When you first get your Kindle, you’re prompted to link it to your Amazon account.

You may not want to link your Amazon account to your Kindle – for example, your Amazon account may have been suspended or you don’t need your Amazon account to use your Kindle.

You may want to use your Kindle fire like an Android device and you don’t see the point of linking your Amazon to your Kindle.

You’ll need to get Google Play Store on your Kindle in order to download apps and games like you would on a normal Android device.

Use Kindle Without Registering Account

If you want to use your Kindle without an Amazon account, you’ll need to deregister your Kindle Fire or Paperwhite. You need to be aware that after doing this, you won’t be able to download apps from Amazons App Store and you won’t be able to get books from Amazon.

  1. Go to Settings > My Account on your Kindle
  2. Click on Deregister on My Account
  3. Click on Deregister to confirm your decision when the pop up appears

After doing this, you’ll be signed out of Amazon and your Kindle will no longer have any association with Amazon. If you want to register your Kindle with Amazon again, you’ll have to go back to settings > My Account.

Can you use a Kindle Without an Amazon Account

You can use a Kindle without an Amazon account, but it will basically turn into an Android smartphone.

The main point of a Kindle is for reading books bought on Amazon but if you don’t want to use your Kindle with an Amazon account, you won’t be able to use any of its main features.