How to Know If Someone Saved Your Number (100% Works)

How to Know If Someone Saved Your Number

Can You Tell If Someone Saved Your Number?

Yes, you can tell if someone saved your number. I’m making it sound simple, but it’s not. There is no clear method or steps you can take to find this out within your phone settings, but there are a few methods that work.

There is no concrete way to know every single person who has saved your number apart from checking everyone you suspects phone. But obviously, if that was an option, you would’ve done it by now. 

So yes you can tell, but it won’t reveal every single person. If that’s enough for you, then continue below this article. So the reason why you can’t tell if someone hasn’t saved your number…well there is no reason, but if I had to put it down to something is privacy issues. It would be a massive privacy issue if it was readily available for you to tell when someone has saved your number or even deleted your number in their contacts

There is no real reason for you to be able to know so phone providers and developers haven’t made it a feature. Enough waffling; here’s how to tell if someone saved your number.

How to Know If Someone Saved Your Number

1. Using TikTok (This 100% Works)

Now this is the only surefire way to know if someone has your number in their contacts. If you think someone has saved your number, TikTok will let you know. There is a feature within the suggested feature that literally tells you who has your number in their contacts.

While scrolling through the suggested list of friends, instead of saying “from your contacts” which is usually what it says when you’ve saved someone’s number, it says “You’re in their contacts”. These are the people that have you in their contacts.

Now the catch is that you have to sync your contacts in settings. And they also need to have a TikTok account that you can identify as them. So it’ll only show people that signed up with their number and not their email.

To see who has saved your number using TikTok:

  1. Save their number, in your notes, but delete it from your contacts for now.
  2. Open TikTok
  3. Go on profile in the bottom right corner.
  4. Click the three horizontal lines > Settings and Privacy > Privacy > Sync contacts and Facebook Friends
  5. Toggle on Sync contacts
  6. Go back to your profile 
  7. Click on Following > Suggested
  8. Scroll through the list and look for “You’re in their contacts”. These are people who have saved your number.
  9. Save their contact again

There are a few instances when you’re not going to see someone on their list who you thought had saved you in their contacts:

1. You have their number saved so as a suggested contact TikTok just says from your contacts. This is why it’s best to remove them as a contact so if they do have you save it only says “You’re in their contacts” and not “From your contacts”.

2. Their profile doesn’t link to them in anyway so you can’t identify it’s actually them. If they have you saved as a contact but they don’t have a profile picture and clear name, tiktok will let you know that they have you in their contacts, but because you can’t identify them, you won’t know it’s them.

3. They haven’t synced their contacts. If they themselves haven’t synced their contacts, TikTok won’t show that they have you saved as a contact

4. You haven’t synced your contacts. You need to actually sync your contacts for this to work.

5. They don’t have TikTok. This only shows those with a tiktok account that have synced their contacts.

If you don’t believe this is an actual feature, watch these two videos,, (skip to 00:47)

2. Using WhatsApp Broadcasting

Now this WhatsApp method is also reliable and it relies on you sending a broadcast message to the person. Because WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to send broadcast messages to people who haven’t saved your number in their contacts, if the message gets delivered to them, then you’ll know that they have saved your number in their contacts.

To do this, lets use an imaginary person called John:

  1. Save John in your contacts
  2. Go to WhatsApp
  3. Tap Broadcast List > New List then select john as a contact to be added to the broadcast list then select one other person so it’s actually a broadcast and not a direct message.
  4. Select Create.
  5. Send a Message. It can be anything.
  6. Hold the message and click on the info option. Here you can find two sections called Read by and Delivered by.
  7. If they saved your number then you’ll see their name either in the Read by or Delivered by section. If they haven’t saved your number, it will not show their name in any section.

Note: This is because you can only send broadcast messages to people who have you saved in their contacts.

3. Checking Their WhatsApp Status

Another simple way is checking their WhatsApp status. Whatsapp statuses can only be shown to people who have saved you in their contacts as well as you saving them to your contacts. Although this step is simple and quick, I didn’t put it first because you not being able to see their WhatsApp status isn’t always down to them not saving you as a contact. Other reasons include them turning it off in the privacy settings. So it’s not a sure fire way to know.

However, if you do check their WhatsApp status and it doesn’t say anything, one thing you can do is to ask a mutual friend to check their whatsapp status – make sure the person you’re trying to check has the mutual friends number saved.

You might not know this for sure but just ask the mutual friend if they think the person has their number saved.

4. Call Them and See If They Know Who Called

Another way to know is if you call them and see what they say. If you call them and they show some indication that they know it’s you that’s calling, then it looks like they have your number saved or they’ve memorized it well enough with the latter being very unlikely. 

But if you call them and they have no idea who it is, then it looks like they didn’t save your number. So here’s what you do. Call them and say, hey man, how are you, if they know your voice make sure it doesn’t sound similar to you.

Keep the accent more neutral than usual. If they didn’t save your number, they’re going to ask who it is. If they did, then they’re gonna know it’s you.

App to Know Who Saved My Number

You’re probably wondering if that are any apps out there that’ll let you know who has saved your number. The answer is no and yes. Apps like ‘Me’, ‘Truecaller’, or ‘GetContact’ may be publicized as apps that can let you know who has saved your number. But the truth is none of these apps can. 

There is no direct section or setting on these apps that allows you to know if someone saved your number. The only apps that have features that’ll either tell you that someone has saved your number or will indicate it in some way are TikTok and WhatsApp.

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