the application by tapping the install button.

Once you install the app, it may take a moment for the application to install back to your device.

Once the BeReal app is installed, you will open the app and log in with your credentials, and navigate to a recent or current video that was posted to see if you are able to see the reactions from your followers.

To uninstall the application from your device settings, you will go to your settings on your Android device and locate your apps section; once the apps section is open, scroll down until you see BeReal. Tap on the BeReal app in your settings.

Once the settings for BeReal are open, you will see the option to uninstall. You will tap uninstall from there. After uninstalling the app, you will go back into your Google Play Store and re-download the BeReal app.

You will follow the same procedures for consumers using an iOS device, although you would not have the Google Play Store on your device. You will have the App Store. So, you will go to the App Store to uninstall and re-download or reinstall the BeReal app on your iOS device.

For users who have an iPhone and want to uninstall the app without going to the App Store, you will press and hold the BeReal app until it starts to wiggle. From there, options will appear, and one of those options would be to uninstall the app.

You will tap uninstall. Once the application is uninstalled, you would go back to your app store and re-download or reinstall the BeReal application on your device.

As for an iOS device, once the app is reinstalled, locate the app on your home screen or in your apps and open the app to log in. Once the application is open, attempt to find a post from your BeReal content to see if the reaction will show up on your screen.

Fix 4 – Contact BeReal Support

Reaching out to support will give you a world full of reassurance knowing that the issue can definitely be fixed. If you still have trouble will seeing your reactions from your followers, there may be something much deeper going on here.

This means that BeReal support may have the answers to your problem. How can you go wrong with contacting support? Well, to answer that question with confidence, you can never go wrong using this method!

To contact support through your app,

1. Open your BeReal app.

2. Go to your profile.

3. Open your Settings.

4. Select the Help option.

5. After tapping the Help option, tap on Contact Us.

6. From there, you will see different ways to reach out to BeReal support. You will have the option to Ask a Question, Report a Problem, Delete Account, etc.

7. You can select the Ask a Question tab, and you will be prompted to send an email to support via [email protected].

If you don’t have access to the app on a PC, you can navigate to the URL From here, scroll down until you see the Contact Us tab at the bottom of the screen. From here, you can send an email directly from your email account.

If you decide to reach out to support, it is significant to keep in mind why you are reaching out. In other words, be sure to have all of your questions about the issue prepared in case you need more information problem.

Also, when you ask a question correctly, you will get the response you are looking for. So, when reaching out to support, keep your emotions in check, make sure your questions make sense, and remember that the support team is also human.

Meaning, that on an empathic level, the support you receive is based on internal knowledge the team is working hard to provide you with so the issue can be resolved.

With that being said, customer support for the BeReal application has representatives that understand what you’re going through. Believe me; they are just as anxious for you to enjoy the features as much as you are.

Fix 5 – Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

If nothing else has worked and you have done all you can do, you may have to take a moment to gather your emotions, take a deep inhale and exhale, and wait for the application developers to come up with a fix for the problem.

The positivity in waiting for developers to reach out with a fix is if you have an active email account set up for your BeReal account, BeReal will reach out to its consumers confirming they are aware of the persisting issue.

Mostly, it could be because the app may release an update. Updates are super common and are unexpected. If an update is being prepared to release, there is going to be a little commotion before the update lands.

So, you will experience little bugs such as your reactions not showing up from your followers. Moreover, most developers of apps would notify their consumers if a fix is available.

If a fix is released to the public, it’s vital to follow through with the intended steps so the issue will go away.

Whatever actions are released for a fix, the developers take time to consider every aspect of the issue, from the number of consumers who complained about the problem to what is causing the problem. With that being said, BeReal developers have a strategic agenda lined up to tackle any issues that are ongoing strategically.

4. BeReal Is Down

Fix – Wait For BeReal To Go Back Up

When an application or website isn’t working as it should, such as BeReal, it is possibly due to the server for that app or website currently being down. This can make users and give up on using the app. So, the only option to accept is to wait for the server of the BeReal app to come back up.

It’s prevalent for internal issues to come about, even for applications such as BeReal. In that case, the app developers will notify consumers via email (or text message if applicable), letting them know there is an ongoing issue and that they are working hard to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

So, don’t give up and fret over the server being down. Trust me; you will be back to sharing those amazing videos and getting those lovely reactions in no time.


As it was stated earlier, capturing a beautiful moment using your BeReal app is priceless. However, seeing the reactions of the people who witnessed the moment is just as irreplaceable.

But, if you encounter an issue with not being able to see the reactions from the people who follow you, you don’t have to respond with a sad or crying face. There are ways for you to figure out what’s happening as well as know what to do to counteract the situation.

If you stumble upon this problem, you can clear your cache storage to get your app back pumping again, update your application if need be, uninstall and reinstall the application if applicable, and even contact support if you’ve grown weary of handling the problem yourself.

In most case scenarios, if you contact support with the issue, you will be notified if there is an ongoing issue with the app or if a fix will be released soon to assist users with fixing the problem.

These are all amazing tips and tricks to consider if you have a problem with seeing the reactions from your followers. So, switch that frown upside down and rock out with these awesomely developed steps!

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