So, you have a suspicion that someone has blocked you from seeing their story on Snapchat. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t provide a quick way for you to find out this information.

I get it, you want to know if this person has something against you.

1. Ask A Friend to Send their Story

The first thing you want to do in this situation is to ask someone to send you their Snapchat story. You need to ask someone who wasn’t blocked and someone who has them as a friend.

If their Snapchat account is on private, then this person would have to have them as a friend. If the person who you think has blocked you has their story settings on ‘Everyone’ and not ‘friends only’, this means that you can get anyone to search for their name and their name and story should come up.

After, they would need to send their story to you. If it says, ‘Snap unavailable’, you have been blocked. If you weren’t blocked, you would have seen the Snapchat story.

2. Make a Fake Snapchat Account

Make a fake Snapchat account to check if they blocked you

If you don’t want to ask anyone to send you their story, you can make a fake account.

This account would have to be believable in order for them to accept you as a friend, so you can see their stories. Or, if their Snapchat account is available for anyone to view, then you can make the account without making it look believable.

After you do this, you can check if there are any stories you can view that you couldn’t view from your original account. If you can, this means that they blocked you from seeing their story/s.

3. Ask A Friend to Show you

If you’re with a friend and they have Snapchat, you can give them the suspects username and ask them to view their story. You can only do this if they don’t have them as a friend and their account isn’t private.

If they do have them as a friend, then this would be much simpler. If they show you their story and you couldn’t see it on your account, then it looks like you have been blocked from seeing their story.