Instagram Post Not Showing on Profile? Try This


Instagram allows users to view their posts on their profile pages, but sometimes users will notice a post or two missing from their pages.

Why is My Instagram Post Not Showing Up on My Profile

When using Instagram, users can experience problems that are either unique to them or other users. The issue of people not seeing their posts has been experienced by many users, which led to Instagram releasing an app update. Unfortunately, some individuals still face this problem.

If you fail to see your posts, this could be because of a bug or internet connectivity. If you are the only one who can not see your posts and other users are not experiencing the same problem, check your connectivity. Once you have established that your connection is not poor and still can not see your posts, you can report the issue to Instagram.

What To Do If Instagram Isn’t Showing Your Posts

Update your app

If you can not see your posts because of a bug, you will need to wait for an app update to resolve the issue. Some people opt for automatic updates while some don’t; you will need to update the app manually if you don’t have automatic updates.

To update Instagram on your Android device, follow these steps:

· On your Android smartphone, launch the Google Play Store application.

· Search for “Instagram” in the search area at the top of the page, and then pick Instagram from the list of suggested results that appears.

· To the right of the Instagram app listing, select the Update option.

To update Instagram on your iPhone:

· On your iOS device, launch the App Store application.

· A “search” option will get found in the bottom menu.

· Search for “Instagram” in the search area at the top of the page and then pick Instagram from the list of results that appear.

· To the right of the Instagram app listing, select the Update option.

· Once the app has completed its update, touch Open to navigate to Instagram or select Additional to get more information about the upgrade.

Reload the page

When you can not view your posts, you should reload your Instagram page. It will generally fix any minor issues you may face with your Instagram. Once you reload your page, you will see all of your posts on your page.

Clear cache

If stored data rises, the device may become more sluggish. Unlike Android, iOS does not enable you to wipe data the same way you can on Android. When you Offload the app (remove part of the stored data taken up), all your documents and files will remain intact. The same results may get obtained by removing and reinstalling the app on Android. You’ll need to turn off the iCloud backup feature to prevent restoring the app.

As you may have heard, cleaning cache is not the same as clearing data. It is usually advisable to clear your cache, and you should do it regularly. On the other hand, clearing data will entirely wipe out your app, requiring you to sign in again. To clear the cache:

· Go to the Settings menu.

· Select Apps & Notifications from the drop-down menu. On several Android skins, you may use only Apps.

· Include all applications.

· Open Instagram by selecting it from the list of available applications.

· Select Storage and cache from the drop-down menu.

· Choose to clear the cache.

· Alternatively, you may press Clear data to erase all of your data. Sign in to Instagram once again.

Fix your internet connection

The most common motive for not seeing your posts on a profile page is that the website is not loading correctly on your device. It is often due to an unreliable internet connection, which may get easily rectified by restarting your computer. Following your connection to a WiFi network, refresh the page to see if any changes have occurred. If there are no improvements, contact Instagram to report the problem.

Report the issue to Instagram

If your internet connection is good and you have tried reloading the page, and you still can’t see your posts, you should report the issue to Instagram. When reporting, you need to explain what the issue is and what you tried to resolve the problem. They will look into the matter and get back to you. You may e surprised to learn that someone reported the post, and it got taken down, which is why you can not see it anymore on your page.

The Takeaway

If you have an Instagram problem, there is no such thing as an Instagram assistance email address. Unfortunately, there is no phone number or form of direct contact to have your Instagram problem resolved. But don’t be alarmed. Instagram does provide a comprehensive Help Centre that has solutions to the majority of common difficulties. If you fail to resolve your posts not showing, you can head to the help center and get an answer.

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