How to Stop Instagram From Saving Posts to Camera Roll

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As soon as your Instagram post is uploaded, Instagram will save this version to your camera roll. If you post many pictures, it may be annoying when you see the picture come up in your gallery – especially if your iPhone is running out of storage space. Fortunately, you can stop your Instagram pictures from saving to your camera roll.

How to Stop Instagram From Saving Posts to Camera Roll

1. Toggle Off Save Original Photos

1. Open Instagram.

2. Tap on Profile in the lower-right corner. This is the icon with your profile picture in it.

3. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner.

4. Tap on Settings in the options.

5. Select Account.

6. Tap Original Photos.

Toggle Off Original Photos

7. Toggle Off Original Photos. It should go from green to white.

New uploads won’t be saved to your camera roll when toggled off. If you want them to autosave, you can turn this Setting on.

2. Disable Photo Permissions

You have the option to disable photo permissions. When you turn off Save Original Images, any pictures taken with the app’s camera will not be saved to your camera roll but will get deleted.

However, the original version will remain on your camera’s hard drive once you’ve posted it. You do not want the initial photo-saving option to be used anymore. Then go to your device’s general settings, click Instagram, and select Photos from the menu.

Keep in mind that even if your iPhone retains the photographs you upload to Instagram, you can permanently manually remove them from the Instagram album inside the Photos app. You may select one of the following options for Instagram on your phone’s Instagram settings page:

  • Read and Write are required if you wish to utilize your phone’s native camera app to take images and then upload them to Instagram from within it. However, remember that the original photos will be stored on your camera roll.
  • When you choose Never, Instagram will be unable to read or write from your camera roll as it would otherwise. As a result, Instagram will be unable to save any of the photos it has posted to the camera roll. If you want to take photos using the Instagram app’s camera but don’t want them to save to your camera, roll them, this is the option for you.

To disable Photo permissions:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Select Privacy
  3. Select Photos from the drop-down menu of Privacy options.
  4. Find Instagram and toggle the switch off

3. Don’t Post on Instagram

Currently, Instagram is the undisputed ruler of the Social Media kingdom. With more than a billion active users on the app, it’s safe to tell everyone you know may have the app installed on their phone.

Fortunately, Instagram is not the only social media platform you can use. Apart from TikTok and Snapchat, there are plenty of other social media networks that you can use. To avoid Instagram saving your posts on your camera roll, these are the apps you can use:

Unsplash – This may interest you if you use Instagram to browse through inspiring photographs and look for ideas, as it is to me.

The software provides access to an extensive photo collection at no cost. Find pictures for your next project, smartphone wallpaper, or just for inspiration on this website. All of the images on Unsplash are free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

Dribbble – This is a social networking site for designers and anybody who wants to be inspired by their work and share it with others. This site allows you to find and follow the top designers worldwide through social media accounts.

Currently, most platform subscribers utilize their profile to serve as a virtual portfolio. They may also look for inspiration and communicate with other designers from all around the world.

Yummy- When you first open the app, you might believe it’s nothing more than a food-focused version of Instagram. However, you’ll find that it’s far more prominent than when you look about.

A foodie’s social networking app that allows people to post their favorite foods, geotag them, and engage in discussion about them. The meal record maintained by a user represents their nutritional habits and eating adventures.

Why Does Instagram Save Photos to My Phone?

Every time you save an Instagram photo, the app produces a duplicate of the picture and keeps it on your phone. In the meantime, the original image is stored on Instagram’s servers. Go to your profile on Instagram, tap on the three horizontal lines and select Setting> Account > Toggle off save original photos. To avoid Instagram photos saving to your phone, you will need to change your settings.

1. You Have Original Photos Enabled

Photos taken on Instagram are instantly saved to your phone’s camera roll. The videos and pictures you post on Instagram will not get saved to your device’s camera roll if you turn off the save original photos option on the app.

The photos you take using the camera when posting on Instagram will not get stored on your phone if you turn off the Save Original Posts option in the app’s settings.

If you shoot your images with your phone’s camera app and then post them via Instagram, the original shot will always be available in your camera roll. Pictures are being saved from your Instagram because you have original photos enabled. To change this:

For iOS:

By navigating to your profile by clicking on your avatar in the bottom right of the screen, you can disable Save Original Photos by going to Settings > Account > toggle off Save original photos. When you turn off Save Original Images, any pictures taken with Instagram’s camera will no longer be saved to your device’s camera roll but will get deleted.

For Android devices:

  1. Access your profile by clicking on your avatar, which you can find in the screen’s bottom right corner.
  2. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner to access the settings section, situated at the bottom with the name Settings.” Once you’re in the settings area, click on the hamburger menu again to close it.
  3. You can quickly find Original Posts by searching for them in the search box at the top of the Settings page.
  4. You can disable the Save Original Post checkbox or enable particular items such as Save Posted Photos or Save Posted Videos that you wish to be saved instead.

2. You Have Photos Permissions Enabled

iOS device users can choose which applications can access the photos stored on their iPhone.

Fortunately, the Privacy settings allow you to exercise control over which specific third-party applications are permitted to pull images from the Photos app and Camera Roll and whether or not they are allowed to save new photos to the on-device storage space within the Photos app.

The following steps will guide you through adjusting or controlling app access to images on an iOS device. You should do it if you want to know which applications may access your device’s photos and store them in the on-device image library.

Switching the toggle to the OFF position will prohibit an app from accessing your iPhone photos.

In addition to preventing access to photos, this also prohibits that app from saving pictures to the camera roll. Making the switch accessible is accomplished by flipping the switch to the ON position.

The Conclusion

Each image you upload on Instagram will be stored in your phone’s library if you have Save original images or Save original posts switched on in your Instagram settings. People who use Instagram on their Android phones may notice a delay in the appearance of photographs in their phone’s Instagram photo album.

Instagram has made it clear that they have access to the images captured by the Instagram camera and other features while they are in use. In other words, when you originally downloaded the app, you had to “allow access” to your camera and microphone.

It is unclear if this refers to the camera within the app or the available camera anytime the app is open. What is evident is that they have access to what you record and post and everything your camera is recording and uploading.

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  2. My button is disabled on IG and it still saves everything to my photos when I post… annoying


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