OpenAI’s Services Are Not Available in Your Country

OpenAI's API Is Not Available in Your Country

The AI chatbot has grown quite popular in the past couple of months, which means that almost everyone is giving their website a try.

This includes other countries; however, you may have encountered an issue when attempting to use their website or chatbot such as an error report saying “OpenAI’s Services Are Not Available in Your Country .”

This is quite discouraging and your location should not hold you back from experiencing new and upcoming technology. Read on to find out why this happens and what you can do to get around it.

Why is OpenAI’s Services Are Not Available In My Country?

With the rise of OpenAI’s latest creation ChatGPT language model chatbot, you have likely attempted hopping on their site to make use of their AI chatbot.

However, some attempted users encounter an error saying “OpenAI’s API is not available in your country,” which is not only frustrating but it also raises the question, why not?

You may not know that OpenAI is a research institute and technology company, that is of course, responsible for APIs such as ChatGPT and Dall-E, which is an art-generating AI.

It is important to note that OpenAI is primarily focused on creating friendly artificial intelligence.

Now, let us break this down as best as possible, starting with what the error says. The error states that OpenAI’s API is not available in your country, which may make you wonder “What is an API?” This is a good question, which many may not know the answer to.

API, which simply stands for Application Programming Interface, as a software interface primarily serves as a way for a number of computers to communicate with each other.

You can imagine an API as a blueprint that someone or a company can use to build such a connection. You can also visualize an API as an invisible tether connecting computers to one another so long as both are capable of using the software interface.

Now, the error “OpenAI’s API is not available in your country”, essentially means that you cannot access OpenAI’s API while in the country you are currently in.

This is because OpenAI unfortunately, does not yet support all countries, which means that there are more than a few countries that OpenAI does not support or OpenAI is not supported in.

We cannot pin down one exact reason why this is; however, it is likely primarily due to legal reasons and to not violate any local regulations put into place.

Which Country is OpenAI’s Services Available In?

Now that we know that there are more than a few countries in which OpenAI’s API is not supported this raises the question “Which countries is OpenAI’s API available in?”

This is not only a valid question but it is also a helpful one, seeing as this information can be used to essentially make your location appear to be in these countries so that you may access OpenAI’s API.

This seems only fair since the use of AI programs should be available to anyone who wants to use it.

OpenAI insists that they are “working hard” to add more countries to the list that OpenAI’s API is available in, while also encouraging people who live in a country that does not have access to OpenAI’s API to “check back for updates at a later date.”

Below, you will find just a few countries, territories, and regions in which OpenAI’s API is available in (no particular order).

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Armenia
  • Austria
  • Bahamas
  • Belgium
  • Belize
  • Bolivia
  • Barbados
  • Bangladesh
  • Benin
  • Bhutan
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • Zambia
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Poland
  • Pakistan
  • Norway
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
  • Mexico
  • Mongolia
  • Madagascar
  • Liberia
  • Kenya

How To Get Past This

There are a couple of methods to get around the issue of OpenAI’s API not being available in your country.

Now, remember, that the problem here is your location, which means you will need a way to change your location or at least make it appear as if you are not in the country that you currently are located in.

It is important to note that smartphones and PCs can be tracked, which is for good reason since this can potentially be used to locate someone who is lost or in need of help.

However, when you go to a website or use an app, it will typically have to confirm your location, at least what country you are in, not your exact location unless it is necessary.

Without further ado, let us get to a couple of ways you can get around this issue.

1. Use A Number Native to Countries The API is Available In

There are a few ways to get a phone number that is native to another country in which OpenAI’s API is available in.

One method is to use a friend’s phone or phone number who has a number in a country that OpenAI’s API is available in.

For this method, you will need a friend that not only you trust but also one that trusts you since you will have to ask to use their phone number.

This should not be a big risk for a good friend since you will only use their number to access OpenAI’s API and nothing more. You should make this intention clear to your friend.

Another valid option is to purchase a SIM card from an operator in the country, which also operates it in any cellular network and have a roaming agreement with it. You can look this up online and you will likely come up with an option.

Yet another viable option is to get a virtual phone number. Keep in mind, that you will have to get a virtual number through a virtual phone number service, which is not free.

However, many of these virtual phone number services have free trial periods with most being 30 days or so, which means if you do not want to pay or do not like the service, you will need to cancel your account/number before the trial period ends.

2, Use A VPN Native to Countries The API is Available In

When you live in a country that does not have OpenAI’s API available in it, you can opt to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that is native to a country in which OpenAI’s API is available in.

Not only are VPNs useful for protecting your information and data while using a public network, but a virtual private network is also helpful in the way that you can select the country you want to appear to be browsing from.

This is relatively simple as well, as all you will need to do is find a VPN that you would like to use (preferably a VPN native to a country in which the API is available).

Once you have found a VPN you would like to use, simply download and install the VPN to your phone or PC, then open and log in to your VPN.

Finally, you can select the country you want to connect and appear to be browsing from, which will allow you to use OpenAI’s API.

Alternatives to OpenAI API

If none of these previously depicted methods suit your needs then you will be delighted to know that there are some alternatives to OpenAI’s API.

This also depends on what you are looking for and the most likely being that you are looking for a ChatGPT alternative. Lucky for you, there are plenty of them and we have their info so let us break them down for you.

Chatsonic – So, you are looking for an awesome alternative to ChatGPT, well, with Chatsonic you have struck gold. You are looking for a writing tool that can keep up with the fast pace of current events we are all living amongst.

A tool that will not be hung up on how much you can put into the chat and get out of it as well, Chatsonic has got your back.

Chatsonic certainly has some dominant vibes with its fast processing and up-to-date data, you will not miss a breath of current news.

Not only can Chatsonic quickly gather data on any subject you can think of but it can also provide accurate, factual information, which is something we could all get comfortable with having at our fingertips.

ChatGPT and Chatsonic, are quite similar in the sense that they are both AI-powered chatbots; however, Chatsonic takes the driver’s seat with its definitive capabilities and a direct line to Google to ensure accurate, present-day data.

BloomAI – BloomAI or Bloom ONE shares many similarities to ChatGPT such as being an AI-powered chatbot and is also primarily used by businesses.

However, the service can be used by anyone willing to give the demo a whirl.

When you are a business trying to pull in the right audience for your content, you need accurate and current information, which BloomAI can provide.

Another part of the business is emails, graphs, and statistics and this is where BloomAI also shines bright since it can help you to transform such data into interactive, engaging, and easy to comprehend.

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