Ring Doorbell Mount For Outward Swinging Door

Ring Doorbell Mount For Outward Swinging Door

Doorbell mounts are an absolute must for any home or business that uses video doorbells. The mounts protect the video doorbell against theft and physical damage. This is common knowledge, and that’s likely why you are looking for a doorbell mount for your outward swinging door.

Many users are asking for where to get a doorbell mount for an outward swinging door, especially a no-drill mount.

But is it possible to get one? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Does A No-screw Doorbell Mount For Outward Swinging Door Exist?

Yes, no-screw doorbell mounts for outward swinging doors do exist, but they are quite rare and hard to find.

The reason for this is that most no-screw or no-drill doorbell mounts are designed for inward swinging doors…probably because most doors are inward swinging anyway. If you use these mounts for outward swinging doors, the mount’s hardware is likely to prevent the door from closing or or prevent any installed locks from functioning properly.

So, any mount that will be used for outward swinging doors must specifically be designed to cater to outward swinging doors…and most doorbell mount manufacturers simply don’t do that. That’s why most doorbell mounts you find will come with the “not for outward swinging doors” as depicted below.

Some manufacturers don’t even bother to add this caveat because they just assume that your door opens inwards.

One important point I need to make here is that you should not mistake inward and outward swinging doors for right and left swinging doors. When product listings state that a doorbell is suitable for both left and right swinging doors, they simply mean that:

  1. The door, first of all, swings inwards
  2. Then, it could either open inwards to your left or inwards to your right, subject to your view from inside the house.

So, please, do not make the mistake purchasing a no-drill doorbell mount for doors that swing in both directions (left or right) in place of purchasing one for a door that swings outwards.

Best Ring Doorbell Mounts for Outward Swinging Doors

With a heading like this, you would expect a list with a wealth of options to choose from. And rightly so. Unfortunately, for no-drill doorbell mounts for outward swinging doors, you are dealing with a rare commodity.

From my observations over the years, different manufacturers at different times dabble into making such doorbell mounts, then discover that they aren’t exactly profitable because most doors open inwards, and then stop making such mounts.

That’s why you may find a link to such product, only to click on the link to find that the product is “currently unavailable” …and stays that way forever.

Anyway, the good news is that there’s currently one such product available on Amazon, and after using it myself, I can say that it’s definitely worth a go. But there’s a warning, which I will outline in the Cons section below.

1. Doorbell Mount【No-Drill】Anti-Theft Video Doorbell Mount From TOnEnergy

This doorbell mount, unlike most other doorbell mounts, is compatible not only with inward and outward swinging doors, but also with video doorbells from most manufacturers including Ring, Blink, and Eufy.

One of the great features of this doorbell is that it does not obstruct or interfere with the motion sensors or view of your doorbell camera.

Take note of the maximum dimensions which are 3.77″ wide by 6.25″ high by 1.77″ deep.

I also love that this doorbell mount is so easy to install, and of course, does not require any drilling. You only need to place the doorbell inside the mount, place the shipped sponges on both sides and on the back of the doorbell, tighten the shipped screws to secure the doorbell inside, and simply mount it on your outward swinging door.

The mount comes with a knob which you can easily adjust to suit the thickness of your door, as long as the thickness falls within this doorbell mount’s specifications as listed above.

View on Amazon


  • Very easy to install and reinstall
  • Suits video doorbells from most brands
  • Suitable for both inward and outward swinging doors
  • It is designed to withstand most weather conditions. It is also water and rust resistant


The truth is that this doorbell is not as secure as advertised. Anti-theft is a bit of a stretch. But many users find it to be sturdy enough, so you might as well give it a try.

Note that this doorbell mount is not suitable for some security doors or doors with uneven surfaces. So, make sure that this will fit before purchasing.

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