If Someone Blocked Me Will They Still Get My Texts?

If Someone Blocked Me Will They Still Get My Texts?

Have you had the feeling that one or a couple of your contacts have blocked you for whatever reason? And while thinking of texting them, you ask yourself if they can still get the messages from your blocked number.

Well, let’s demystify this conundrum!

If Someone Blocked Me Will They Still Get My Texts?

No, they won’t get your texts. The whole point of blocking is to stop receiving calls and texts from someone. Of course if they block you and you turn on no caller id, and call them, then they’ll get your call. However, the same can’t be done for texting.

How to Know If They Didn’t Receive My Texts

Once someone blocks you, you will not receive any responses to the texts you send them. If it’s only a suspicion, there are several ways you can confirm the same.

Keep in mind, however, that undelivered messages leading to failed responses may also result from technical issues or the personal incapacities of the recipient.

Here are some of the ways to ascertain whether your messages were received

1. No Delivery Prompts: 

In most messaging apps, once the messages are sent, the sender will see two checkmarks against the sent message. If the message was sent but not delivered only one checkmark will appear. This is one of the most unquestionable indications of blocking.

This, however, could be a result of poor network coverage or that the phone’s network receiver is faulty.   

2. Voicemail Calls

If you attempt to call the person and the call goes straight to voicemail, then this could be an indication of being blocked. However, this may also occur if his/her phone is off, or they are within areas of poor network reception.

3. Missing Profile Photo  

If you send messages to someone and you do not know whether they received them, you can check if their profile picture is visible. If it’s not, then the person might have added you to a block list and your messages were not received. Additionally, any changes made to their profile may not be noticeable to you.

4. Missing Online Statuses and Last Seen 

Some communication platforms such as WhatsApp, have the provision of displaying is a user is online and/or when they were last seen online. If you discover that this information is constantly unavailable, then this could mean that you have been blocked and your messages are not being received.

5. Add Participant to a Group

You may also consider adding the questionable person to a group. If this operation is impossible, then chances are that you are in their block list and your messages are not being received.

How Do I Get My Texts Delivered to Them?

If you are on someone’s block list, obviously there could be a legitimate cause for this. Blockers do this to draw boundaries between themselves and others with whom they feel uncomfortable to talk to.

Navigating around the block is attainable through other channels that I will discuss shortly, however, if you are doing this without a legit reason, it might be considered harassment or cyberbullying.  

See below how you can bypass the block through other channels;

1. Other Social Media Platforms

You may consider using a different platform to relay your message. For instance, if you have not been blocked on, say, Facebook, you can leave a message there explaining your reason for contacting the person. But, beyond everything, you have to be polite and reasonable to attract an audience.  

2. Email

You may also send a respectful and humble email to express your kind regards or apologies to your blocker it was you who faulted. Communicating via email always shows seriousness and formality. Once you are accorded an audience, you can go ahead and make amends.

3. Mutual friends

One way to get your messages across to your blocker is through associates and friends whom you share. Asking a friend to leave a polite message to them requesting that they unblock you might work.

You can choose any willing person to relay the message and even further mediate between the two of you.

5. Physical Visit

The physical visit approach should be the last resort, and should only be used if all the others have failed. Additionally, reaching out through this approach must mean that the information you want to pass is very crucial or requires immediate attention from your blocker. You will not want to be a victim of trespassing or personal space intrusion.

6. Get Them to Unblock You

You got blocked because the user wanted to remain far from you, not just physically, but also in the digital world. If you wish to make amends, then you must approach the circumstance with respect, humility, and patience. You can try the following steps.

Apologize and Ask Politely

Like any other human being who makes mistakes, you may want to start with an apology. If a chance presents itself, be it on another platform or through a friend, you can ask nicely to be unblocked. You may also mention any issues that culminated in this while you express how sorry you are.

Give It Time and Space

After handing your apology and asking politely to be unblocked, you may want to allow the person some time to think about it. Do not mount pressure on them to unblock you.   

Demonstrate change of behaviour

If you find yourself in this situation because of past mistakes, and you have apologized to the person, you will also want to demonstrate a change in behaviour through actions that will reflect a commitment to candid engagements moving forward.

Respect their choice

In some cases, you will find adamant people who will stand by their decision whatsoever. In such a scenario, where the person refuses to unblock you completely, you will want to leave at that and simply move on. This is the point where you learn from your mistakes and avoid such occurrences in the future.  

Caution: Message Them on Another Platform

Texting via another platform after being blocked will call for extreme caution, respect, and humility. You will want to consider the next steps very carefully:

  • You will want to select the right platform for this negotiation. Choose one which you have not been blocked and also where your text will be accorded attention
  • Be honest and precise in the first step. Identify yourself and proceed to your reason for reaching out on a different platform.
  • Use a respectful tone to explain yourself if you have a legitimate reason.
  • Apologize in a humble tone, especially if your actions led to this block.
  • Allow them to control the conversation immediately after you are given an audience.
  • Wait patiently and accept the decision irrespective of the outcome. Don’t push it if they remain adamant.

Caution: Message Them Using Another Number

Similar to using a different communication platform, using another number after being blocked may evoke hostile reactions if you are not respectful and precise. The following steps will guide you to get off the block list using a different number.

  • If there is an emergency, you may send a respectful and concise explanation of the nature of the emergency
  • Make it very brief and begin by introducing yourself
  • Use a proper tone (respectful) while explaining yourself. Avoid any antagonistic or devious language.
  • Ensure you send one comprehensive message. Do not spam their inbox
  • Accept the feedback you get. Refrain from exerting pressure to be unblocked.
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