How to Tell If Someone Unmatched You on Tinder


It’s a fact of life that every possible romantic connection could end as fast as Thanos’ snaps his fingers. The spark was there, and then it’s gone. What happened? Did you do something wrong? You might have, but they equally could have as well. And dating apps like Tinder aren’t the exception to the rule. In fact, heartbreaks could happen faster on dating apps.

For one reason or another, you want to know if someone unmatched you on Tinder. It can be a frustrating experience—totally understandable. You might feel that you need to internalize their reasoning if they would be willing to give it. Unfortunately, that’s dangerous territory.

The hard trust is that you two simply didn’t click in the way that you hoped. The sting is felt even worse when you thought the conversation was going well, and hey, it may have been. However, the other person most likely felt different. Just because you both swiped right doesn’t guarantee love, it means you two had common interests and from there love might be found. But it wasn’t.

How to Tell If Someone Unmatched You on Tinder

With that being said, is it possible to tell if someone unmatched you on Tinder? Short answer: no. Long answer: Still no, but there are a few hints you can latch onto. The easiest way to tell if someone could have potentially unmatched you on Tinder is to check if their profile is still in your matches. When their profile was in your matches but has now disappeared, chances are that they unmatched you.

Although it’s more likely that they just deleted their account or that tinder suspended it, there are some cases where people would have gone to your profile to click the unmatch button.

Eliminate the Possibility of Errors

One of the first steps you should take is eliminating the possibility that Tinder glitched out. Perhaps you and your match were having a conversation and she seemingly disappeared. Either he/she ghosted you or maybe there was an error.

Here’s what you do:

1. Start by shutting down Tinder completely and rebooting it. Use your device’s app manager to Force Stop it. If you have an Android device, head into Settings > Apps > Tinder > Force Stop.

2. Once Tinder reboots, check your matches again. Still nothing? Then logout and log back in. While in Tinder, open Settings. Scroll down your Settings until you come to Logout. Go ahead and do so. Log back in and check again.

If you checked your matches and nothing changed, then you may have been unmatched. There’s still one other option you have.

Understanding Flags and Blocks

When Tinder presents you with possible matches, and you click with one of them, Tinder makes note of that. If you two fall off each other’s radar and you are unmatched, Tinder takes note of that as well. In fact, Tinder even steps in when that happens.

When you or someone unmatches with you, or blocks, you will no longer see that person in your stack of possible matches. They’ll never show up again. Tinder flags their account and intentionally hides their profile from showing up again.

However, that isn’t the end. It’s possible to see them again if you or they reset your Tinder account. When your account is reset, flags and blocks are removed and you two will appear on each other’s radars again. Is it worth it? Definitely not, and if you go to great lengths to see them again, you might be on Tinder for the wrong reasons. If they unmatched you, respect their wishes and move forward.

If Someone Unmatched You on Tinder Does The Conversation Disappear

When someone unmatched you on Tinder, the conversation you’ve had with them does disappear. This doesn’t mean to say that every time a conversation disappears the person unmatched you, it just means that there’s a chance that they unmatched you. Other reasons could be that they blocked you, or that their account was suspended.

Bottom Line

If it didn’t hit you yet, there’s no way of knowing who unmatched you. Hints maybe, but nothing concrete. Tinder doesn’t give you that kind of information, nor are they going to anytime soon. Think about it: if you knew who unmatched you on Tinder, what would you do with that information? You might say, ‘I wouldn’t do anything to harm them,’ and sure, you might be genuine. But that’s you. Other people might.

In other words, if people knew who unmatched them, some individuals would take it too far. Not everyone handles rejection well, and because of that, no one should know who unmatched you on Tinder on the basis of safety. It’s best to take the rejection, internalize it if you must, and move on. It’s okay, buddy. It simply didn’t work out. What matters is getting back on the saddle and trying again.


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