There are times when you’re trying to reach someone and each time you try to call them, the call doesn’t ring and it may seem like your calls are no longer working. If you’ve tested this out, you may have also noticed that calls to other people seem to go through, but when it’s to this one person, it doesn’t go through. Obviously, when your outgoing calls aren’t even working, then you can conclude that there might be a problem. When your outgoing calls aren’t ringing, there are so many things it could be put down to.

No Service

When your outgoing calls don’t ring, chances are the person you’re trying to reach has no service. If a phone has no service, it can’t connect to its carrier therefore you’re not going to be able to reach them which is why your calls to them won’t ring.

If this is occurring when making calls to them using your mobile phone, then it likely means that the ringback tone doesn’t start until the network finds the phone you are calling. If the person has no service, then you’re not going to hear the ringback tone until they find service. To test this, you could experiment with that by calling a phone in the same room and see when that phone starts ringing vs. when you hear the ringback tone.

If this is occurring when using a telephone or a landline, it usually indicates that your service has been interrupted or disconnected. Usually, a poorly serviced area or an unpaid phone bill for your landline is the main culprit.

Busy Line

If the line is busy, since the voice links between the exchanges are only used during a call, there will be fewer links than people trying to use. Since your call has no valid voice path due to too many people are using the links, it will typically tell your exchange (on the signaling path) to wait. After a set amount of time, the request will time out which is why you’ll hear no ringing when making your outgoing call.

Blocked Service

If you have a new operator which has no track record from you, then you may not be able to dial certain overseas countries and i.e. satellite remotes due to the perceived risk involved for unpaid bills. This could make your calls to outgoing people not ringing.

Airplane Mode

If you’re on airplane mode, then any outgoing calls you make to people aren’t going to ring. Your phone needs service in order to make calls to others and if it can’t find this service, then the request your phone makes to the exchange is going to time out and your outgoing call will end automatically.