Fake Camera Kik App (The Full Guide)

How to Send Fake Live Camera Picture on Kik

Many Kik users to know if you could send a fake live camera picture on Kik.

Can You Send A Fake Live Camera Picture on Kik?

Yes, you can send a fake live camera image on the app. And it’s not as complex as you may believe. So, in this article, you are about to learn alternative ways for you to send a fake live image and learn about the benefits of doing such a thing.

How to Send Fake Live Camera Picture on Kik

Sending a fake live camera picture is quite simple. When doing this, you’re able to send fake live photos to all of your contacts if you don’t feel like taking a picture in real-time. There are many applications for taking fake camera images.

Some of these apps allow you to use photos already in your phone’s gallery and utilize them as if they were taken in real-time.

Some of these applications are GalleryCam, AppValley, and Fake Camera Kik App. Any of these apps can be used to take a fake life photo to send to your family and friends.

The fascinating thing about using these third-party apps to manipulate your photos is that no one will ever suspect that the images are from your phone’s gallery.

That being said, if you have a photo in your phone’s gallery from 3 years ago, after a few touches and extensions by using one of the applications, you can make the picture show as if it was taken in real-time. Pretty cool, huh?

Some people will consider this type of action as a waste of time. This is mostly an emotion that overcomes people who are not so tech-savvy. These types of people may not have the patience or the endurance to follow through with such steps.

So, if you are someone who is not tech savvy or has a lot of patience for technology, the steps that will be mentioned for the alternatives in this article will ensure you to get from one point to the other with ease.

How to Fake a Live Pic on Kik? (Android)

If you have an Android device, creating a fake live image on Kik would be easy breezy. There are alternative ways that you can do this using your Android device.

Mostly, it depends on the application that you are using on your Android device to perform the actions of creating a fake live image. You have to ensure the application you are using is dependable and will not cause any issues on your device.

Along with ensuring the apps that you’re using are dependable, it is important to ensure that your Android device itself is up to date. Updates are a crucial part of your device’s functionality.

So, if your device is not up to date, you may not be able to create the illusionary photo you want people to see. 

Moreover, there are multiple ways to perform this action. With that part of the discussion out of the way, let’s dive into the first method of how to take a fake live picture on Kik using your Android device. Let’s take a look at the GalleryCam method. 

Method 1: Gallery Cam

Before diving into this method, as a disclosure, you might have to download the prior version of the Kik application for the gallery cam to work smoothly. 

1. First, you must download the application. To download the application, you can go to your Google Play Store to download the Kik app.

2. Once you have the application downloaded, you must go through the installation process on your device. If you are downloading the Kik app from a website, you will follow through with the setup for the apk version of the app.

3. After the installation is complete, go ahead and open the app. 

4. Now, for you to send pictures on Kik, follow instructions given by the app for sending pictures. 

5. Next, you will tap on the live camera symbol. Once this is done, you will be prompted and asked which camera you would want to use.

6. From this point, you would choose the GalleryCam application and send current photos in your gallery as fake live images. 

7. And just like that, you’re able to send fake live images using the GalleryCam application on your Android device! Wasn’t so bad, was it?

Now that we have cleared that method out of the way, let’s dive into the next alternative.

Method 2: Fake Camera Kik App

Before attempting to download this application, be sure you have disabled any AdBlock or antivirus applications/software on your Android device downloading the app.

After the application has been downloaded, you can then enable the AdBlock and antivirus software once the download is complete. 

1. First, you will open the link to download the app. 

2. Next, you will be prompted to complete the two offers for the app to unlock for use. Both offers must be downloaded on your Android device, and you must run them for a 30-second duration.

3. Now, once both offers have been completed, you will now refresh your screen until the download button appears. 

4. Once the download button has appeared, go ahead and tap on download to begin the downloading process for the app. Since the application is already around 109 MB, you don’t need to download any other third-party products or apps for this to work. 

5. After the download has completed, begin the installation of the app by installing the app from your files.

6. Now that the insulation has been completed, go ahead and open the Kik app and log in with your credentials.

7. Lastly, please choose a picture from your camera roll and then send it as a fake live camera image on the Kik application. 

Also, for future reference, this app can also be used on your PC. There are consumers who use the kick application on their personal computers. So, you are also able to use the Fake Camera Kik App on your PC as well. 

How to Fake a Live Pic on Kik? (iPhone)

Just like there are ways for you to send a fake live camera image on your Android device, there are methods available for you to perform the same feat using an iOS device. 

The next alternative we are looking into is using AppValley. This application is another third-party feature that many people can utilize to create and send fake live photos. 

The greatest upside of using AppValley is that you don’t have to download the latest version to use it on Kik. The app will already be up to date. So you don’t have to download the latest version in order for the application to work smoothly. 

As a quick disclosure, when you are proceeding to use app valley on your Android, you must ensure that you have the original version of kick already installed as well as the original download for the AppValley Installation.

If you have deleted the original version of Kik, AppValley will not be able to retrieve any data for the process to work.  

Download Kik from AppValley, Then Upload Picture From Camera Roll

1. First, you will visit the link to download AppValley to your device and begin the downloading process.

2. Next, choose the install button to begin the downloading process for AppValley. 

3. Now, you will proceed to give permission to the app from your device. Tap on Allow The Permission pop-up on your iPhone to begin the installation process for the application.  

4. From this point, you will wait for a couple of minutes for the download process to complete. 

5. After the download process has completed, open the AppValley application on your device. 

6. Once the app is open, navigate to the search bar and type in the Kik app. To connect AppValley to your Kik, once you find the application, start the downloading process. While the downloading process is starting, the installation will also begin. 

7. Once the installation has been successfully completed, go ahead and open the Kik app. 

8. Once your Kik app is open, there will be a pop-up message stating the phrase Untrusted Enterprise Developer. This is AppValley simply asking for permission to access your information for Kik.

For you to enable the permission, navigate to settings, General, Profile and Device Management, Henan Mobile Games Software, and tap on Enable Trust.

It is crucial these steps are taken, or else the application will not work for Kik. 

1. From this point, you will tap on trust for you to allow access. 

2. After access is granted, open the Kik application. Appvalley should already be installed at this point. 

3. Finally, you have access to send a fake live camera image to any of your contacts in your contacts list. 

And there you have it! Now you see that you can use your iPhone, just like using an Android, to download a third-party resource to send a fake live camera image to friends and family. 

Is It Safe to Use Fake Camera Picture in Kik

Whenever you are sending a fake profile picture from Kik, it is vital to remember to use a third-party resource or third-party application in order to accomplish this.

Before you attempt to download any third-party resources, it is important to research the third-party application before you download it. Third-party applications can be extremely harmful to your device.

There are websites and links that can disguise themselves as helpful sources of information. However, it could come to your surprise that the trustworthy link you have selected turns out to be a virus.

That will not only be a frustrating situation, but it will also be super scary. When you don’t do your research on third-party applications before downloading them, you are putting not only your device at risk but you are putting your identity at risk.

If you are using a PC for downloading some of these applications, for ensuring the website you are utilizing is safe, look for the closed locket located in the top right corner of the screen in the search bar.

If the locket is closed, that means the site is secure. If the locket is open, most likely, there will be a triangle in the place of the locket.

The triangle will have an exclamation point in the center of it, giving the impression that the website you are entering is not safe by any means.

These are just a few things to look out for when you are using a PC to download third-party applications from third-party website resources.

So, it is beneficial for you to do your research before you are eager to tap on the download button on a third-party application. 

If you are proceeding to use the third-party applications that were stated in this article, then you are in perfectly good hands.

However, if you are looking to download third-party apps elsewhere, it is vital to do your research on the applications and the websites before you attempt to download and install anything from an unknown source.

If you don’t feel like doing your research, it is best for you not to proceed with those downloads. It would be better to proceed with the information in this article.

To bring everything to a close, using fake life photos on Kik has its pros and its cons. Most people would consider more cons than pros and vice versa.

Overall, even though using a fake image on Kik may seem fun and uninhibited for the moment, if you are not careful with doing this, it is possible that you may get into some very big trouble.

If it’s not troubles with a friendship, relationship, or family member, you could possibly fall into a legal matter. Not to scare you by saying that you’re going to end up in the slammer if you use a fake live image. It’s more so you understand your motives behind using a fake image.

It is vital for you to know what you are getting yourself into when you are using a fake image on Kik. Using a false impression will put you at risk of losing a lot. You could lose connections with friends, and you could lose communication with family.

And if you are not careful enough, you can end up losing your own identity. Not only because you are using false images, but because you may have downloaded third-party applications to create these fake live photos out of desperation.

And with downloading other third-party applications out of desperation, your device has been hacked, and your identity has been compromised. So, it is essential to take in this information and to do your research.

Benefits of Using A Fake Picture on Kik?

There are various beneficial factors that come with using a fake picture on Kik. Some of those reasons consist mostly of identity protection purposes.

This means that people may use a fake image to protect their identity from other people based on physical appearance, location, and age bracket. 

When it comes to using a fake image to protect your physical identity, some people may not want others to know what they look like based on their name.

In other words, when someone uses a fake image on Kik, when someone searches for that person, their name will appear, but the image will be different. This is something that is mostly done for people who have a private or secretive Kik account.

In that case, it’s common for people who don’t want to be discovered by family and friends to use a fake image or fake images on Kik. 

On the topic of location, this also plays a vital part in why it can be beneficial for Kik users to use false pictures.

Many people who are on Kik or on other communication applications may not want to be located by certain people and may want to keep their location incognito as much as possible.

So, if your contacts know that you are from a specific place in the world and you want to throw them off from knowing your exact location, you can always send images that correlate with your alias location.

In other words, if your Kik contacts know that you are from Florida and you want to give the appearance as if you are currently in Puerto Rico, taking a photo image near the Siesta Keys will most likely do the trick. 

Speaking of tricks, some people would also use fake life images to play practical jokes on their contacts. Using a fake image is a great way for you to manipulate someone into thinking they are speaking to someone else. 

Outside of practical joking, this is also a sly and sneaky alternative to use if someone wants to catch a cheating spouse. That mostly happens if a partner notices suspicious behavior from their partner.

Well, if you happen to glance across your partner’s phone while a Kik notification goes off, and if you can’t read the message, but you see the image and the name that comes across the screen, you can search for that person on your own Kik account and confront them.

Also, some people would consider using fake profile images as a sense of freedom. The internet is a spontaneous place where anyone can become someone outside of who they typically are.

You can change your name, change your location, make people believe you are in connection with celebrities, and even give people the notion that you look a certain way.

Many people who have a Kik account would use a false image to give others the impression that they are off the radar. So, in other words, this can be beneficial for people who want to take a break from the constant calls and messages from friends and family.

So, if you want to fall off the grid, you may want to consider utilizing this method. Finally, let’s talk about age. We live in a society where anyone of any age has the desire to keep their age bracket off limits.

No one ever wants to disclose how old they really are, even if that means sending a non-filtered image showing every nook and cranny of their physical appearance, which means that sometimes, your pictures can show exactly how old you are, if not older.

Some people don’t like to go through the hassle of airbrushing or putting filters on their photos. Either because it takes too much time or the pictures never come out just right.

So, for someone looking to hide their age, using an alternative photo would be a quick and easy process. Overall, there are tons of benefits that come along with using a fake profile image on Kik.

Although this is something that is connected to negative connotations, there are some positive reasons behind it—not saying that everyone who does this has a good reason.

It’s based on the fact that there are people in the world who do want to protect their identity for a specific reason that doesn’t require harming a soul.


From the information that was presented to you, sending a fake live image through the Kik app seems a bit easier than you realized. Along with knowing how to send a fake live image, you also understand the benefits of using a fake image on Kik.

Some people would say there are no benefits to using any fake image on any application. But, after glancing this article, you now know there are some essential benefits of using a fake image.

This significant information is available for both Android and iPhone consumers. No one is left out of the bracket. It doesn’t matter what device you have.

If you have the Kik application downloaded on your Android or iOS device, then you are capable of following through with these alternatives to utilize a fake image on Kik.

Using the Kik app can be an essential part of communication. But, if you’re thinking about keeping your identity under the radar, considering this information would be your best bet!

However, as it was mentioned, it is crucial for you to understand what you are getting yourself into before following through with this. You don’t want to be at risk of losing everything.

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