How to View Friends List on Snapchat

Snapchat friends list in order

It’s been very hard to view the friends list since the Snapchat update was rolled out, therefore, you need to know how to view the complete list and edit them as well. The Snapchat major update was released in early 2018 and Snapchat had changed the layout of the app complete.

This left a lot of users confused and even deleting the app because of the amount of confusion that surrounded it. The friends list was moved to a different location, so you may be having trouble locating it. By the end of this article, you should have found all of your friends and from here, you can delete them etc.

How to see Friends List on Snapchat Update

To view friends list on Snapchat update:

1. Open SnapchatHow to view friends list

2. Click on the square chat button at the bottom

3. Click on the square chat icon at the top right of the chat

4. You’ll see all of your friends on this list

From here, you can see all of your friends in order and you’ll be able to see their score. If they have removed you, you wouldn’t see their Snapchat score, so you can start to remove people that have removed you.

friends list in alphabetical order

You can also hold on each name and Snap, chat, call, or video them. You can also request their location or edit their name, turn on Do Not Disturb, Clear Conversation, Remove Fried, Block, or Report them.

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  1. So I tried all the suggestions you gave me and I still cannot log in. The message is still constant.


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