Can Someone See Your Instagram Story If They Don’t Follow You?

How to View Someone’s Instagram Story without them Knowing

Since some people want to limit who can see their story and make certain things private so others won’t see, Instagram allowed people to hide their stories from certain followers.

However, when you don’t want someone to see your story when they don’t follow you, you could be wondering if this is possible because it’s quite clear how to hide your story from someone that follows you.

Hiding your story from someone that doesn’t follow you might come in handy when you don’t want to block them and you don’t want them to be able to stalk you and view your stories.

If you have a public account and you don’t want to make your account private, knowing how to hide your story from someone that doesn’t follow you will come in handy.

Can Someone See Your Instagram Story If They Don’t Follow You?

Yes and No. Someone who does not follow you on Instagram cannot see your stories if you have activated privacy settings for you cannot.

However, if you have not, they will see your stories. Stories on Instagram have become popular for some time now, and many people enjoy using them.

However, the question and worry of who can see and cannot maybe there from one person to the other. If you do not have privacy settings on your account, anyone, whether they are following you or not, will be able to see it.

How Can Someone Who Doesn’t Follow Me See My Stories?

Did you think that someone who does not follow you on Instagram cannot see your stories? Then you are wrong. There are so many ways a person who is not your follower can use to see the stories you post on Instagram.

So, if you were planning to post some really unique stories and thought you could hide from some people, you have to read this. However, do not panic yet. Below you will learn of some of the means a person can use, and it will help you adjust. And if you would like to see someone’s stories and you do not follow them, then stick around.

1. Your Account is Public

People who do not follow you may be viewing your stories because your account is in public mode. By default, your Instagram is set to public mode, whereby even people who do not follow you can easily view your profile and your stories.

So, if you have not set your account to private, then know that it is on public automatically. Before you post any stories, and you do not want some people to view them, you have to change this.

2. They Have A Fake Account Following You

Yes, people have fake accounts (it’s possible to know who’s behind one), it happens more often than you may think. If you are hiding from someone and your account is on private, they have no way of viewing your stories.

What if you do not accept the following request? Then they will create a fake account and follow you. The high chances are that you will accept their follow.

This can be frustrating when someone is stalking you using a fake account, but it happens to many people.

3. Someone Screen Records it And Sends It to Them

Apparently, when people have a mission on you, they will do as much as they can to reach their target. For example, on Instagram, a person can talk to their friend who is following them, ask them to record your stories, and send them to you.

Although this is a really difficult and unusual behavior, it has happened. So next time you find out a person knows about your stories on Instagram, and they do not follow you, this is one of the methods they can use.

4. You’ve Posted the Same Thing On Your Snapchat Story, and They Have You There

On many occasions, you may want privacy and to prevent some people from seeing your stories. This is especially true if someone has become stubborn. However, after all the work, you go ahead and share the same story on Snapchat.

If the same person gets hold of the story, do not be surprised, for you gave it out to them. Check all places and make sure you maintain consistency in your privacy.

5. You’ve Posted the Same Thing On Your WhatsApp Status, and They Have You There

Many people enjoy posting their Instagram stories on WhatsApp status and vice versa. You are not any different, and it could be where that guy saw your Instagram stories from. If you do not want someone to see your Instagram stories, then watch out where you share them.

If you choose to share on Whatsapp status, make sure you hide it from them.

6. You’ve Posted the Same Thing On Your Facebook Story, and They Have You There

Currently, Instagram and Facebook are linked very well to allow the users to post and share posts between the two platforms. So, if the stories you were trying to hide so much end up landing in unwanted hands, you could have shared them on Facebook.

Hitting a ‘share on Facebook’ button or sharing it on Facebook the same way you did on Instagram can be very easy. Make sure you check well.

How to Hide Instagram Story From Someone Who Doesn’t Follow You

If you want to hide your story from someone that doesn’t follow you:

1. Go to their profile

2. Click on the three-dotted horizontal line in the upper right corner

3. Select Hide your story.

When you hide your story from them, it means that they won’t be able to view your story and you can do this for profiles that don’t follow you.

1. Remove Fake Accounts That Follow You

If you have privacy settings on your Instagram account and someone is still seeing your stories, it may mean they have a fake account. It is about time you hunt and find that person. Until you can uncover exactly who the person is, you will not be able to stop it.

Do this by going through the list of views on your Instagram story, then analyzing all the accounts to see which one is fake.

2. Don’t Take Account Off Private

If you want your Instagram stories to remain hidden from people who do not follow you, setting and keeping it private is the easiest and best method to use. Ensure you keep it private.

3. Don’t Post It on Other Platforms

Most probably is that people who do not follow you on Instagram follow you on other platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp. So, please do not post the stories on other platforms to keep them hidden completely.

Unless you are 100% sure that the people do not have access to your other accounts.

4. Remove Any Followers That Could Screen Record It and Send It to Them

Are you suspecting that there are followers who could screen record your stories and share them with other people? Your worries are true. They could share them even without your consent. Remove them.

5. Making It Visible to Your Closest Friends

Another way that you can hide your stories from someone that doesn’t follow you is to make your profile visible to your closest friends.

When you make your profile visible to your closest friends, it means that your account can be public and you’ll be able to make your story viewable to those who you add to your close friend’s list.

The downside to this is that it’s going to take a long time to make the closest friends list plus it means all of your followers won’t be able to view your story.

6. Making it Viewable to Only Your Followers

One more way that you can hide your story from someone that doesn’t follow you is to make your story only visible to your followers. When your story is only visible to your followers, then you won’t have people who don’t follow you viewing your story. This can be done in the story section in settings.


Instagram stories are amazing. You get to share your funny stories with people you like, and they like and comment on them. However, people who have an ill motive or do not want to have access can try to see them. So follow the methods discussed above to keep your privacy intact.

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