Nissan Bluetooth Problems? Try These 15 Fixes

Nissan Bluetooth Not Working

A common issue that Nissan owners experience is the Bluetooth features not working correctly. The Nissan Sentra, Nissan Altima, and Nissan Murano are particularly prone to these types of issues. Other reported models of Nissans that have been reported to experience Bluetooth issues are the Nissan Versa, Titan, and Kicks.

If you own one of these types of vehicles and are experiencing Bluetooth issues, this guide can help you identify and resolve your issue. Use this guide to ensure that your vehicle’s Bluetooth features are always working as intended.

Why Is My Nissan Bluetooth Not Working

The next part of this guide will focus on the many reasons that your Nissan’s Bluetooth features might not be working correctly. There are also detailed troubleshooting methods included that you could use to help resolve your issues.

Most common issues with your Nissan’s Bluetooth functionality are caused by run-time errors, damaged files associated with the Nissan Connect software, or user errors causing you to believe that your Bluetooth is not functioning correctly.

These issues will be explained in detail so that you can accurately identify your issue and apply the appropriate troubleshooting method. This list can help ensure that your Nissan’s Bluetooth functions are always working properly.

1. Issue With Nissan Connect

Nissan Connect is the onboard software that controls Bluetooth functionality with your devices. You can access the Nissan Connect features by using the touchscreen console in your vehicle. If this software is encountering some type of bug or glitch, it could cause your Bluetooth to not correctly pair your devices.

Other common causes of Nissan Connect issues are run-time errors and damaged files associated with the Nissan Connect software. You can use the troubleshooting guide below to help you resolve these types of issues.

Nissan Connect issues should be handled as soon as possible to ensure that you are able to properly pair your devices with your Nissan.

Fix – Perform A Master Reset Of The Nissan Connect System

If you are experiencing persistent errors with your Nissan Connect, you should consider doing a master reset of the Nissan Connect system. The process to do this is extremely simple. All you need to do to perform a master reset of the Nissan Connect system is to hold down the Audio button for ten seconds.

Once you have held down the Audio button for ten seconds, you will see the system reset notification on your touchscreen console. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the Master Reset process.

This will perform a complete reformatting and refresh all of the files associated with your Nissan Connect software. This can usually resolve most issues that you are having with your Nissan Connect.

Fix 2 – Update Nissan Connect

Your Nissan Connect software depends on updates to help ensure that it functions properly. If Your Nissan Connect software has not been properly updated in a while, you could encounter bugs and glitches more frequently.

These types of bugs and glitches are typically patched out in updates that are released for your Nissan Connect software. You can check your Nissan Connect for updates in the menu by scrolling down to the System tab.

Once you have downloaded and applied the update, any issues that your out-of-date software has been causing will have been resolved. It is important to stay on top of the updates for your Nissan Connect Software.

Fix 3 – Get In Touch With Nissan

If you are still experiencing problems with your Nissan Connect after resetting and updating your software, you should consider contacting Nissan to get additional support for your issue. Nissan can offer additional troubleshooting methods and suggestions for resolutions to the issue that you are experiencing.

You can contact Nissan by phone or on their website. You can also take your vehicle to the Nissan dealership to have them take a look at your Nissan Connect. If you choose to contact Nissan online or by phone, then you will need to provide a detailed account of your issue.

A Nissan technician will be assigned to your case and they will help walk you through any potential troubleshooting methods that you may have overlooked. This is often the best course of action when you are having Nissan Connect issues.

Having to take your vehicle in for repairs or dealing with customer support remotely can be frustrating. Rest assured that Nissan is the highest authority on your vehicle and the software that controls Nissan Connect. They can offer you the best advice for resolving your particular issue.

2. The Device Is Not Connected Properly

The device you are attempting to connect to your Nissan vehicle via Bluetooth could be causing your connectivity issues. Your Nissan Connect software will only be able to properly connect if your device is functioning properly.

Your device could be experiencing some type of run-time error or bug that is causing issues with the Bluetooth features. You will need to resolve your device issues before you will be able to properly pair the device using Nissan Connect or any other Bluetooth connection you are using.

Use the list of troubleshooting methods below to help you resolve device issues that could be potentially causing your Bluetooth issues. These can help you resolve your device’s Bluetooth issues quickly and easily.

Fix – Forget Nissan Connect As A Device And Reconnect

One way that you can resolve device Bluetooth errors is to forget the Nissan Connect device from your device’s Bluetooth options. You can do this by opening your device’s Bluetooth menu.

In the Bluetooth menu of your device, you will see all of the current available Bluetooth connections. You should see the Nissan Connect device in this menu. Click on the Nissan Connect device in this menu and you will see the option to Forget This Device.

Tap Forget This Device and your device will automatically remove the Bluetooth connection associated with Nissan Connect. You can then reconnect the device using Nissan Connect. This is one of the best ways to encourage the resolution of any Bluetooth connectivity issues that you could be experiencing when trying to pair a device to your vehicle.

Fix 2 – Turn Off Your Nissan Vehicle

You will not be able to properly pair any device with your Nissan vehicle while the vehicle is running or in motion. This is a safety feature of all modern Nissan vehicles that features Bluetooth connectivity.

If you attempt to connect a device while in motion or while your vehicle is running, your touchscreen will display a message that indicates that you will not be able to connect your device until your vehicle is turned off.

You should only attempt to pair your device while your vehicle’s engine is off. Once the device has been properly paired, you will be able to automatically connect while your vehicle is in motion.

Fix 3 – Check The Security And Auto Accept Prompt On Your Device

There could be some security measures that you have in place on your device that could be causing your connectivity issues. The auto-accept features on your device must be set correctly to allow your Nissan Connect software to properly pair with your device.

You can edit these settings in your device’s Bluetooth menu. There, you will be able to change your settings to properly allow pairing with your vehicle. You should ensure that your security settings allow connections to outside Bluetooth devices and also that your auto-accept prompts are properly set.

3. Possible Cellphone Malfunction

If your cellphone is experiencing some type of internal issue, it could cause problems when trying to connect via Bluetooth to your Nissan vehicle. Cellphones are prone to bugs and glitches caused by out-of-date software and run-time errors caused by damaged files associated with the phone’s software.

Bugs and glitches are typically random and resolve themselves, without any additional action from the user. That being said, there are some persistent bugs and glitches that could cause ongoing issues that you will need to resolve before you can properly pair your devices.

You can use the list below to help your resolve these types of errors. These fixes have been proven to help fix these types of issues with cellphone Bluetooth connectivity. Bugs and glitches can be frustrating but these fixes can help you ensure that your application is always running as intended.

Fix – Try Switching Off Your Device

You should first turn off your device to see if that helps resolve your Bluetooth connectivity issues. This can help encourage any erroneous functions that your device is carrying out to be ended.

This is a good first step when troubleshooting Bluetooth connectivity issues with your Nissan vehicle. Restarting your device can help resolve most issues that your device is experiencing.

Fix 2 – Force Restart Device

If you are having trouble restarting your device in the standard way, you should consider using a force restart to reset your device. A force restart is a good last resort if you are experiencing issues trying to restart your phone.

The method that you use to force restart your phone will differ depending on which operating system your phone uses. If you are using an iPhone, the force restart method is quite simple. All you need to do is hold down both of the Volume buttons as well as the Power button.

This will automatically begin the force restart process. This will bypass the usual way of restarting your iPhone. For Android users, all you have to do to force restart your device is to press and hold down the Power button for at least 30 seconds.

After you have done this, your Android device will automatically start the force restart process. Both of these methods can be useful when dealing with issues that could potentially cause your Bluetooth connection to not pair properly with your Nissan vehicle.

Fix 3 – Update Your Device

If your device is behind on updates, you could experience errors when trying to connect your device to your Nissan vehicle via Bluetooth. Your device depends on regular updates to help ensure that it is functioning properly.

If you have fallen behind on updates, you will likely experience bugs and glitches more frequently. When this happens, your device could have trouble properly pairing with your vehicle.

You should check your device for an update if you are experiencing these types of errors. Your phone will typically automatically notify you of any updates available for your device. You will need to download and install the update for it the be applied to your device.

These updates typically contain patches that fix bugs and errors that could be causing your issue. It is important that you stay current with your updates so that your device is always running on the most current software version.

Fix 4 – Reset Network Settings

You could also consider resetting your network settings to help resolve your Bluetooth issues. Your network settings can be found in your phones phone’s Network Settings menu. There, you will find the option to automatically reset your network settings.

Once you have confirmed your selection, your network settings will begin the resetting process. This can help encourage any network errors that your device was experiencing that could be potentially causing your Bluetooth issues.

Fix 5 – Factory Reset

A factory reset is another last resort for your device that you can consider if you are experiencing significant issues with your device. The process of factory resetting your device will depend on the operating system of your device.

For iPhone users who would like to factory reset their device, you will need to first go to the Settings menu. From the Settings menu, you should then enter into the General menu. There, you will see the option to Transfer Or Reset your phone.

Once you have confirmed your reset by selecting this option, your phone will automatically begin the process of factory resetting your device. This will involve deleting all of the system and user files on the device. Keep that in mind if you have important files on your device that you do not wish to have deleted.

For Android users, you will need to enter into the Apps menu. There, enter the Settings menu where you will see the Backup And Reset tab. In the Backup And Reset menu, you will see the option to Factory Data Reset your device.

Click Factory Data Reset and then tap Reset Device. In the next prompt select Erase Everything. Confirm these settings and your Android device will automatically begin the process of factory resetting.

Just like the iPhone, this will include deleting all of the system and user files on the device. You should save any important files that you have on your device before carrying out a factory reset on any operating system.

4. Issue With Song Or App You Are Playing From

The audio issues that you are experiencing while attempting to use a Bluetooth device with your Nissan vehicle could be caused by an error with the song or music application that you are using.

Like any software, the music application that you are using to listen to music, podcasts, or other audio is subject to bugs and glitches that could cause issues when attempting to listen via Bluetooth.

You can use the list of fixes below to help you resolve these types of application issues. Using these troubleshooting methods, you can ensure that your music application is always functioning correctly.

Fix – Play Another Song

You should attempt to change songs if you are experiencing Bluetooth audio issues with your Nissan vehicle. Sometimes the song you are attempting to listen to could have not loaded correctly, causing it to not be played as intended.

Changing to another song can help resolve these issues and better determine if the issue you are having stems from your music application or Nissan Bluetooth functionality.

Fix 2 – Use Another App

If you are having trouble with the music application you are currently using, you should consider switching to another music application. Some popular music applications for you to consider are Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

All of these applications are extremely popular and are compatible with iPhone and Android devices. These applications share much of the same content, so you should be able to find whatever music you are looking for across all of these applications.

5. The Bluetooth Volume On The Phone May Be Low

If the Bluetooth volume on your device is too low, you could not be receiving any audible sound, leading you to believe that your Bluetooth is not connecting properly. This is a common issue that usually stems from accidentally turning down the volume on your phone or another mobile device.

Fix – Increase The Volume On Both Nissan Connect And Your Phone

You should turn up the Bluetooth volume on your phone to resolve this issue. You can do this by simply turning up the volume on your phone. Turning up the volume to an audible level should help resolve any issues you are having that could cause you to believe that your Nissan Bluetooth is not working properly.

6. Song Is Not Playing

Another common user error that causes audio issues is simply not having the song playing. If the song is not playing, you will obviously not hear any audio coming through your Nissan’s speakers.

Your song could have accidentally gotten paused or you could be experiencing a network outage that is causing the song to no longer be loaded properly. These types of issues are common and can be easily resolved using the fix below.

Fix – Play The Song From Your Device

You should make sure that the song on your device is playing properly. If the song has been paused or you notice that the song is no longer loading properly, you should take the steps to resolve these issues.

Keep in mind that you should only attempt to change the song when you can safely do so. It is not recommended to change the song on your device while driving. Doing so could result in unsafe driving conditions for both you and others on the road.

Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating to deal with Bluetooth issues with your Nissan vehicle. Nissan Connect is subject to bugs and glitches that could cause your device to not be paired properly with your vehicle.

When this happens, it will cause issues when using the Bluetooth functionality of your vehicle. It is important to resolve these issues as soon as possible so that you can regain the full functionality of your Nissan.

Using the information provided in this guide, you can resolve Bluetooth issues for all models of Nissan vehicles, including the Nissan Altima, Nissan Sentra, and Nissan Versa. These are some of the most popular models of Nissan that have been reported to have Bluetooth issues.

Other models of Nissans that have been reported to have Bluetooth issues are the Nissan, Murano, Nissan Titan, and Nissan Kicks. If you own one of the models and are experiencing Bluetooth issues, you can use this guide to help you identify and properly resolve these issues.

You should always ensure that you are implementing your Bluetooth fixes safely, while your car is stationary and turned off.

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