Threads Some Replies Aren’t Available? Do This!

Threads Some Replies Aren't Available

Why Does Threads Say Some Replies Aren’t Available?

1. There’s A Bug

Fix – Update App

You may just need to update the Threads app to make it work for you on your device. To see if there is an update available, just open up the app store, play store, or wherever else you download apps onto your device. Go to the updates section and see if the Threads app is in need of one.

If it is, go ahead and update it. Once updated, see if you can now access whatever was not working in Threads. If there was no update available, this is not the cause of your issues with the Threads app.

Fix 2 – Restart App

First, try to simply restart the Threads app. To do so, clear the app out of the history of the device that you are using. Once you have cleared out of it, wait a couple of minutes so it can fully restart and then reopen the Threads App on your phone.

This will help refresh and reboot the system, which could potentially allow the Threads app to finally start working and you can get back to browsing the site and shopping for what you need.

Fix 3 – Log Out Then In

A very quick and possible fix is to simply log out of the Threads App and then log right back in. This can help let the app refresh and regroup, potentially allowing you to beat your problems and actually be able to use the app.

  1. To log out, you just click on your profile in the lower right corner.
  2. Now, a menu will appear and give you a whole lot of options to choose from.
  3. Scroll all the way down to the button and select Sign Out.
  4. Will you then just need to log back in and this will hopefully stop Threads from Saying some replies aren’t available.

If you do not remember your password, do not fear. Once you log out, you can easily send a password reset link to the email associated with your account and gain access right back in. This should hopefully get you back to replying to threads in threads.

Fix 4 – Clear Cache

You can also clear cache in the Threads app which just erases any data that has been saved onto the app and is no longer needed by you or by Threads. Follow these steps to do just that.

  1. First, open up Threads app on your device.
  2. Now, press the Home button on the app and then click on Apps.
  3. Next, click on Settings.
  4. Once at the Settings page, go to Apps from this page.
  5. You will now see a choice that says Storage and click on that.
  6. Then, click on Clear Cache and a confirmation screen will appear where you need to click on Okay.

Now that you have cleared the cache on the Threads app, exit out of the app and then reopen it. Hopefully you can now get back to replies to others.

Fix 5 – Reinstall App

You may need to reinstall Threads if you are having any issues with it when using it.

To do this, on your device simply delete the app. Once you have deleted it, open up the app store or play store or anywhere else that you download your apps from and reinstall Threads. Once the Threads app is back on your device, you will have to log in to it again.

Now that you are re-logged into your recently reinstalled Threads app, you can once again try and see if this has solved your issues.

Fix 6- Contact Instagram

To contact them, go to 

2. Server is Down

Fix – Check If Threads Server is Down

It is very common for networks to go out for a couple minutes every once and a while, so do not fret. There are quite a few ways to try and get it back up and starting, or you may not even be connected to your network at all.

Sometimes a quick reset is all your connection may need to get back up and running. You can also go to This will let you know if the Threads server is currently having any issues. Once you search it, the website will tell you if Thread’s network is up and working.

If it is not, you will have to wait until it is or you can try to restart your router. Otherwise, if your network is not down, that isn’t why you can’t reply to people on Threads. 

3. Device Issue

Fix – Restart Device

Restarting the device that you are using to try and use Threads app is another potential solution for being able to start replying to people on Threads.

To restart your device, just turn it off. Doing this will vary depending on the device that you are using since every device has different buttons and settings.

If you are unsure on how to turn off your device, just look it up and you will be met with plenty of information on how to turn off the device you are using. Once you do turn off your device, leave it off for a couple of minutes so that it can fully restart.

After a few minutes have passed, you can turn your device back on which will complete the reset. Now that your device is power back and you have officially reset it, open Threads app back up.

Fix – Force Restart Device

A force restart may also stop the Threads app from showing some replies aren’t available message. Doing this will take it just a step further than normally restarting your device, as it is a force restart. 

Since every device has different buttons and settings, simply search the device you are using along with force restart and you will easily be able to locate how to force restart your device. When doing a force restart, your device will automatically power back up once the reset is complete.

Once your device has turned back on, you will have to unlock your device and then you can once again try and get back to using the Threads.

4. Internet Connection Issue

Fix – Switch to Data Vice Versa

Your Wi-Fi connection or cellular data may also be inhibiting you from being able to reply to Threads.

One change may be to switch to your cellular data, if that is an option with the current phone that you have, if you are currently connected to Wi-Fi, or vice versa meaning you switch back on to your Wi-Fi connection if you are currently trying to access the Threads app on your data already.

Once you have changed to either Wi-Fi or data, try again to see if you can fully use the Threads app.

Fix – Turn Off VPN

Turning off your VPN will change your internet settings, and this could be another potential way that you can get back to using Threads. If you are using an IOS device, follow these steps.

  1. Start by opening up Settings on your device.
  2. Next, go to Network.
  3. Now, click on VPN and then either click Disconnect or tap on the toggle so that it turns to gray.

If you are using an Android device, follow these steps instead.

  1. From the home screen of your Android device, scroll up so that you can see all of your apps and go to Settings.
  2. Now, tap on Network and Internet Advanced.
  3. You will now see an option that says VPN and choose that.
  4. Next, click on Turn Off and you will have officially turned off the VPN on your device.

Whether you are using and IOS device or an Android, turning your VPN off will hopefully be the solution that allows you to be able to fully use the Threads app.

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