How to Watch Random Instagram Lives 2024

How to Watch Random Instagram Lives

Can You Watch Random Instagram Live

The answer is yes. You can watch random Instagram lives. This can mainly be done by going to the explore page as well as following more people. There isn’t a specific place to go to watch random Instagram lives, but there are specific things you can do.

How to Watch Random Instagram Lives

To watch an Instagram live video is easier than you think. There isn’t any scientific method for you to abide by to open a live video on Instagram.

Some of those alternatives include looking at your Instagram notifications to see who went live, going on your Instagram explore page to see who is live from there, you can follow more people who post content on their Instagram on a regular basis, or check out the person’s TikTok to see if they are postings a live video.

Some people would never believe that when someone is posting a video on TikTok, that same user can be live on Instagram simultaneously.

All of these methods seem quite incredible. So, let’s dive into the first method to see if it works for you! The first method is checking your Instagram notifications to see who went live. 

1. Look At Your Instagram Notifications to See Who Just Went Live

If you want to see who is live on Instagram, it is best to leave your notifications accessible and open on your personal device. In order to receive notifications of someone going live, it is beneficial to ensure that your notifications are turned on in your settings for Instagram. 

Whenever someone goes live on Instagram, if you follow that person, you will immediately get a notification that they have gone live and the video content is ready to view. 

To ensure your Instagram notifications, you can do the following:

1. On your Android device, open your settings application. From there, scroll down until you see apps and notifications.

2. Next, after your list of apps is shown, scroll down and select the Instagram app.

3. After tapping on Instagram, the properties for the app will appear. On the properties page, you should see a tab that says notifications.

4. Tap on notifications and toggle the switch on to turn on your Instagram notifications if the switch is off.

1. For iPhone users, to turn on your Instagram notifications, open your Settings app. Next, tap on notifications.

2. From the notifications style menu, find the Instagram app and tap on it.

3. Finally, tap the toggle next to allow notifications to switch the notifications on for Instagram. Once you toggle the notifications on, the toggle will turn green.

Along with ensuring your notifications are turned on, one notification to be on the lookout for is when you log into your Instagram; on your feeds screen, you will see a banner of profiles at the top of your page.

That banner will show all of the current activity of all of your followers and the people you are following. If someone has gone live, their profile icon will be highlighted with a pulsating circle around it, and the word live in the center of the profile icon.

Overall, if you want to know if someone has gone live, ensure your notifications are turned on and pay close attention to notifications when you sign into your Instagram. 

2. Go on Your Instagram Explore Page And Look

The next alternative is to go to your Instagram Explorer page to search for users who may be live on Instagram.

Your Instagram Explorer is a page developed for you to search multiple users and their content based on your interests and other possible similar interests.

When you use your Instagram Explorer, you can see people you follow, your followers, and many other Instagram users who have posted recent content. You can also search on your Instagram Explorer page for other Instagram accounts.

So, if you are looking for someone in particular to see if they have gone live, you can use your Instagram Explorer page to type in their username to be redirected to their profile. 

To access your Instagram Explorer page, first, you need to open your Instagram app. Next, tap on the magnifying glass located at the bottom of the screen.

After tapping the magnifying glass, you will be redirected to a screen that shows a roster of recent posts from people that you follow and other similar accounts of other Instagram users.

You will have the chance to scroll through all of the recent posts, select one, tap on the user’s profile icon located in the top left corner of the post, and you will be redirected to their profile page.

Once you are on their profile homepage, check to see if their profile picture has a pulsating circle around it with the word live in the center of it. This is a way to indicate if the user is live on Instagram.

As you see, your Instagram Explorer page can be useful in more ways than one. In other words, it is useful not only for searching through interesting content of your followers and other Instagram users, but you’re able to see if any users are online and have gone live. 

To know if someone has gone live on Instagram requires you to pay close attention. Paying attention doesn’t just adhere to the people you are following and your followers, but also other random account users on Instagram. 

When you are searching on the Instagram Explorer page, you mostly come across content from people who are not on your list of followers, nor are you following them.

So, if you have no intention of following a random account, the best way to keep track of that account is by using your Instagram Explorer page.

This alternative is essential if you don’t want a long list of people you are following rather than followers. So, if you want to keep that to a minimum, utilizing your Instagram Explorer page would be the best alternative to follow through with.

3. Follow More People So Someone’s Regularly Live

Another alternative to take advantage of is the follow button on your Instagram. In other words, if you want to see people that have gone live, you may want to consider following more people.

The more individuals you follow, the greater your chances are of seeing accounts that have gone live.

Although it was mentioned in the previous step to utilize your Instagram Explorer page to minimize your following list, if that is not working for you, you may want to consider this approach instead.

Not saying that one alternative is better than the other, but using the method to follow as many Instagram users as possible allows you to take the initiative to build a greater probability of viewing live content from random Instagram accounts.

One way to utilize this method is to follow more people with the same interests as you or follow individuals that post content based on your interests, such as celebrities or individuals who have built a career based on your interests.

These are the type of individuals who will not only consistently post content but these people will frequently go live.

Using this method can be quite fun. Consider this as a treasure hunt for amazing Instagram live content. And the only way for you to conquer this treasure hunt is to follow as many people as possible that contribute to your interest.

And what’s awesome about this method is that you don’t only have to utilize it for people who contribute to your interest. You can follow other accounts that are similar or accounts that are different from the content you normally view.

The point of this information is for you to see random live content on Instagram. So, if you want to see random live content, follow as many people as you can.

When you follow a vast amount of people, you will have a greater probability of someone going live.

Just remember, before you start following a zillion people, ensure that your notifications are active, so you don’t miss a live post from one of your random Instagram followers or someone you are following.

4. Look For TikTok Lives and Go to Their Instagram Profile. They’ll Always Be Live on Instagram Too

The last alternative on the menu is to look for live videos from TikTok users. Since many people across the world have access to multiple social media platforms, whenever someone goes live on one platform, they will eventually be active on the other simultaneously.

This is something that is pretty common amongst mainstream celebrities such as Amanda Seal and Cardi B and your favorite local or social media celebrities such as famous YouTubers.

People going live simultaneously on multiple apps has been a trend for quite some time now. This is the way for users to get their content out to the world and in a guaranteed fashion. Besides, when some people go live on multiple apps, they are using multiple devices.

So, if one device happens to die due to a low battery, the other device will remain running allowing the live video to continue.

Most likely, when someone has gone live on TikTok, it’s possible they are also live on Instagram simultaneously.

The best way for you to know this is still to open your TikTok and scroll through your content to see if someone has gone live on the app. If that person has gone live on TikTok, they will tell you in the video if they have gone live on another platform.

Suppose it is not mentioned by the user. In that case, if you already know their Instagram username, you can immediately search their username on Instagram and open their live video to watch it there.

If you don’t have the TikTok app, if you are an Android consumer, you can download the app from the Google Play Store on your device.

If you are an iOS consumer, you can download the application from the App Store. 

Having the TikTok app on hand is a quick second alternative if you want to know if someone has gone live on Instagram.

As it was stated earlier, with so many people having accounts with multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and so many more popular apps, if someone has gone live on one of the apps, most likely they have gone live on the other application as well.

In some cases, if you follow someone on TikTok or other social media platforms, the user of that account will notify their followers if they are going to be live on another second-hand application.

You will mostly catch this information if this is someone that you follow on a regular basis and you keep up with all of their content. So, along with checking TikTok for live videos, be mindful of other social media platforms to see if someone has gone live simultaneously with Instagram.


Many Instagram users across the world wanted to know if you could watch random Instagram live content. To answer that question straightforwardly and again, yes, you can watch random live Instagram content.

Many people didn’t believe it was possible because most people thought you could only view the content of the person or people you are following. Well, if you thought that way, you were wrong.

You have the option to keep a close eye on your Instagram notifications to see who has gone live, utilize your Instagram Explorer page to search random content, follow as many people as possible to have a greater chance of someone going live, and lastly, check the TikTok app to see if someone has gone live on TikTok.

Because if someone is posting a live video on TikTok, they are most likely sharing the same live video on Instagram at the same moment.

To broaden your horizons by consuming random content on Instagram, if you want to keep a close eye on random live videos, remember this informative archive of useful tips. When you consider all of the information in this article, you will be able to view all of the lives you wish.

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