Instagram Name Unavailable But Not In Use? Here’s What To Do

Whenever you’re trying to put up an Instagram username, but it says it’s not available is so bothersome because being in the same situation makes you relate more. However, I was aware the username was available.

Instagram reserves your previous username for 14 days when you modify it. It is in case you want to switch it back.

Whenever you open “Edit Profile” and then press the username field, the notification reads, “Mostly in these cases, and you can change the username to (blank) for some other 14 days.” This 14-day feature can irritate username swappers, secure users with the profile names.

It means if you’re reserving a specific name, you’ll have to hold for 14 days to mark your last switch. The user id you are attempting to use might be banned, which is unlikely.

If a consumer is banned for inappropriate behavior, their username is not returned to the set of possible usernames. Deleted login names may also get included in this list. Or the usernames contain forbidden or inappropriate words.

This scenario is terrible because there is no way to know if the preferred username is banned. If that’s the case, the only solution is choosing a different username. Experiment with adding numbers, periods, abbreviations, or underscores. Verify that profile name yet another time to ensure it isn’t linked to an existing account.

Why Do You Find Instagram Username Unavailable?

The username you wish to take has been utilized before, and at the moment, is not linked to any account but cannot be utilized again due to the following reasons:

1. The account proprietor deactivated their account permanently.

2. The account is disabled temporarily by the owner.

3. Instagram has deleted the information due to Violating the terms of Instagram.

One of the reasons above is why a username you want to choose for your accounts is unavailable, but you cannot find I when you search Instagram.

Once a username is taken, if the account gets disabled or deleted for any reason, the username remains on the Instagram databases, and that’s why you cannot re-use it.

How to Find a Favorite Instagram Username

Verify out sites like when you’re brainstorming business names.

Before deciding on a company name, use Namechkr and Namechk!

Type your desired business name into the search bar to see if it is available and, if so, on which social media platforms. If the name you want isn’t accessible on any social media site, it’s likely that someone else already owns the URL; you’ll have to restart your search for a new business name.

Even if you think you’ve come up with the best name for your company and are convinced it’s clever, witty, marketable, and just right, if you can’t get the web URL or social manages to go with it, it’s useless!

If your client already has a business name and you need to incorporate Instagram into their social networking mix, check availability on Instagram.

If the Instagram login name your customer wishes is already taken, there are some things you can do to help them get their hands on it.

What To Do If An Instagram Username Is Unavailable But No One Is Using It

There’s a straightforward way to accomplish this. You can recover a deleted Instagram username by simply entering your username, and you must first verify your identity.

Many users face the problem of getting their Instagram username back after it has been deleted, either intentionally or accidentally. If this occurs, it appears that there is nothing that can get done to recover the deleted Instagram username.

Obtaining Inactive Instagram Usernames

It is not impossible to gain access to an inactive Instagram account, but this is not always an international prestige.

We’ve created a list of methods people have used to access non-active Instagram pages to obtain their desired username. What may or may not do for you is listed below.

Directly DM the Nonactive Account

It ought to be your initial attempt. There’s a chance that an inactive account’s email or account is being watched. Send a Direct Message.

If you get a reaction after sending a DM, you’ll need to decide what to do next.

• Request that your client’s Instagram account be transferred to them.

• If you have a mark on the name, demand that the account be decided to hand over.

• Provide a monetary reward for transferring the profile to your client.

Request Access to Instagram

You can request access to a non-active Instagram account. This activity does not always succeed, but it is an option to consider.

Get in touch with Facebook Ad Support

Going through your Facebook Ad rep to resolve this issue has worked for many of our colleague Social Media Managers. We recommend reaching out to them to fix a problem if you have a representative.

Show Trademark Proof

Suppose your company has a trademark on the title, and somebody is using this. In that case, you can send a cease-and-desist letter describing the trademark law and requesting that the account be handed over, as well as providing Instagram with evidence of trademark ownership. NOTE: You may need the help of an attorney to resolve this issue.

How To Claim an Inactive Instagram Username Qithout A Trademark?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve lost over 40 followers. To optimize their database, Instagram deleted fake or inactive Instagram accounts. If you don’t have the trademark, you’ll have to wait for a similar opportunity to grab the username you desire

If your Instagram profile has 5000 or more supporters, you can track the number of people who follow you. Suppose you lose a lot of followers in a day. In that case, it means Instagram has eliminated a lot of inactive or fictitious transactions from their directory – Make an immediate attempt to secure the username you desire.

If you cannot connect directly to the Instagram user you desire, you must proceed.

The next thing is to look for a suitable alternative Instagram username.