How to Fix Selected SD Card By Your Key Input

Selected SD Card By Your Key Input

If your phone has slipped into ‘Selected SD Card By Your Key Input’, it can be scary as this is something you might not have seen, but luckily there’s a way to get out of it.

What Does Selected SD Card By Your Key Input Mean?

When this happens, it can be a bit startling because it normally happens when someone is putting their phone in a case or accidentally hits a button that they didn’t mean to. It is a setting that will make the phone look for an SD card even if there is not one in the phone.

You might want to use a different one if you have a device that has a two-SD card option as well. If there is more than one SD card in your phone, you may be able to switch it back to the right one without a lot of issues.

The problem is it might end up being a deeper problem than that if you don’t know what you are doing. That is why it’s so important that you get help if you can’t get your device back working with a few simple tries.

There are some simple things that you can do right now that might fix the issue if you are willing to take a minute and try them out. This could be your best option.

Why Does It Say Selected SD Card By Your Key Input?

This happens for a couple of reasons, but most of the time, it’s because you put your phone in a different mode. This happens when you push a button combination that will send your phone into that mode.

It can even happen if you don’t have an SD card because the devices are all using the same software with the same options.

This can cause problems with the devices because they will have a harder time coming out of that mode and back into the mode that they want to be in.

It can also make it harder to get your phone back into the right mode because your phone might be working harder to be in that mode and not respond to what you are trying when you’re working on getting it back into the main mode for the phone.

You can try to update your device and see if that will help with the issue. Providers make updates to their systems all the time, and it’s possible they have made an update that stops this mode from coming on when your device doesn’t have an SD card at all.

The only way to know is to update your device to the most current Operating System and see if it makes a difference. If you find that you are stuck in a different mode, then you might have to get it turned off and then update the device.

This way, you will be able to see if that will help. If turning it off doesn’t work, then you can try a few other things that may help get the device back in the right mode for your needs.

If you have any other issues, you can talk to others that have the same device as you and see if they have any insight. This includes groups and others in your area that might have experience with this problem.

1. You’ve Accidentally Went into SS RDX Mode

This is the mode that is most common when your device does this. This is because it’s a mode on Samsung that allows you to use a different SD card than the one you have allocated.

The mode usually happens when you are putting your phone in your pocket or when you may not be paying attention to what you are doing with it. You may just hit the right combination of buttons to put it in that mode and not be able to get it back out.

When this happens, you have to figure out the right combination of keys to get your phone back out of that mode, or you have to find another way to get your phone back to the right mode again.

This can be tricky because not everything works to get it back to working right. You can talk to your provider if you have any issues with getting it into the right mode. They will most likely be able to help you if you find you can’t get it handled on your own.

How to Fix Selected SD Card By Key Input

There are a few ways that work to get your device back to the way you want it and out of that mode. You might have to try a few different methods to get the device to work properly, but it will straighten itself out with a little effort.

You can try a couple of things to see what will work for you, if any of them. Sometimes these things will work with your device, and you will be able to get your device back to the right mode. Sometimes you will need a little extra help.

This will all depend on the model of your device and how long it’s been stuck in that mode. If it’s been a while, you will probably have a bit harder time getting the device to come back to the right mode.

1. Press the Power Vol+ for 3 sec and then Power Vol- for 3 sec to Get Out of SS RDX Mode

This is the easiest way to get it back out of that mode. This is also the combination that puts it into the SS RDX mode, to begin with. When this happens, you will have to get it back out of this mode in order to be able to use this like normal.

Sometimes this doesn’t always work. This normally is the case if you have an older device that isn’t up to date and may have other issues that are causing problems with the device.

The best way to not have this problem is to make sure the phone is up to date and that you have every available update that you need. This can make a huge difference in the way the device performs overall and the way it comes in and out of these modes.

There are a few other ways that users have been able to get this problem solved. You can look up the different methods and see which ones will work for you. One person even just let their phone die and then charged it back up.

When they restarted it, it was back in the right mode. This sometimes works, as does turning it off and back on or updating the system if you can. You can check out Redditt Forums and other places that might be able to give your ideas on how to fix this issue.

It’s been fairly common lately, and a lot of people have some great ideas that have worked for them when this issue comes up. You can also post about your issue if you have tried those for yourself and they haven’t worked for you.

Others might have found a way to fix the problem with other methods that you don’t know about yet. Plus, it will give you a sense of community with others that have the same device as you and may give you further help on other issues with that device.

If none of this works and you aren’t finding more information online, then you can talk to your provider and see what they can do for you. They may have a way to get your device working properly again and get you back to calling and texting normally.

There are options to help get your device working again if you are willing to look for them. Sometimes you can figure out how to get the mode back to what you need with your phone and start using it again.

If you are having any issues, then you can call your cell phone provider to help you out. They probably have experience with that issue and can direct you on what you can do to fix it.

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  1. Hi , thanks to your suggestions on how to fix this issue i have a working phone again. This message is displayed on the screen from top to bottom. this happened while i was putting my phone in the case.

    • Thank you so much for your instructions how to fix my phone.It works well right away,thanks again for your help.

  2. Thanks. The 3-second +- solution worked. It would have been helpful to have the solution(s) closer to the top, rather than all of the additional narrative.

  3. for the people that don’t want to look for it: power + for 3 seconds then power – for 3 seconds. if that doesn’t work:
    volume – and power button for 3 seconds 🙂
    hope this helps fix ur phone problems

  4. I freaked out when my S-8 tablet had a all black background and the 30+ line of the SD message. This solution worked great on the 1st try and it was instant fix! Thank you so much!

  5. thank you to the person who commented and advised that there is another option if the option 1 doesnt work : volume – and power button for 3 seconds, it works for me, note that you need to push these two bottoms at the same time ! thanks again


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