Insignia TV Screen Black? Try These 7 Fixes

Insignia Fire TV Screen Black

Some of you may be unfamiliar with the name, but it can be summarized as the “value” firm to which most smart TV buyers will turn for their smart TV needs. Allowing the fact that they are a cheap brand to taint your perception of them is not recommended.

The only thing about these televisions on a budget is the price tag. In terms of features and functionality, there isn’t much of a difference between Insignias and a standard-issue Samsung. As a result, you have effectively obtained a feature-rich piece of engineering at a fraction of the cost.

Due to this, and no doubt that Insignia is Best Buy’s distinctive brand, these televisions have been enormously popular over the past several years.

There will inevitably be a time when one or more of the components may fail the team, resulting in your television experiencing a “break.” However, in the instance of the problem you are experiencing, the blank screen problem, the news may not be too bad. If your Insignia fire tv is black, there are several fixes you can try t rectify the problem.

Why Is My Insignia TV Screen Black?

Have problems with your Insignia Fire TV showing a black screen? If this is the case, don’t be alarmed; this is a typical problem with Insignia TVs that are Fire TV editions.

We instantly attribute the Insignia Fire TV’s lighting malfunction to a hardware failure; however, this is not always the case. There is still a significant likelihood that it was caused by a minor software bug or an internal settings dispute.

When the Insignia Fire TV displays has no picture, it is most likely due to a problem with the HDMI cable or a conflict between the internal settings. It would be best to do a hard reset on your television and double-check the cords to resolve this.

It typically resolves the problem and allows you to resume using your television. Still, there are situations when we cannot resolve the issue entirely, so I have developed this thorough tutorial to make the procedure easier.

If your Insignia fire tv has no picture, it might be because of:

1. Power Supply Board Failure

Typically, a defect in the power supply board is the most common reason for a blank television screen. In general, televisions have more than just a power supply board, which is also connected to a T-con board and other internal components.

Connecting the TV to an independent power source will allow you to identify if the problem is with the power supply. As long as it works, the problem is not with the TV but the power socket.

2. Backlight Error

It is the first item to check to rule out the possibility of backlight failure. The quickest and most straightforward method is to turn on your computer’s screen, hold a flashlight extremely close to it, and see whether you can see the picture.

The image would be highly black as if the screen’s brightness had gotten turned down to the lowest possible setting. If it is entirely dark, it may be necessary to shine an intense light directly on the screen, but you can still hear the audio.

If an image can be seen on the screen, this indicates that the screen’s lighting element has failed. Because Insignia televisions are self-contained units with few tiny parts that can get changed, this problem would need the replacement of the complete screen. The cost of replacing your television would be less expensive than simply replacing the screen.

3. TV Panel Issue

LED panels on television displays are made up of light-emitting diodes. Modern LED panel displays are built on a light-emitting diode that is no larger than the head of a pin, making them more compact.

If your tv panel has gotten damaged, the picture quality of your screen will be affected, or you will have no pictures on your display. While some people get their tv panels replaced, it can be cheaper to get a new tv set.

You can research how much it will cost you to replace the tv panel and have someone fix it for you compared to getting a new tv.

4. Bad Connections

If your TV screen goes black, but the sound continues to play, it might be a consequence of various difficulties depending on the type of television you have.

In some instances, the faults that arise from intelligent devices are unpredictably unexpected since they might be technical, factory-related, or simple mistakes like incorrect wiring.

A faulty connection or wiring might cause your TV screen to blank completely. The connecting cords may double-check to ensure that the power supply, television, and other gadgets are adequately connected.

5. Sleep Timer

An auto-sleep feature is often found in devices with dedicated screens, and it turns off or dims the display after a certain amount of inactivity. Because of this, you are experiencing difficulty with your device today.

When the device does not get any basic commands, like ‘volume down,’ it goes into sleep mode, which is why you are experiencing a problem today. There are two different sorts of auto sleep features available on smartphones.

Auto-sleep has several effects; one of them forces all system instructions to shut down and enter a state of hibernation. The screen will get turned off, but so will the majority of the apps operating on your device.

It is virtually identical to turning off the computer. The primary difference is that the computer will boot up quickly since all of the processes have been saved in the device’s memory. The sleep timer could cause your issues, and turning it off could come in handy.

6. Capacitor Issue

A capacitor serves as a storage capacitor for electric charge, storing and releasing electricity in exact amounts required by the application.

Capacitors are found in dozens of different types of television, and they get utilized as couplers between circuits, timing components, and electronic filters.

Capacitors are found within every electrical device, and they store and transmit the charge to and from the course. A single faulty capacitor might cause the entire circuit to come to a grinding halt.

On the other hand, this might result in black screen troubles over time. As a result, it is preferable to address the problem as soon as possible. The most secure method is to take your vehicle to an approved service shop and have the internal components inspected.

However, if you are sufficiently brave, you may remove the rear panel and determine whether or not the capacitors are dead for yourself. Bulged or leaky ones should get avoided at all costs.

How to Fix Insignia TV Black Screen

Suppose your television is less than a year old and is still covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. The power supply or the rear light inverter board may be malfunctioning if a warranty does not cover the product.

Both circuit boards are easily replaceable. You may determine whether you have a malfunctioning backlight inverter by shining a flashlight near the screen when your television is turned on and looking at it at a 45-degree angle (see illustration).

If you have a dark video playing in the background, or if the video is playing, then you have a backlight board failure, which is described as follows: If there is no video, the problem is with the power source.

To fix your Insignia fire tv:

1. Check and Replug Cables Correctly

If any of your wires are loosely connected, they will not be able to transfer enough signal to have any significant effect. It is usual for this to result in an entirely blank screen when this occurs.

As a result, to rule out this option, we will need first to unhook all of your cords. Then all you have to do is link them as firmly as possible and try them again.

If nothing is working at this time, we would also recommend that you inspect all of your cables for signs of wear and tear. Fraying along the length of each cable should be observed with particular attention.

If you find anything that doesn’t appear to be quite right, the only thing you can do is replace the offending item with a brand new one right away. Hopefully, this has resolved the issue for you at this point.

2. Power Cycle

Although this step may appear to be far too basic ever to be helpful, it is an excellent place to begin when dealing with issues such as these.

It works so frequently that IT professionals often joke that they would be out of a job if customers only tried this method first before contacting for assistance instead. Any gadget can benefit from being restarted since it gives it the much-needed rest that it requires.

Consider that these devices are frequently left on or in standby mode for months at a time. In many circumstances, a few hours of sleep will be beneficial. As an added benefit, performing a power cycle eliminates any problems that may have gotten collected over time.

Running a power cycle is a simple activity, but it cannot get accomplished using the remote control. It is necessary to completely unplug the television to realize the benefits of a power cycle fully. It will prevent any power from being sent to the device.

Leave it like that for a couple of minutes, and it will be ready to use again. It is then possible to plug it back in and test if everything is functioning correctly. If that’s the case, that’s fantastic. If this is not the case, it is time to proceed to the following stage.

3. Factory Reset

If the Insignia Fire TV encounters a problem with its software or internal settings, it may display a Black Screen with no picture. To rule out a software or firmware issue, you must do a Factory Reset on the device.

It is the most typical method of resolving any problems with the TV, and it is also the one advised by the official Amazon customer service.

Make sure, however, that you have carefully followed all of the stages leading up to this point. Recall that factory resetting your smartphone will delete all downloaded material, including in-app purchases, from your device.

If you’re wondering how to choose an option on a blank screen, don’t be concerned; all you have to do is follow the instructions, and the choice will be selected for you automatically within a few seconds. Using your remote, perform the following steps to factory reset your Insignia Fire TV device:

  1. Unplug any expanded storage or other wires that are plugged in, such as those for a soundbar.
  2. Then, for 10 seconds, press and hold the Back button and the right side of the navigation circle together.
  3. The TV screen will continue with the factory reset or cancel entirely.
  4. If you do not select to restart the device, it will do so automatically after a few more seconds.

4. Disable Power Saver Mode

The Insignia HD TV is equipped with simple power-saving features that everyone may take advantage of while watching television. The Energy Saving function in Insignia TV adjusts your television’s brightness to limit the amount of electricity consumed by the device.

It can also aid in the reduction of eye tiredness, which is particularly noticeable in dim and gloomy environments. It is undoubtedly the most attractive feature to utilize during the day, although you may have to switch back to it at night.

A generic ‘power-saving mode’ can be activated at any time. After that, you have the choice of selecting between low, medium, or maximum power savings. A high contrast ratio is preferable when watching movies in a dark environment since the screen doesn’t need to be too bright.

After that, the medium and low settings get gradually brighter. Another alternative is to enable auto-sleep mode on your computer. The TV can go to sleep and enter an automatic power-saving mode while it is on the home screen and has not been interacted with for a while.

The Insignia tv allows you to customize the time it takes to activate this mode by changing the settings. It is pretty simple to go through these configuration options without consulting the instructions.

You can find them on the first page of the settings, and they are straightforward to use. If your Insignia tv has no picture, you will have to switch off power saver mode in your settings.

5. Change the HDMI Cable

If your Fire TV consistently displays a black screen, you’re not using the correct HDMI output. Most televisions have numerous HDMI ports, so use your TV remote to cycle through the various TV inputs to discover if this was the source of the problem. Make sure you’re looking at the suitable HDMI output.

It is critical to ensure that your connections are not loosely attached or damaged; otherwise, they will not be able to transmit enough signals to allow your Insignia tv to work effectively.

It includes any HDMI cables you may be using and your main power cord if you have one. Usually, this results in a screen that is entirely blank, distorted, or flickers intermittently. As a result, before we can rule out the potential of this happening, we must first detach all of the cords.

After that, all you’ll have to do is reconnect them as firmly as possible. Most people who have put HDMI cables on their walls are ill-equipped to remove them if a connection becomes damaged. You may either repair the damaged connection yourself or hire someone to do it.

6. TV Power Board Replacement

The power board is responsible for converting the alternating current line voltage into the lower voltages necessary for the functioning of the television. Typically, a single power supply/distribution board is used to regulate the power of the entire tv set.

A defect later in the power distribution area can only impact a single source for a single location on the TV if it occurs later in the power distribution region.

Typical examples include the backlight (which is almost certainly LED), the display processing (which may be on a different board), and the signal processing (tuner, Internet, etc.)

Most of the time, a failure in this area will result in things lighting up but not presenting an image. If you have confidence in your ability to use a screwdriver, replacing the power supply board is a straightforward task.

Many screws must be removed, and there are possibly several different connectors, but no special tools or equipment are required.

There is one item that ought to get mentioned. While you might be able to fix it for the cost of the parts and your time alone, once you add a repair professional, the economics might drastically alter.

7. Check the TV Installation

Nowadays, the installation of televisions is an entirely different beast than it was 20 years ago. Previously, the installation consisted of purchasing a tv, connecting it in, and tweaking the antenna until you had a clear picture on your screen.

Nowadays, one missed a step and not joining the cables will leave you with a faulty tv. If your Insignia tv has no picture, the issue may be with installation. Check if your tv got installed correctly, and if it wasn’t, you could call in the professionals.

8. Replace Your Insignia

Since replacing your Insignia TV is the fix you probably didn’t want to hear, if you’ve found that your TV is damaged and the problem is deeper since you’re unable to get rid of the black screen, you’ll need to get it replaced.

If you have experience repairing your TV and you have the appropriate tools, you can get it repaired. If not, you’ll need to go to a repair store that can get your TV repaired.

If a repair store isn’t around, you can replace your Insignia Fire TV (view on Amazon). If you’ve been experiencing problems with your Insignia TV, replacing it will get rid of any issues especially if they’re being caused by a hardware problem. Insignia TVs are relatively cheap and having one that functions properly is crucial for entertainment in your home.

9. Contact Amazon

If you’ve tried all the fixes and for some reason, you still cant fix the black screen issue on your insignia, the last option is to contact Amazon for a fix. If you couldn’t fix it, it looks like there’s a deeper issue that needs to be diagnosed and repaired.

You’ll need to give more info on your TV’s model on the Amazon website, then you have the option to message them through their messaging system, call them, or request service so that they’ll fix your TV.

The Conclusion

A defective HDMI cable may be the source of problems with your television display. Even though your HDMI cable does not appear to be broken, it may malfunction due to a short or result of constant use.

If it is entirely dark, it may be necessary to shine an intense light directly on the screen, but you can still hear the audio. If there is no picture visible, one or both of the following items may need to be replaced: the light or the Light Sensor.

Through troubleshooting your tv, you can find why your tv has no picture. The fixes in this article will help you get your photos back on tv; if not, you may need to get a new tv.

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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