How to Remove the Zodiac Sign From Snapchat

How to Remove the Zodiac Sign From Snapchat

Your snapchat Zodiac sign tells other people if you are a Pisces or a Scorpio. Because of this, you might want to remove it so people don’t have this information about you.

Can You Remove the Zodiac Sign From Snapchat?

Yes, you can remove your zodiac sign and Astrological Profile from the app. The zodiac sign that is displayed on your profile under your name tells everyone who views your profile what your zodiac sign is.

There are many reasons why you would not want people to see your zodiac signs. you might want privacy, or you might not wanting to share that information online with strangers.

You might not want your zodiac sign being shown in fear of being judged by others, people will not talk to a certain sign because of their known personality traits with that zodiac sign. A high strong Leo may not want to talk to the emotional Cancer.

If you are curious about if you can remove your zodiac sign from Snapchat, this guide will answer the questions you have, giving you steps on if it is possible to remove your zodiac sign from Snapchat.

How to Remove Zodiac Sign From Snapchat

Step 1. Open up your Snapchat app on your phone. When the app is open, tap on the Bitmoji, which will be located in the top left corner of the app.

Step 2. Once you have tapped on the Bitmoji. Up on the top right corner, there will be a settings icon, tap the setting icon. 

Step 3. When in the setting under My Account there will be a Birthday option, tap on the Birthday. 

Step 4. When you are in the Birthday options, next to My Astrological Birthday, tap the “X” to delete your Astrological Profile.

Four easy steps for removing the zodiac sign from Snapchat, after that it will no longer show anyone what your zodiac sign is.

No longer will your friends see that you are a Libra sun, your moon is in Aries, with a rising sign in Capricorn.

If you want to keep personal information private such as your zodiac sign private, Snapchat gives you the option to do just that. This will also remove the Astrological Profile Snapchat has created for you surrounding your zodiac sign. 

Your friends can no longer find out if you are compatible with their zodiac signs as well, keeping you and your zodiac sign private. Once it is removed if you decided you wanted to have an Astrological Profile once again on Snapchat you can always re-enter the information. Put your zodiac sign back onto your Snapchat profile right next to your Snap Score. 

If you are wondering what personality qualities a Taurus has, the Astrological Profile that Snapchat created for you will tell you just that. As previously stated above you will be giving Snapchat your birthday, and if you want to look further into your zodiac sign you can also put in your time of birth and your birthplace.

Snapchat will also show you who is the most compatible based on your zodiac sign. Creating your Astrological Profile can be fun at first, you may not mind it on your profile. 

On the other hand, you might not want your friends to see who they are compatible with based on their zodiac sign, or people guessing when they were born based on their zodiac sign.

Removing it is the best option if you prefer not to share this information on Snapchat. When using Snapchat make sure that the app is updated to the recent version, giving you the best experience with the app.

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